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  1. Hey Chris! Just heard the news from a buddy, grats on Xenonauts 2. Can't wait to see/hear more about it in the future, know you guys can do it proper justice with the experience you all got. Also sorry I haven't been around in...uh..well however long it's been.
  2. The other idea is to come up with some kind of curve where higher TUs take longer than lower. Either way, a flat static value that doesn't take into account a soldier's base TUs is going to make slow soldiers struggle. The other nice thing about basing it off of their base TUs, is those that "overweigh" their soldiers too heavily will be slowing down their soldier's TU growth.
  3. I concur with this sentiment of basing TUs upon a static value. Why not make it either 4x or 5x what the soldier's base TU value is to get the next TU. So, at 50 Time Units, it takes either 200 or 250 TUs spent. This would mean spending all of your TUs for a soldier every turn would have the same rate of growth, rather than the growth speed going faster as a soldier gains more TUs.
  4. It was there but it didn't technically do anything except rank them from Private to Corporal. No stat bonuses really. In my own play through recently, I have noticed what appears to be a "catch up" mechanic. My rokies would gain like 2-5 stat increases each off of cruiser and battleships we cleared out. I had been under the impression max gain was capped at 2.
  5. Yeah, by the time I gave up, both cores were destroyed. Maybe that's why it gave victory screen? EDIT: Possibly due to the base assault code where you destroy the base core and abort it counts as a victory? The other file I uploaded, the End game results save is the point where I gave up from if you want to poke around that.
  6. Welcome! Figured there hasn't been a lot of high level play info so glad to provide it where I can.
  7. Chris this has NOT been my experience at all. My experience is closer to if the aliens have seen an area, they are able to see that area for 5 to 10 turns AFTER I have killed all the aliens in that area. If you would like me to replicate this on video, I would be happy to do so.
  8. Just wanted to say thanks for those that came by my stream. I will be streaming a new game starting tomorrow due to the current state of Xenonauts preventing further completion of the final mission. Posted every bug and issue I could find in regards to the current state of the game, and hoping to see the issues fixed.
  9. So, ran into a few issues with the final mission at this time. I've included the auto save, and the "results" where I was at the point it was impossible to continue further. The first issue, and by far the biggest. Three psionicists exist in the Praetor's room, I expect him to be one of the three. With the current implementation of psionics, this meant every other turn three of my units would get mind controlled. Hopefully the proposed "30 range limit" and the fixing of the squad sight requirement will resolve this issue. This is something that should be monitored very closely. In having played, and completed the operation end game prior to the current build with psionics included. The way things worked out for me before was that I had all of the time I wanted to take until I opened the door to the Praetor. This appears to no longer be the case with no warning of any indication and I can only assume it to be a bug. The way I proceeded in this mission was clearing the main hall out. At no point did I open the door to the Praetor's room (the save with the results, I rushed a predator unit in just to show the viewers what the final room looked like, and still could not see the Praetor). Once the main hall was cleared of units thanks to my tank's main cannon, I proceeded to sweep the side rooms with half of my squad each. While attempting to sweep the side rooms, I got swarmed with multiple waves of units coming from the Praetor's room! This delayed me many turns (as did my mind control protection tactic, and the constant loss of 3 xenonauts temporarily to mind control) until I finally sweeped both of the side rooms so that I could destroy one of the cores, and C4 the other core which resulted in the loss of three units to achieve. Well, that's when the reapers started to spawn. I didn't think these were supposed to until after engaging the praetor and the praetor "calling" the reapers. Wouldn't the praetor think it unnecessary while the humans were still engaged in fighting outside of his chambers? The aliens have looked down upon humans the entire way through the game, never sending their full strength as a 'test', why would the praetor feel threatened while the elite guard still have the humans occupied outside? By this point the battle was lost as the tanks get ten rounds for an entire map, no more, and they can never reload (Unsure if this is a bug) that I ended up conceding the fight. When I hit the exit game after having ended my stream, well, the victory screen showed up... which makes me wonder if somehow the praetor got killed even though I never saw him? (I had some issues with praetor leaders dying on impact in battleships, I had to raid FIVE battleships before I faced an actual praetor) Just thought I'd make a report on the current state of the final missions mechanics. End Game results.sav Operation end Game Auto Save.sav End Game results.sav Operation end Game Auto Save.sav
  10. Glad to see thread with it being talked about. A lot of points I've got has been said here. I will say this though, with the current implementation of Dread, and Mind Control working even when NO ALIENS can see your squad (As I understand it, this is a bug) it has rendered the final mission next to impossible. I have found several ways to keep mind control from squad-killing, the most effective costs 4 TUs to be 'safe' and 0 TUs in an emergency but risks losing/misplacing your weapons. Short list of stuff in no particular order Remove Dread Pop-up Message, it wastes 30 seconds+ of time Allow Morale or Bravery to 'resist' psionic attempts, they clearly do nothing at this time and I do not know if they do anything for any other mechanic either (maybe suppression? No idea to be honest) Mind Control units should act on aliens turn, not before your turn. Currently the aliens get two turns in a row due to it. Fixing the Squadsight requirement and range limiting Mind control really really needs to be a hotfix asap. Should never have been pushed to a Stable build as they are currently implemented (personally).
  11. The reload cost of the Singularity Cannon is greater than 47 time units. As the game does not tell you anywhere how much reloading costs (for any weapon), it would be really nice to have this added in for all weapons. In addition, with such a high cost (and the weapon imposing Time Unit penalties carrying it without any ammo even!) that I think the reload cost of this has to be unintended for the current balance of the game. The soldier in the screenshot provided normally has 71 time units, the predator armor sets strength to 100 automatically and with only one unit of ammo in the backpack and the cannon equipped I am reduced to 47 time units and can not reload. Though I do have to admit the cannon was pretty cool being fired, just a shame I only got to fire it once and never again on this mission.
  12. Singularity Torpedo Xenopedia entry says it costs 1 singularity to make 3. In the work shop, it has zero requirements outside of costing money.
  13. Bump, just gotta capture a praetor then final mission tonight! (I hope, RNG screwed me on the last 3 battleships!)
  14. i discovered a giggletastic way to protect your troops from mind controlled soldiers on my stream last night. I still need to make a highlight of it. Basically keep room in your backpack and stow their weapon at end of each turn or you can drop to the ground if you cant afford the 4 time units. mind controlled soldiers cannot use grenades nor melee, they also will not equip guns out of the backpack or on the ground. this is a little bit of a headache inventory management wise, at one point i 'left behind' one of my soldiers guns but got it back at end of mission automatically. bring lots of grenades for this strat, the low time unit cost for no equipped gun is pretty amazing especially with a squad of 12 haha.