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  1. Oh that's how it works... I actually have GOGGalaxy, but I never use it... I prefer standalone installers. OK firing it up now; takes a long time to update but after that it is showing me the beta 3.1. Going to install now. :) Thanks for the help!
  2. I'm a £35 backer and I did receive a GOG code for betas. I've been very busy and didn't get to redeem it until recently. When I did that it added a "Xenonauts 2" item in my GOG library (which is empty, no downloads available). There is no beta download that I can see.
  3. stamasd

    Desura question

    Thank you Chris for the GOG key! I'm happy that I can play again. Awesome support.
  4. stamasd

    Desura question

    OK I will forward you the email receipt. But can I get it instead on GOG? I have wised up and prefer to have my games on a platform that doesn't depend on an online service - as aptly exemplified by my experience, they may be here today and gone tomorrow.
  5. I have a question for those of us who have bought the game on Desura. I bought Xenonauts in 2011 or 2012 and enjoyed many hours of fun with it. It's the remake that is the closest to the original X-COM games, which filled a significant part of my life back in the 1990s. I played Xenonauts quite a bit as well, but then life intervened and had to lay it off for a while. I wanted to play it again during this winter, but then realized that Desura had collapsed sometime during last fall, and I had lost access to all my games on it (fortunately not many) including Xenonauts. I have been checking the website every once in a while, but it hasn't been updated in 7 months now, and I have very little hope that it'll come back in any form. Is there any option for me apart from buying the game again on another (hopefully less volatile) platform? (FWIW I have just found my emailed receipt from Desura for the purchase of Xenonauts - it's from January 6th, 2012)
  6. My point was: I do not want to install _yet_another_ DRM system on my PC, no matter how low-intrusive it is billed to be. That is all.
  7. Yes, and there are many others which allow you to do the same. That was not my point.
  8. Just preordered the game. I'm also hoping for a standalone preview installer - I have nothing against Desura in particular, but one more DRM system on my PC is one DRM system too much.