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  1. Thanks for the kind words Jean-Luc! I will do another set of videos when the next Xenonauts' version, perhaps Beta, is out. That video set will not have the choppiness.
  2. FYI all, I recently posted 2 Xenonauts Game Play videos on Youtube to help get the word out. Following are the links in case anyone is interested:
  3. - The bug existed in v8.61. I can't recall if there are wounded soldiers, but you're probably correct. - The crashing did occur in the month of July, and I believe there was another bug for crashing in that month, so perhaps my issue was the same. - I tried to check the bug in v8.62, but the game won't load previous saved games. - Speaking of which, is there a bug for v8.62 where it can't load v8.61 saved games? - Lastly, I've also experienced in the Ground Combat where humans are considered aliens. I've seen this issue reported in other threads and wanted to confirm it in my playing as well.
  4. Shortly after the Chinook returns to the base, the game crashes. It happens everytime I load the saved game. I've attached the save file.
  5. Various Comments & Feature Requests: - Since this post is my first, I have played a months worth of game time in Xenonauts, and it's impressive. Glad you guys are making it! - Music is excellent. - My load time for ground combat is fine, even when running other programs. - I don't know if other people have made the following comments or not, so I apologize ahead of time if the issues are already known. In no particular order of importance: - Can't buy dropships. I built two other bases, no dropship. My current dropship got blown away by an alien fighter, no replacement. Reload game. - There should be some button or menu to pull up the save/load/etc. screen. Much better usability than guessing it's the Escape key. - Constantly arming new soldiers is tedious. It would be nice to set up a default, i.e., everybody should use a pistol as primary and medikit as secondary, or everybody get whatever-the-good-armor-is-called, etc. - A chart, or charts, to see data, i.e., funding by country, civilian deaths by country, etc. Original X-COM had quite a few. - Any way to rotate the ground combat screen? The game uses 3D models, right? It would be easier to see the other side of walls and moving a soldier right up to certain places if the screen could rotate. - I did see comments on changing colors for health/bars/etc. Please keep in mind some people are colorblind, and I know most people know that doesn't mean someone can only see black & white. But, sometimes, discerning between orange and red is difficult, or aqua and green, etc. Just make the colors vivid, bright, stand out from each other (like ROY G BIV). - It would be nice to be able to delete saved games in-game. - When someone plays the aerial combat for the first time, it's hard to figure out what to do. Do I fire the missiles? Does it fire automatically? Etc. I didn't even know you can change what alien aircraft the Xenonaut fighter can target until the aliens started coming in squadrons; then it's vital. Thank you!