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  1. Thanks, the xenopedia doesn't make that clear, and with X-Division don't know if how sebillians sees was touched or not.
  2. Then I will install it. Thanks for the information.
  3. So capture everything I can, when I can, and specially every color of the rainbow. Also regarding sebillians, do they see through fire?
  4. Quick and simple question: Should I bother capturing the grunts? blue-shirt/normal sebillians and such?
  5. Currently playing with the .01. Kinda afraid of trying trying anything with unofficial in the title, as I want to try to make finish this whole gameplay without restarting, unless I get wiped by the aliens, not bugs.
  6. After not playing either Xenonauts or X-Division for a really long time. I want to kindly point out that the installation process guide is a bit confusing. As it stands now I understood that it is: Install a fresh Xenonauts game with nothing modded inside its folder. Install/change to the X:CE version. Open and close Xenonauts at this point. Download X-Division 1.00.01 and install it. Latest patch subsection tells me to go to the third post. Here was my error by not paying attention to number version. Supposedly download latest patch on the third post(at this day it is DAY 494 Version 0.99.43 "Go easy, take this"). Which is supposed to be an accumulative patch, with all the previous ones. But it isn't a 1.00.00 Play the game. I did read all the red notes, and made sure to have the 0.99 de-activated, which was what odd at the time but again, didn't paid attention to it. But then I didn't realized that the patch I downloaded and the last-edited date. So I now have realize that I screwed up my the mod installation, and need to just download and install the 1.00.01 and don't install any non 1.xx.xx patches. Just wanted to point that out, and that maybe re-wording or re-structuring the patch section would avoid future troubles by people like me, that didn't paid attention to the version number, and just assumed that the latest patch section was for the current 1.xx.xx version. Also, good lord Charon, your dedication and to this mod is incredible. As well as everyone else that has been helping to bring the this total overhaul to this level. Congratulations guys and girls. I have kept myself in the dark regarding the next Xenonaut game(I want it to be a surprise for me, and avoid in-dev forum drama). But I hope that, if not the same, it will have even more modding capabilities as this one had.