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  1. Is there any new patch in the making? Waiting for patching to end so that I start the game.
  2. Hister

    Xenonauts V1.55 Stable Released!

    Super good! My god, when the aptching cycle will be finally done we will be looking at the most bug-free game ever produced!
  3. Wooot woooot! Thank you Chris - let's hope no major bug crops up so that you can get some piece of mind. Greetz from snowy Slovenia.
  4. Hister

    When will Xenonauts go on sale?

    Chris, do sales hurt your firm or not being a rather niche developer?
  5. Hmmm, I had an experimental branch enabled on Steam so yesterday I opted out of it, files updated but when game launcher opens it says my game version is from when the last experimental 1.5 was pushed out. is that WAD or should I get stable version from 26.1.? If it should say 26.1. then how do I update it on Steam? Thanx for any input.
  6. Thank you so much Chris! I bought the game some months ago, tried it a bit and waited until this final release was pushed out. Really dig the way you run things Chris.
  7. Enjoy the vacations Xeno stuff.
  8. Hister

    X:CE 0.30 Release Candidate 1

    Skitso, can you provide me with the music files you use for alien bases and base defense missions?
  9. Hister

    Gifty's Music Addon

    Installed, thank you.
  10. Excellent, a must have mod! Mod tools for CE does not load the mod and reports an error but it works when you install it manually.
  11. Yeah, it just downloaded it for me. Thank you.
  12. kabill, any heads up for this mod? Should I wait until you deliver an update for it?