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  1. Initial reaction. *shoots down ufo* oh this will be a typical mission It's sebs. everyone piles out of the dropship, 1 turn later, my heavy immediatly gets dropped while stood behind a rock, Holy shit. end result: Holy crap this is a lot like X-com:EU I like the new changes, it's fast, brutal and glorious when you win, it makes me want to play even more cautiously than i do, and make far more use of smoke grenades outside of storming ufo's and bases. LOVE IT.
  2. smoke nade every room assualt, throw in grenades or a hunk of c4, get flanking like a baws
  3. do you guys think you might cover preator's or alaborate a bit more on the hoverdisks? even if it's only artwork, the style is amazing.
  4. BRAVO! it's great when something this huge comes together, excellent work everyone!
  5. as per normal i'm guessing this breaks 19.3 saves? also has the assualt shield been implemented fully? on 19.3 it just showed up as 0/120 all the time
  6. I respect your opinion but i do feel that your not looking at the big picture. While having indestructable interceptors is different you have to realise that it currently takes 72 hours to recover, then however long it takes to fully repair the interceptor, on average this can take anywhere from 5 days to weeks depending on the interceptor. Further more during this period it is groubnded the entire time, the only thing you save on is money however your screwed as i have been when my intercepters were downed by a carrier and it's escorts only to be hit by a base attack about a week later. Sure you could decomission the downed interceptor and order / build a new one if your into that and have money to burn. But the indestructable is no doubt a toggle option for the most part such as the use of Ironman mode. While you do speak as if a large amount of users feel this, surely they would of already spoke about it here on the forum. I just think that your making too big of a fuss over this. really all goldhawk want to do is shift the focus off this and onto Ground combat and the strategic elements of the game. It is beta for a reason after all. and theres no doubt that indestructable interceptors will have a toggle and if there isnt well it wouldn't take long for a modder to create a mod for it.
  7. I figured i might as well post up chris's original concepts for everyone to look at and to be able to spot the differences between the start of the game to the late/end game that we have so far Heres an earlier research background. Laboratory Screen: Compared to the updated late/end game one
  8. This might've been said already but i feel it's neccesary. Xenonaut Commander: Research Director, what does your scouter say about the power of this blaster bomb? Research Director: Why commander, it says it's OVER NINE- uhh, over nineteen tiles of destruction
  9. The easist method for downing UFO's and getting a crash site if your struggling (this might be slightly out of date i havn't played since v9.0) is to fire off two and only two sidewinder missles and then close the distance and finish it off with the cannons, i've not had any issues getting a crash site this way (unless it was over water of course)
  10. found a few fun bugs for you all that you should all try to avoid. if a xenonaut equiped with the machine gun tries to vault over a wall/bush/fence then the solidier will become stuck on the wall/bush/fence and will not be able to move/shoot or turn for the rest of the battle. troopers wearing wolf battle armour and equiped with the assault rifle show up as if they are in jackel armour and unarmed (maybe the sprite used for holding a grenade?) Do not equip troopers who're in wolf armour with either a precision rfile or laser, this causes the troops to appear as a circular shadow on the floor and they cannot be ordered to do anything. i have produced all of these at least 4 times now.
  11. This is a multiple bug, one is quite annoying, the other i managed to find a work around. The primary bug is battlescape combat, when the solidiers move over the grey gravel you get the sounds of the footsteps, however if they walk on the road or flagstones of the path there is no foot step noise. I've somehow keep managing to CTD when using the LMG and the macine gun on the IFV it seems to happen when the bullet can't decide in which direction to richochet, typically if it's going into the sky. the next part, is that if you load your autosave, it takes you to the beginning of the battlescape mission, but you lose the music and the IFV does not make any noise when moving. furthermore after you finish the conflict and return to geoscape, the TABs at the top do not work, However you can work around this by saving on the geoscape and then reloading that save.
  12. i don't ever recall UFO:ET having training centres, your troops gained xp from hits and kills, and on level up you could then distribute the points that came with the level up into any of the stats you want. i don't ever recall the training centre. the only training centre i do recall is that of X-com apocalypse, and that tended to give randomish ability boosts based on the training type the solidier/hybrid did. (training for accuracy, strength etc, psi gyn for well... psionics)
  13. Enemy sprites also have incorrect sounds when wounded. Civillians also show up as a hostile unit, and when killed they play an odd sound (possibly a future alien race's noises) Also when attacking a ceasan non-combat unit they use the civillian/human sounds when wounded or killed
  14. Heres the crash file as a ZIP
  15. After finishing a mission and returning to base with wounded (but not dead) solidiers the game crashes for me whenever i click the solidiers tab, i've been able to reproduce this four times now and have an autosave that i can upload if needed.