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    Old school gamer with preferences towards single player RTS and 4x games.
    A bit of a grumpy git with regards to online games and required internet connections to play. But trying to change!!! Old dog new tricks sort of thing!
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    PC gaming, gym, music and a nice bottle of beer or 2!
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    Too dull to mention!
  1. andyman1971

    How could I mod research and manufacture times

    Ok Walrus i'll give it a try, thank you.
  2. andyman1971

    How could I mod research and manufacture times

    Thanks Max, I did wonder about that. Looks like the long winded way it is then Andy.
  3. Hi, From examining various research and manufacture times of items, I was wondering if it was possible to make my scientists and engineers more efficient in their duties? Could I for example make 10 engineers the equivalent to 100 and make them 10 times faster, or would I need to adjust the research and manufacture times of all items individually? This is my first attempt at modding so please be gentle with me Cheers, Andy.
  4. I have just experienced the same issue, just wondering if an alien has somehow become trapped inside the walls.
  5. I've been taking some pretty heavy losses to those snipers too and trying to do a terror mission well, I didn't bring anyone home. I have been know to do a few reloads but have started to get corrupted saves. I didn't realize you could auto complete missions, how does that work and what sort of outcomes do you get?
  6. andyman1971

    Build V15 Released!

    Spot on for the weekend Chris - nice one! I hope you enjoy your well deserved holiday. Andy.
  7. andyman1971

    Build V15 Released!

    Thats a pretty good idea Yeti, how about if you could actually sell blueprints to the governments of your choice? Even if only to gain a higher rate of funding.
  8. andyman1971

    Build V9.1 Released!

    Great news! Looking forward to that AI interaction.
  9. andyman1971

    Build V8.9 Released!

    Nice one! Looking forward to trying this out later tonight guys!
  10. andyman1971

    Option to play one off strategic missions

    Thanks for the response Chris (wow I'm honored!). Unfortunately I have no idea how to use the levelsetup.xml file. That makes me a sad Panda
  11. andyman1971

    Option to play one off strategic missions

    Thanks Gorlom, sorry I didn't realize.
  12. Hi everyone, I'm a noob to the game and pretty excited by it's potential. But I was wondering if there could be some sort of option to play a one off strategic mission. Giving you the chance to try all the different weapons and armours against your own choice of enemy. It would also help identify bugs and issues with certain combinations and give players a quick fix of extreme violence from time to time. Cheers, Andy.