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  1. So I finally cleared things out in my life, and would like to start playing Xenonauts (yes I know, many years after buying early access which I never played!). To my dismay, Desura is gone, Xenonauts was the only reason I had Desura in the first place. I dug in my email and there's an email: "Hello - you are recieving this email because you have previously pre-ordered the indie game Xenonauts. We are launching the game on Steam Early Access today, and everyone who has pre-ordered the game in the past has a Steam key available to claim. To claim and activate your Steam key: 1) Go to https://secure.desura.com/cart/cdkeys 2) Log into your Desura account 3) Click the "Request Key" button next to Xenonauts 4) Load Steam and go to Games > Activate A Product On Steam in the topbar 5) Copy the key into Steam" As you can see, Desura is gone and I have no way of doing this. Is there a way for me to request a steam key? Should I try "Contact Us"? Or is this forum the best place to ask?
  2. Zeraan

    Master of Orion giveaway and a kickstarter

    Thanks. Even managed to accomplish the first stretch goal, yay! My artist is now working full-time for me until I get all the art assets I need for the game. Thanks again for your support!
  3. Zeraan

    Other Promising Crowd Funded Projects

    Oh, that looks very interesting! Thanks for the mention, I'll back it shortly!
  4. Zeraan

    Master of Orion giveaway and a kickstarter

    Haha, a 7 of 9 Dryad If you're still wanting a copy of Master of Orion 1/2 from GoG.com, I've created another giveaway with 3 keys to close out the kickstarter effort. The link is here: http://www.gog.com/forum/general/another_master_of_orion_giveaway
  5. Zeraan

    Master of Orion giveaway and a kickstarter

    Right now, ground combat is similar to MoO 1's ground combat, as you can see from the last screenshot on the kickstarter page. I want to add features where you can enable ground-view building like Imperium Galactica series, and with that, tactical ground combat. But for now I'm focused on getting the basic features done so that it's playable As for races, again, right now I'm focused on getting basics done, which means all races share the same technology tree. However, the game already supports racial technologies, I can easily add those after I'm done with basics. For racial attributes, the idea is that each race can specify many different attributes other than simple production outputs (research, mining, etc), such as specifying how well they perform on different planets (Zero People get a bonus on arctic planets because cold improves electronics), whether or not they can inhabit certain planets, their starting planets/systems (More details here), starting technologies, etc. So it'd be possible to create scenarios, such as zombies infesting every star system except for yours, and you need to kill them all, or one where it's late-game and you face off against other races with same level of technologies and number of systems/planets, and so forth.
  6. Zeraan

    Master of Orion giveaway and a kickstarter

    *crickets chirping* Well, I don't know how many of you participated in the giveaway, but it's now over, with the winners posted in the original post! The kickstarter is now over 50% pledged, thanks for your support! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1093012264/beyond-beyaan?ref=live
  7. Hey, thought I'd let you know that I'm doing a giveaway and a kickstarter! The giveaway is 5 Master of Orion 1/2 keys and 1 Master of Orion 3 key. All you gotta do is head over to this thread on gog.com, and post "I want MoO xxx" (can ask for both!) Why post this giveaway on this forum? Well, because you guys are fans of Microprose! Well, at least their game, X-COM so I thought I'd give you guys a chance to grab their other games Now, what's this kickstarter that I mentioned? It is none other than the 4X space strategy game that I'm developing called Beyond Beyaan! You don't need to back to participate in the giveaway, but I thought it'd be a clever way of promoting the kickstarter, with no Buddhist civilians being harmed in the process (well, maybe one or two )!
  8. Zeraan

    Buddhist Civilians

    You're fired for non-germane comments! *Warms up his printer for some pink slip printing*
  9. What is your opinion on Xenonauts? Does it capture that atmosphere from X-Com? As for MoO, you should check this out (shameless plug): Beyond Beyaan I'm looking forward to your journals, I hope it will help me implement a better AI, since there's not too many resources on a turn-based AI!
  10. Knew your avatar seemed familiar! http://androidarts.com/spaceconquest/gamedesign.htm Glad to know you're also a fan of MoO Looking forward to seeing your work in action!
  11. Zeraan

    Buddhist Civilians

    I think I'm getting burnt-out from all the puns, I shall stop reading this thread now
  12. Zeraan

    Build V9.1 Released!

    I'm an developer myself (Beyond Beyaan) and I often have free time where I'm not actively developing the game to respond to comments. I also need to eat, spend time with my wife and daughter, work full-time, etc. I don't have issues with Chris' time management, I'm sure that when he's motivated to work on the game, he will do so. When he's feeling tired or wants a break, he'd browse the forums, eat, or do whatever it is that he does. This is good because if he spend too much time on the game, he runs the risk of being burnt out. Normal people work 40 hours a week for their job (this is a normal workload), working more than that exhausts the worker in most cases. There's even some research in this, programming 80 hours a week is about as productive as programming 40 hours. The reason is that the more well-rested/fed you are, the more you can focus and come up with solutions to problems. The less-rested you are, the more prone you are to introducing bugs and spending time trying to understand why things are not working. Often I have a problem that I've spent hours on the day previous, only to solve it within 10 minutes the next day due to my brain being fresh from sleep. Sorry about the lengthy post, I just thought I'd like to inform people that programmers are humans, not robots