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  1. I like the probability functions in the research tree. This makes the game a bit unpredictable, however not too much. There is also a side effect of it that may look strange: I have all laser weapon technologies researched from basic to MK-3, but the laser riffle mk-3 is missing while I have all other MK-3 stuff. It might be because I have caesan data hack 1 and 2 only (from sebillian 2,3,4, but no 1?)
  2. For the sake of easier debugging would it be possible to have a xenopedia entry (even a dummy one) for each researched thing? For example, it is hard to follow what kind of alien has been interrogated. Or is it possible to extract that info from the savefile? Also, a kind request to make the first post a bit more readable, start with the download links.
  3. Hmm, maybe not. I saw just now that the guard corpse is destroyed, but not looted.
  4. Yes, I have all. However Items.SebillianGuard and CaesanGuard means that they are enough to be captured dead. No need for interrogate them. I try to install from scratch, 0.99.10, 0.99.11 and 0.99.2 (just to make sure) and restart now...
  5. Something is really odd. It is past 1980-01-01 and I am through at least 20 ground missions including at least 4 corvettes. I did not dare to engage bigger, because... Even though I have researched phaser pistol, rifle & heavy, lightning pistol & rifle ballistic pistol, rifle & sniper flamer pistol & rifle Looted lots of caesans, sebbilans (including guard and soldier), different kind of reapers and "dogs", and even some harridans... I do not have Alien Phaser neither Alien Ballistic technology. So no Division nor Laser Tech. According to the researches tree this should be fine, but something is wrong and I can't figure out. Any idea where to look? Edit: v0.99.2 (latest link I've found) Beta 2 0.99.10
  6. There is no mega malware install, simply download it through your browser. I would love to, but this mega only offers to either instaill their browser plugin or install their download manager, there is no option to simply download the file. Here is the option. Even i log off and it was same. From direct download link. I can confirm that it is not possible to download in the browser as a "normal" download. You need the MegaSync or the browser plugin. Both of them are considered spyware. What I do is that I create another user (actually I have a virtual machine for these stuff), make it impossible to read anything else on my system for it and download from there. Have you considered Google Drive or is this too big for that?
  7. Research graph from mods/X-Division 0.99 Beta/researches.xml : http://www.mht.bme.hu/~kubi/xeno/researches.svg Works in Firefox for sure. The graph is huge so you need to zoom out & scroll a lot. The "chance functions" were removed from the graph. There were some errors in the processing. I've just deleted them without any bug hunting, so the graph might not be complete.
  8. Trying to re-build the research graph I created a while ago There is a typo in mods/X-Division 0.99 Beta/researches.xml: For "Researches.AdvAlienPhaserTechnology" the string is "Researches.AlienPhaserTechnology(AND)Researches.CaesanweaponsergeantInterrogation(AND)Researches.AlienPhaserHeavy/AND)Researches.AlienLightningTechnology" But no such error in X-Division 0.99 Beta Part 2/researches.xml
  9. "correct" as somehow it should be like this ! Why does a smaller/lighter pistol give more resources than its bigger (still a pistol) counterpart? This does not sound reasonable.
  10. assets/mods/X-Division 0.99 Beta/weapons.xml (417892 bytes) weapon.division.heavymk1 weapons/Division/DivisionHeavyMK1 weapons/Division/DivisionHeavyMK1 balistic TRUE 240 14 48 1 10 5 2 ammo.division.heavymk1 50 Ballistics TRUE weapon.division.heavymk2 weapons/Division/DivisionHeavyMK2 weapons/Division/DivisionHeavyMK2 balistic TRUE 240 14 48 1 10 5 2 ammo.division.heavymk2 50 Ballistics TRUE Sorry for the format, copy&paste from Excel.
  11. specs ? stats or tooltips ? >> I'm usually looking at the XML files. thats correct >> "Correct" as it is incorrect (a light pistol gives more stuff than a heavy), or "correct" as somehow it should be like this?
  12. Advanced medipack seems too heavy compared to the normal one.
  13. Looking into manufactures.xml: It seems that disassembling alien weapons give strange number of energy cores. For example 5AWP -> 4EC while 3xAWHP -> 2EC, so 1EC=1.25AWP 1EC=1.5AWHP ---------------------- Means AWP > AWHP
  14. Thanks, I'll try smoke grenade too Some Division MK-I and MK-II weapons have the same specs: weapon.division.heavymk1 - weapon.division.heavymk2 weapon.division.cannonmk1 - weapon.division.cannonmk2 Edit: some MK-III too
  15. Found a typo in the xenopedia: Alien Lightning Rifle 4 for 1 ballistic core should be energy core. Looks fine on the mfg screen. I'm not sure if it is intentional, but grenades cannot blast a door, while hunter's division machinegun can.