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  1. Reinstalling this this mod after quite some time, after delving into OXCE modding and XCom Files I think I'm ready to come back to this for both inspiration and because its just fun as hell!
  2. You should be able to stun all of them EXCEPT the ones with heads full of acid, those just straight up explode no matter what kind of damage you do, even stun gas will just make them explode if I recall, I know about stunning the queens because I had the fortune (or misfortune) of having one camp right outside an alien fortress's spawn room, and I'd have my vehicle blocking the door , move a bit, whack her then go back to blocking the door with vehicles, the AI is not smart enough to run all the way around apparently. What's given me the best results is electric weapons, the shock gun is something I carry on my shield guys for stunning those pesky xenomorphs, stun gas doesn't even work for the Tier 4.5 ones so youre stuck with electric, but before that a few stun rockets of the highest tier you can afford work too. I'm not sure what tier you're stuck in but the ceasan's electric weapons should work most of the time as well
  3. I'm definately suspicious of this and I wouldn't blame them because this is pretty tedious to playtest, I tried several methods that worked one of them being forcing the respective research being unlocked in the "When Unlocked" and "When Finished" columns, the techs in question are Researches.Devastator and Researches.WalkerUlt (Enforcer mech), with the Devastator (the upgrade to the Ripper armor NOT the heavy tank) I found that if you edit the specific cell (at least on Excel) the Researches.XEmpress bit gets autocorrected to Researches.Xempress, but I can't explain for the life of me whats up with the other ones, it might as well be another quirk in the engine or some really well hidden typo
  4. fixed, apparently the Crimson Queen and the Empress are very different beasts... the Queen was already scary enough , gotta love the surprise "phase 5" enemies edit 2: after copying the same conditions to unlock as the Ripper Armor + adding a new research so it triggers after said conditions it still will NOT unlock, but curiously enough just putting in a single condition (im using the largebase caesan operator as the new tech since I have a fortress right away) will unlock it, initially I thought it might be because I don't have the empress yet but I switched it for said operator and it still refuses to unlock... maybe a clean install is what I need
  5. and lastly, before I forget, do the Roborex leave any wreckages??? I really wanted to see the entry for both the exploding xenomorph (I'm at peace with this one already) and the giant dinosaur, I noticed that theres like 4 disasemblies in the tech tree for roborexes but they just don't leave any wreckages, and the corpse tends to get a bit rowdy if you dont kill it "again"
  6. I just noticed while checking for what I'm missing, I do have both weapon lines completely unlocked BUT what I am missing (funnily enough I just unlocked both the mech AND devastator, the latter obviously being the upgrade after Siege) is the Siege which comes from the HeavyTank research, and funnily enough that comes from Caesan Datahack 1 and the Seb one as well, I do believe I have every single Seb interrogation so far plus all the other techs needed (Allien Alloy fabrication, PowerSource etc) the only missing interrogations come from that Caesan L.Scout Operator , and the way I understand is that it is a bit randomized and there is a chance to get said research from the operators so... am I just THAT unlucky that I missed the one I needed?
  7. I was under the impression the spawner thingies were eggs (and I got nothing but the good ol facehugger after stunning using a Shock Gun on one, which makes a lot of sense if you think about it, its just housing the facehugger until it "hatches") also I thought as much, even using gas would just make them explode. As for the second one I'm very relieved to hear that I won't be missing much so thanks!
  8. Having a blast with the mod, just two questions 1)regarding xenomorphs: Are the exploding xenos (the ones with the yellowish green heads and will burst at the slightest touch) stunnable or do they have any sort of xenopedia entry? same question for the eggs, I haven't tried using stun weapons on those, but I did try that on the exploding ones, wasn't very fun for my poor assault so I figured they're either not stunnable or there's another way around getting them 2) I am 99% sure I did not get the light scout operator during phase 1, (ceasan) I've gotten almost every single one in phase 2 except for the basic bomber ceasan operator and I still don't believe I have the interrogation for him, am I going to miss some tech because of this? I am aware that getting the next tier of operator rewards you with the previous ones, and it has been like that for the rest of the operators but for some reason I really dont think this one did (just checked my xenopedia entries, unless I missed it twice I don't see the one for the ceasan light scout operator)
  9. I missed the x-division community step, it's been ages since I uninstalled it it completely, thanks! its working now
  10. The team has done an amazing job on the past versions, and this looks great except I can't play it , I've had no issues so far until I installed this version because the modloader seems to have a lot less mods by default and even if I turn all of the x-division mods on I still get errors like "Manu.Xaircraft9 is not a manufacture category name (Name = 'ManTech.MiG32'), there's an endless amount of these and im guessing its because it didn't fully install I will try to re-download and install it again, I'm following the same steps as I did with the previous versions so I don't know what could've changed
  11. Shotguns indeed seem to be dealing more damage outright, the stun is actually a bit inconsistent and is only delivered on the killing blow and the one before it. I actually have to rely more on just whacking the crap out of sebillians now, its okay it just takes a bit getting used to since shotguns eased the stunning process a lot before the buff and its not like you're shooting them with rubber bullets or stun ammo anyways
  12. First of all I want to say how much I love this mod, its hard yes but thats why we must savescum in the face of adversity. In the new patch you added destructible walls and whatnot, will we have breaching charges to open up holes in the future? I feel that the explosives are a bit too overkill with the radius and all, I really like playing with that one mod that lets you have said charges but I don't think its going to work anymore with these changes in place. Also is there a reason why not to have SMG's or carbines? (actual carbines, not the shotguns that are named carbines ingame) Shotguns (the carbines ingame) can be a bit unwieldy when storming SAS style into an UFO. Several other mods can introduce said weapons but they mess up the balance because they usually err on the overpowered side.
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