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  1. potawan

    Skitso's improved tile art pack

    Nice work, result in trees is spectacular and the containers are really well integrated in the environment, the shadow detail is great!
  2. So perfect. Thanks. Pretty cool atmosphere in new update, reminds me of Wasteland
  3. Awesome job! The look of the game with your mods is very nice, I love it. Thanks a lot. Just a question. Is this mod compatible with the X:CE 0.28? There are two files that are the same (combatguiexport.lua and combatguiexport_large.lua), I have your mod installed after X:CE, I'm losing stuffs for this?
  4. potawan

    Soldier Role Icons Original Style Mod v1

    Already done! I've included some more icons Main thread updated.
  5. potawan

    Soldier Role Icons Original Style Mod v1

    Yeah, I think that some do not need. But I still have not completed the game and maybe I need more in the future. If you want some specific modification, let me know and I will try to do so
  6. Hi Folks, Here I leave the icons that I made for my games. I thought maybe someone use it. I continue making them, so maybe I upload new versions. A pic all together, original and new: v1 I personally use the blue stars for soldiers with laser weapons, white for Magnum and yellow stars for skilled soldiers or commanders. Add in v1.1 How to install: Simply unzip the file in the main directory of your Xenonauts, this should not overwrite any files. Download v1.1 http://www.mediafire.com/download/84e2ct7xkfjjehj/Original_Style_Role_Mod-v1.1__By_Potawan.rar Compatibility (If you have installed the previous version of my mod) I changed a couple of names that were wrong. This causes duplication of these two files. I recommend doing a clean install of version 1.1 of my mod. (These files can be removed manually to avoid such duplication as well. The files are: commando4.png and heavy2r.png inside to C:\Program Files (x86)\Xenonauts\assets\uitextures\roles ) Here, a backup of the original icons in case anyone needs it to make a clean installation. Donwnload Vanilla Icons backup http://www.mediafire.com/download/d4tkyrqfzhr87v6/Xenonaut+Vanilla+Icons.rar