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  1. I have bought it from Steam, but I launch it directly, without annoying Steam dialogs, and thus without upgrades. OK, I will try to upgrade to 1.59. Nevertheless, please look at both saves, they could work bad even on 1.59
  2. I have rolled back a save game because I was unable to go on, and soon I have got even worse behavior: Interception dialog said that I have a "Scout-1" on one of my bases instead of human-built interceptor. I went to the base, looked at alien Scout interceptor in my aircraft page, and then Xenonauts crashed. Now they crash immediately when I try to load this saved game. [ATTACH]6347[/ATTACH] Crash.zip Crash.zip
  3. Xenonauts 1.56, no mods
  4. In the attached saved game, I press "End turn", hidden movements begin - and nothing more happens. I have waited long enough for alien turn to complete, but AI seems to hang. CPU is constantly loaded. [ATTACH]6346[/ATTACH] Hang.zip Hang.zip
  5. Sometimes I see my rockets flying through walls (usually on on enemy bases or inside UFOs) and exploding behind them.
  6. 1. Weapons lying on the ground can be unloaded as many times as you wish. It does not even cost TUs for your soldiers! That's especially useful when dealing with alien weapons. 2. If your soldier holds a medikit in his/her hand, you can hold mouse over an alien soldier and see its health. 3. Laser weapons looted from dead local forces go to base storages after the mission and then can be sold, equipped for future missions, etc... I consider this to be not a bug Nevertheless, I doubt that I can lose my laser/plasma/mag weapons dropped to ground not on the same tile with my KIA soldiers.
  7. Once again: the effect with Foxtrots appeared immediately after upgrade to 1.54 I played my game, and on that stage air combats usually looked like this: Large or Medium UFO vs Condor + Foxtrot. Once I have upgraded to 1.54 and continued my game, I began getting that problem I never got before. Surely, the upgrade did not make me begin right-clicking. And I still want my native display resolution available again!
  8. I mentioned that effect only with Foxtrots. I will look more thoroughly if I encounter that again, but that's unlikely that I right-click with Foxtrots selected, but not with other aircraft. Other aircrafts do not hesitate to fire whatever they have if they can. Usually it happens when I maneuver around a large UFO with 2 aircrafts using afterburners. Eventually Foxtrot gets to the back of the UFO within a short range, and then UFO and Foxtrot begin rounding around each other, but torpedoes do not lock unless I disable afterburners, increase distance and then come back again (but if I fail on this, Foxtrot will be shot down).
  9. I have updated Xenonauts to V1.54 that is named "stable" Now I have the following problems I did not have before: 1. Xenonauts no longer supports 1280x1024 that is the native resolution of my LCD display 2. In air combat, Foxtrot interceptor sometimes does not lock torpedoes properly after some manual maneuvering, especially when afterburners are on. It flies around the target enemy vessel, but countdown does not start on torpedoes, and they are not fired.