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  1. Most of bugs are game engine related. We can't do anything more about it. That load scenes should be updated. Sadly yes there are many things which needs content info. As the main mod designers are not eng speakers, we need support from other people but as x1 is an old game today, the community is not much anymore. This is my fault to add so much things to the mod. I wanted to create a huge xcom experience. I made it but I could not get the support for words I needed. Still there were some great people who helped about that and with them the mod is playable even with missing typing. I hope x division 2 will get much bigger support with refreshed community. I will plan it much better I hope.
  2. I think we should not have so lethal injuries. I would like to have a fallout 1 style aiming system. Shooting legs would lower tu, arms will have acc penalty, head could knock out. It should be hard to hit if the vats system used. So you need to have good scopes and aiming should have much more tu, or only aimed shot can have it. You could mod the effects too.
  3. Every weapon branch got their own good and bad points. First laser weapons are the first energy based weapons humanity created with limited knowledge. For that reason, mk1 lasers got big problems. You need to go for mk2 as fast as you can. For every tier mk1 is prototype, mk2 good ones and mk3 advanced. If you got mk3 weapons then you can skip next tier mk1s. There is a huge balancing at this mod because it's huge more then it should. So you need to plan your weapons with their pros and cons. X division is finished. There won't be any editing or balancing. It's at best as a human can do with so much content. It's working without any bugs so even it's a miracle of hard work for 10 GB mod. Enjoy it until x division 2 with second game.
  4. I want to put a weapon-ammo code here from openxcom: - type: STR_PLASMA_RIFLE size: 0.2 costSell: 140000 weight: 9 bigSprite: 167 : visual files floorSprite: 167 : visual files handSprite: 352 : visual files armor: 35 : HP of the weapon compatibleAmmo: : usable ammo (an ammo could be used by more then one weapon) - STR_PLASMA_RIFLE_CLIP_EL - STR_PLASMA_RIFLE_CLIP_PC - STR_PLASMA_RIFLE_CLIP_SS maxRange: 25 : After 25 tile, you can't shoot minRange: 5 : Under 5 tile, the acc got penalty as worst at 1. tile.. aimRange: 20 : After 20 tile, the hit chance will be 0 for aimed shot snapRange: 17 : After 17 tile, the hit chance will be 0 for auto shot autoRange: 12 : After 12 tile, the hit chance will be 0 for snap shot accuracyAimed: 90 : hit chance is %90 of soldier acc for aimed shot accuracySnap: 75 : .... accuracyAuto: 60 : .... tuAimed: 45 : % TU needed for aimed shot tuSnap: 30 : .... tuAuto: 40 : .... confSnap: : you can configure snap (single) shot here. You can "conf" auto and aimed shot too. shots: 3 : single shot shoots 3 bullet per fire, like autoshot. name: STR_CON_BURST_SHOT : new name for single shot for UI autoShots: 5 : autoshot bullets kneelBonus: 135 : kneeling bonus for this weapon dropoff: 8 : after 8 tile, the acc starts to dropoff oneHandedPenalty: 35 : if soldier got another thing at left hand, the hit chance drops by %35 twoHanded: true : this is a two handed weapon so oneHandedPenalty will be calculated. tuLoad: 26 : Reload TU tuUnload: 5 : Unload TU battleType: 1 : it's a normal gun. invWidth: 1 : inv sizes invHeight: 3 - type: STR_PLASMA_RIFLE_CLIP_EL bigSprite: 168 floorSprite: 168 bulletSprite: 21 fireSound: 11 hitSound: 19 hitAnimation: 96 power: 90 : Damage clipSize: 12 : Ammo per clip powerRangeReduction: 3 : Damage will be reduced "3" per tile powerRangeThreshold: 15 : Damage reduction will start after 15 tile. damageType: 5 : damage type, plasma here. damageAlter: RandomType: 3 : Random damage like (%100-%200) ArmorEffectiveness: 1.5 : Resistances effects this weapon 1.5 more (if the armor got %30 plasma resistance, it acts like %45 here so this ammo is bad against armor). If this is 0.0, the damage bypasses armor and goes directly to health and stun. ToHealth: 1.0 : It hits health by %100 damage, after by armor is gone. ToArmorPre: 0.5 : Half of the damage directly damages armor ( without calculating resistances) with %50 of it's damage. So if it hits for 90 damage, it hits to the armor 45 damage even that armor got %100 plasma resistance. You use this when you want to dealt pure damage to armor. ToArmor: 0.2 : After "ToArmorPre", %20 of the damage hits to armor with resistance calculation. You use this when you want normal damage calculation. ToStun: 0.0 : Stun damage after armor. ToTile: 0.5 : Tile damage. size: 0.1 weight: 5 invWidth: 1 invHeight: 1 costSell: 3000 tags: ITEM_COLORSWAP_FINAL_ROW_1: 3 - type: STR_PLASMA_RIFLE_CLIP_PC ............... I want to show how they manage to code the weapon and ammo separately. Even it has tons of stuff there, you can understand it easily after some time. For armor, you don't need to degrade armor at it's own code. Degrading will be done by weapon at it's ammo code. The resistances will stay but the weapon will able to hit more or less to it. Armor code will be very simple.. everything will be about the ammo.. Some weapons will hit armor harder, some weapons will bypass the resistances. Some of them will kill the armor, some of them will only hit the health..
  5. I read somewhere, it's just in game and he tries to figure out the UI part.. At Xe-1, multi ammo used only for rocket launcher as a special hardcode script.. so you already need to have that code if you want that kind of weapons. It would be logical to have it for all weapons. Chris wants to have a rich research tree with side projects. So, multiple ammo with multiple damage types could help that idea so much.
  6. Chris said there will be multi ammo system already. Yes, we need to have an ammo code for sure which is about magazine and damage code. Weapon will have only weapon stats. Even if possible, an ammo should be able to use by different weapons. Multi ammo could be used everywhere. 1. Multiple purposes, explosive, stun, acid bullets for non energy weapons. Grenade and rocket launchers could be created. 2. Energy weapons can have updates without making a whole new weapon. Like a new laser battery updated with alenium. So you can have a laser branch with more firepower to use it against enemies with laser weakness. 3. Weapons can have bullets for spesific tactics. You can have a special plasma ammo which makes huge damage only for armor. If we add power shields (we should have it, xcom apocalypse style), you can make ammo which destroys that. I can count you many more, but those are the first possibilities. I suffered so badly at xe 1 for this reason. I needed to make a whole new weapon for every purpose and every update there. We could not add any launcher.. Could not have tactical choices. So different ammo for weapon is a must.
  7. I got a solution about the stun problem. It's from openxcom extended.. Lets look to this code at the "ammo": damageType: 10 ( a new damage type you create at openxcom ) damageAlter: RandomType: 2 (this is the random damage percentage limits like %100 to %200.. openxcom got about 6 type of randomization, we should have it freely rather then fixed ones.. ArmorEffectiveness: 0.0 (this is armor penetration, here at 0, armor penetration is %100 as the armor does not effect the damage at all) ToHealth: 0.0 (damage to health, if the damage goes to health, here you see the percentage. Here, the damage does not make any harm to target HP) ToArmor: 0.0 (damage to armor, again 0) ToStun: 1.0 (here is the solution, even the damage type is not "stun", this damage dealt directly to the stun bar of the target.) ToTile: 0.0 (damage to tiles, map objects) Here you see that, this weapon makes a pure stun damage to target with a full %100 AP.. Do not forget that, this ammo could have any damage type.. maybe a ballistic maybe a chemical.. but the damage will go for stun.. If the target got damage resistance for this type of damage, then it will take less stun damage.. Let me give you an example: We got a reaper which immunes to chemical damage. We got stun grenades and throwing it to the reaper. If the reaper got %100 chemical resistance, he would not take any damage and won't stun. Now we got our batons.. Batons got ballistic damage as they are blunt weapons and give it another damage type as electrical damage.. Alter electrical damage type with "toStun: 1.0". Reaper got a ballistic resistance to but does not have any resistance to electrical damage. Our baton hits ballistic damage and electrical damage. That electrical damage will go for stun bar and reaper will get stun damage per attack.. With this idea, you can create different damage types to able to stun different units.. so you can even stun or disable androns with this electrical damage. I did not say "EMP" because that damage would not harm a living thing and will kill any robots.. With "To****" code, you can create armor destroying weapons or some biological weapons which will only harm the things without armor.. Just you should not stuck at fixed damage types. You can erase the "stun damage type" and use it at "toStun" only.. I think it's a very clear method.
  8. Damage Types: Yes. As you make all the damage types primary, you should able to add different damage type to a weapon. So you can have explosive ballistic rounds with some ballistic and incendiary damages. If you want stun and EMP damage, you can add this to the weapons too. Like a shotgun shell with ballistic and stun damage or a special laser weapon with laser and EMP damage together. Armour: Yes again. An armour will have a hit point and it will have a percentage for every damage type in the game. That percentage could be over %100, so it means the unit who got that armour got a big weakness against it and takes much more damage..
  9. As i played and modded x-1 and openxcom for a long time, i wanted to share my ideas about how to handle all the numbers about damage/armor. 1. Damage Types: If we compare the X-1 system, there was some problems both at damage types and understanding them how they work. I think there should be no secondary damage types at all. It's confusing and makes you mad when you calculate all that resistances. Every damage type should be primary and got different ones for all real damage types used at the game.. At X-1 we got; kinetic, energy, incendiary, chemical as primary and stun, EMP as secondary. This worked at X-1 base game because the resistances did not used at the game mostly and enemies got "energy" damage type mostly as plasma weapons. For that reason, the calculations did not create much problem. BUT it became a problem when you tried to use all this damage types and resistances with a multi-weapon used battlefield. Because we got ballistic and mag weapons as kinetic damage (no problem here), laser and plasma as energy (here we got a problem because laser could be energy but plasma is something more complex and when you try to use the resistances, you need to put them into the same category), all explosives were incendiary and some gasses as chemical AND addition to that we got stun and EMP without a resistance dedicated to them, you can't plan what armor or enemy should have what resistance at all.. For that reason, we should go for Fallout/xcom method. All damage types got their same named damage types.. so for x1 we need to have; ballistic, laser, plasma, incendiary, chemical (for real chemical gasses), stun, emp. Then at weapon code we need to able to give more then one damage type.. Damage: Ballistic, 100/20; Incendiary, 20/50; Stun, 10/100. This means that this weapon got 100 ballistic damage with %20 armor penetration (ignoring resistance), 20 incendiary with %50 AP and 10 stun with %100 AP. With this options, it becomes more logical and useful to have more then one type of ammo per weapon. As you see here, you can easily read and calculate all the damage types. Note: For modders, there should be able to add totally new damage types into the game. At least there could be some reserved damage types like DT1, DT2, DT3... 2. Armor: I want to say something here about "health". Modern games like fraxis xcom and phoenix point uses armor+health as one stat at battlefield. I find this more logical, because even a commando or a sebillian can't survive after 1-2 plasma/laser/mag bullets if they don't have an armor. There is no need to calculate specially health when 2 shot can kill you. BUT we use STUN as an important damage type so the health bar is useful for this. Again for those reasons armor should have a solid HP over health. Xe-1 got a problem here as there is only resistances as armor. At Xe-1, if you got an armor of 200 energy resistance and 10 incendiary resistance, you could survive many plasma shots but a grenade could kill you even you did not get shot before.. so it's like you got different armor layers against different damage types and you can die easily if a damage layer of that type is low. You can shoot an alien for 100 ballistic bullets or just hit with one laser.. this does not make sense.. It's nearly impossible to balance if you try to use damage types. For that reason, every armor needs to have a HP and it needs to have resistances as percentage and solid numbers against every possible damage types. So we got 200 HP armor/50 hp health and %50 ballistic resistance with solid 10, and %20 laser resistance with no solid numbers.. lets hit it with bullets with 40 ballistic damage. 200 - ((40*%50)-10)) = 190, after 10 shots it will become 100... lets shoot a 30 damage laser.. 100 - ((30*%20)-0)) = 100 - 24 = 76.. after 5 laser shots, he will lose all armor. 100 - 24 - 24 - 24 - 24 = 4 (four laser shot) then health comes, 50 - (24 - 4 (left armor)) = 30 wounded... one more shot and you are dead.. As you see, it's much more simple, easy to calculate and logical. If you add STUN damage to this weapon damages, then you can capture it before it dies... You can add the "degrading" code to every armor.. at this calculation it's %100 as you see, but if you lower it, the armor can survive more but it makes the balancing calculations much more complex then needed for developer or player.. but it's good to have every possible option.. the important part here, every stat should be unique for every armor.. Xe-1 got many global stats for everything and it made impossible to create unique things. So if you make degrading same for all armors with a global stats, then you can't create unique armors with their own degrading.. this is same for everything in the game.. there should be as less global stats as it could be.. i hate global things.. 3. Weapon Stats: Every weapon should have their own editable stats for everything.. You should able to code every "fire mod" as it's own.. for example a rifle should able to fire "3" bullet at single shot fire, "8" at burst and "1" at sniping.. so a rifle is a burst weapon rather then single one. Another example is a heavy weapon single fire could have "6" bullet and more acc and burst shot could fire "20" bullet.. a sniper should have more critical damage chance at aimed like "%100 to %400" damage output but single fire mod it would drop to "%100 to %200"... Every weapon should have it's min (for snipers short range penalty) and max range (after that hit chance goes 0 or disappear). Weapons can have damage modifier for their range, like a plasma weapon could damage much more at shorter range, ballistic can lose its damage at longer range and lasers would be stable.. 4. Crouch: Kneeling should be something tactical. Every weapon should get special + aim for kneeling.. so some weapons can be used without kneeling easily but some (heavy/sniper) would need it for proper aim. Even there should be an "AIMING STANCE" like kneeling but prepared firing position.. this could add much more aim (different per weapon as i said before) and bonus to reaction fire (more overwatch like).. i say this as a different stance because kneeling would take only few TU's and could give huge bonuses to weapons.. so everybody uses that before firing.. to make it special, you need to have a stance, different then kneeling.. i know that, it's hard to implement now and maybe not necessary but i always think that it's a nice tactical addition to battlefield. I just remembered those for now.. i will add more if i release something more..
  10. Yay! 1.0.. i want to cry really... Now Xenonauts-1 is a hell of a game with X-Division and it will never die.. thx Charon..
  11. I fear that, it's so old that, you need to find an older version of the X-CE even the game itself to play it even you find it. As short, it will be unstable even it works.
  12. So for energy weapons, you go for Fallout 4 model i see. You get the main weapon and modules make it whatever you want. It's good.. You can use it at all weapons with Fallout 4 way. Would be fun for players to have their totally special weapons.. I am against unlimited things but at a game which you got max 12-20 soldiers, there is not much point to have limited things too because you craft maybe 10x maximum.. so you can make the manufacture more expensive and make it limitless.. but then if you need only one from something, it would be way expensive to have it unlimited.. For that reason i like to have item creating researches or 1 time manufactures.. so if you need something unique, you just go for research or that special manufacture. STILL you can make a rare drop from aliens to limit that unique item but it was very hard to make unique things at X-1 because you could only use UFO items or items at enemy inventory.. so it means many ufos and enemies would carry same thing without limit.. For this reason, X-2 should be open for "unique" things.. probably special missions and special enemies which you can assign especially, would handle it.
  13. To be honest, i would like to see very limited scientist rather then having 200 of them at a military base.. it's just lame to have so many non-soldier class people in a military base..
  14. I mean the code side of a new race and it's capability. To be honest, i can't see the appeal of a MARS unit with the same weapons our soldiers can carry. At every XCOM style game, robotic units or heavy armors use special more heavy weapon platforms to the battleground and they can survive more. So if they use the same weapons, then when i got good armors, i don't have totally no reason to have a mars or sentries to the battle field. Please tell me if i miss a point here. If you can add that custom code to limit weapons and armors to the races (race as MARS) here at development, modders and devs can make those new units much more special. Aftermath does that with different aliens with the soldiers. They had special armors to carry as a caesan or seb can't carry same armor like soldiers. With this combinations, the possibilities are limitless. An idea could be not so good when you hear but at action, it can change your mind. As MARS, there is a movie called "Kill Command", about a learning AI against soldiers. AI named as S.A.R. (Study Analyze Reprogram). It was a military AI programmed to learn from battlefields and real human tactics. So i think a robot with an AI which is getting experience and getting better with speical weapons (1 per tier/weapon type, like a big laser, multi rocket launcher, gattling gun, sniping cannon...) would make this step much more meaning full and something really to use rather then a gimmick you can ignore easily. With this code, as modders we can have our way inside the game code rather then waiting the XCE.. Please consider this points to make the game more unique and different then others..
  15. If MARS can pass the kickstarter, please consider to able to add different races as soldiers. This could open huge opportunities. A runaway caesan at your ranks?.. a scout dog which becomes a cyborg one with laser firing eyes! , ok maybe without that eyes.. There is dogs at some of openXcom mods for scouting and rush attacks, and they look nice.. Letting him to get experience and becomes a demon spawn for enemies would be a nice addition.. This new races should able to have their own armor/weapon/items... like you should not able to give a gun to a dog but maybe a laser guide for aim buff?.. I know that this is hard maybe not so usefull to add main game but i want you to consider creating this kind of system for modding. A tamed reaper would be nice too.. Fun aside, it would be nice even to get unique characters from enemies at your ranks.. Like an event which adds a sebillian trooper to your ranks.. this could open the specialist soldier system too like adding different kind of soldiers with special weapons.. possibilities are endless with just some coding at development. Example: https://openxcom.org/forum/index.php?topic=2878.0
  16. Module system would work at enemies too. It would be fun to see what the aliens got as modules.. for both armor and weapons. As Sheepy said, module system is what people looking for clearly.. at this early stage of deployment, i think Chriss should reconsider this part of the game and replan for the progression.
  17. Hey.. I read that Chris got some issues about the idea with moduler weapon designs.. I just want to share my ideas about this. People like to create something from parts always.. so i don't think any people would have a problem to design 5-10 weapon for their team at all.. there are many people who gives hours to just changing the look of their soldiers items.. The best modular weapon designs at xcom games are at After***** ones.. I always loved to find better modules for my weapons. So modules and weapon tiers should be different things as their research trees.. For example optics should be something with it's own class.. we need to get better optics in time for different kind of weapons like for snipers, rifles, pistols.. and any optic should be usefull for every weapon tiers.. Other modules could have 2 classes, for kinetics and for energy weapons. So kinetic weapon modules can help for better weapon handling and laser weapon modules can give more power to it.. So the player could choose to go for totally new weapons or try to go for modules to make their weapons better.. or he/she can do it with the order as he wants.. I would like to see that modules can give different effects and abilities to weapons too.. Like autofire with more bullets, adding special damages, adding more AP, adding grenade launchers..
  18. Is there a way to add to X-2? I found that X-1 AI could handle double weapon but it's hard to guess which one will be used. At X-1 AI, enemies would use the best weapon mostly but if you give them a good choices they can handle to use them both. Like a normal ranged weapon and high damage melee weapon (or very close range one), AI would use mostly the ranged one but if it catches you at a short range like in a room or at a corner, it would use the high damage melee one. I firstly find out that, enemies can carry shields at secondweapon: code.. then i tried to put weapon and it gave me result.. i did not expect that but it worked.. with this i could make more complex and dangerous enemies.. because at X games, player would expect only one weapon and maybe a throwing one from enemy.. I hope we can have this kind of AI at X-2.. thx!
  19. It would be not so practical to butt an alien but more melee weapons with advanced versions could be used in game.. at least modders can use that animations for their own weapons.. a sword (with power versions), knife and something more scifi would be good addition..
  20. Hey Chris, thx for this topic.. as i gave many years to X-Division, i want to share what i wanted to create for my dream X-Com style game.. X-Division's main point was about the "enemy" rather then the player even there is tons of additions to the player side. So i want to explain my thoughts one by one.. Enemies..: 1. Variety.. many and different enemies.. as the game got "phases", the player needs to see different mechanics/types of enemies with every phase.. not just with more stats of the same things.. when the player go to the next phase, he should react to new ones as "wtf is that"... he should reconsider his tactics, game play.. he needs to find new ideas to win.. for example, at second phase, i gave power shields to ceasans, at third phase i gave them big bossy xenomorphs.. i tried to add totally new enemies at every phase to surprise player base, then at next phases i added new abilities to the old ones when they updated.. aliens which moves underground... 2. Harder.. all the Xcom style games got the same difficult problem.. the game starts very hard, you get even at mid, and later its cakewalk.. because you got better weapons and armors to resist enemies even they got more stats.. it should be balanced. I tried to balance this within the phases. As the X-Division is much longer then base game, you have some time in a phase enough to simulate the game itself. At a phase, you start very weak. You try to catch aliens, try to survive rather then winning.. then you got the tech and starts to match with the aliens.. then later if you got enough high level items, you can fight and win against them. BUT when you pass the second phase and you start to react with "WTF", you feel weak again.. because they are an alien invasion army.. they are better then you, they should be.. and you cannot surpass them just in some days.. 3. Horror.. this is an important point too. You need to be horrified when you saw them.. it could be the shape, it could be the weapons, or maybe size.. but you need to feel fear.. I feel that at Terror from the Deep.. at that deep sea missions with dart weapons, i feel very weak when i saw that crapman.. i still hate them.. so i added xenomorphs and some more to the game.. they fit so great.. who would not fear when they see a big xenomorph queen?.. I added side robots to androns.. robodog, roboreaper, roboREX.. i added them a repair abilily which you need to kill it again before it's fully repaired.. we hidden them into the boxes as sleep state to wake up late at mission, when you feel just safe as you think you cleaned the map already.. XCE, solver and charon added hiding mechanics to game which is so great to create this atmosphere!.. Possibilities are so much with just some code tricks.. i hope you consider to add them to next game.. 4. Bosses.. for a tough and fearsome enemy, you need to have bosses.. big ones.. even an ultra mega skilled caesan with a huge weapon, would not enough to consider an ultimate enemy.. so i think at least 2x2 sized enemies are MUST.. look to all Xcom games.. new xcom, old xcom, project phoenix.. people are to be excited to see them.. to fight against them.. 5. Gadgets... game should have some nice inventory items for special things.. an energy shield for 360 defence with own HP.. something for hiding.. something for teleporting.. something for more stats, night vision, heat vision..this is not for only players, it will help to create much bigger variety for aliens.. 6. Dodge mechanic.. for fast aliens or fast melee soldiers.. everything should not relay on more damage to survive.. like a weak caesan with tons of HP to survive at late game (they should have really power shields) or a reaper which is just flesh but can stand against plasma cannons.. Players..: 1. More type of weapons with more abilities.. the game engine should allow every type of weapon combination.. like shotgun, flame thrower, grenade launcher, one shot launchers, mines (which i never use).. more shot options.. auto-shotguns, miniguns, multiple rocket launchers, energy based unique ones (like you got 30 energy rounds at your magazine, you should able to use a special laser shot witch consumes 10 charge from 30.. same weapon could have a autofire option for 1 shot 1 charge and single shot for 1 for 3 charge.. so you can have a heavy laser which can melt armor, or a sniper with autofire ability.. this is my dream for energy weapons but any of the xcom games done this..).. 2. Different type bullets for same weapons.. a weapon should able to use different kind of bullet types with different damage types.. 3. Balanced melee fighting system.. cool melee weapons with some unique abilities.. combined with special armors.. there should be a reason to carry a blade or knife when you can just spam shotgun.. could be combined with stealth mechanic.. 4. Unique weapons per weapon types.. lasers can have gattling minigun, plasma can have a short range cannon with aoe... Plasma based laser magazines.. acid bullets.. blabla.. 5. New weapon versions for every phase.. every phase should have its own grenade, rocket, plane, magazine types.. so player should choose some of them for research in limited time.. 6. Randomized research.. this is great for replay value.. new xcom got this right.. old xcom got it right.. you get something and when you research it you get something new.. with possibilities.. like you got a caesan weapon officer alive, at every research you can learn one type of laser weapon.. some surprise, hard to get, low chance researches.. why not?.. please at this mechanic to modding at least! 7. One time manufactures.. able to erase manufactures at modding.. same to research.. a research or manufacture should able to lock ro release another manufacture or research.. 8. Vehicles.. at least small mechs with human pilots.. could be used as heavy armor with "unique" weapon branch.. they should able to use at least 2 weapons.. Game..: 1. More Phases.. at least 1 more then x-1.. 2. Non-Ufo missions.. random missions which you got different goals without ufo.. ---------------------- Those are main reasons for X-Division and some of them could not be happen because the game did not allow me.. I hope those helps.. thx!
  21. Thank you.. I love that spikes too.. you would love the bigger ones.
  22. Xenonauts was great to copy original Xcom... but it had problems of the old game with few good editions.. If X-2 wants to success, devs should check some games and mods very carefully at planning.. and see what the player base wants and expects from future games.. As games, there is very good examples and possible "competitors".... - Fraxis XCom series are a big example for what people want to see.. i don't talk about the game itself, i talk about the forums of those games.. they should listen what people liked or hated. And someone did this already... - Phoenix Point, comes ultra hot.. as i watch every video and news, the game becomes the "ultimate one" if they succeed.. even i don't like the mutants over aliens, the game play got everything an X-com fan wants.. a 3D xcom layout as fraxis one with time points, inventory, creative weapon layouts (like shoulder rocket launcher), aiming system!, destructive terrain, horror theme, different sized enemies, vehicles (yeah...), factions with own personality with many unique things, geosphere with cool elements.. if they have modding support, the game could be immortal and even an xcom 3 killer (especially if they can bring they 1.2 million kick starter step as a expansion which is "underwater")... So X-2 should have something more or better to offer.. X-1 got the original feeling with "time points turn system" which was special to it because fraxis xcom did not use it... but after Phoenix did that.. i don't know.. The second big point is to consider "mods"... mods shows that what people wants to see.. there is 3 big example for this.. 1. Xcom - Long Wars: Fraxis done well to fully support this huge mod which gives nearly everything for hardcore fans.. 2. OpenXcom - XcomFiles and X-PirateZ: As those created from original Xcom, they are very good examples what could an Xcom have!.. Devs should play them for sure as they try to live up with xcom.. 3. Xenonauts - X-Division: Sadly, Golden Hawk choose the ignore this mod for years when other devs likes to support their modders at every platform. With XCE support, X-Division implemented many things with help of many people. I think X-Division alone got many answer what xenonauts players wants and what could be done for richer gameplay.. and if X-1 is still played somewhere by someone without any DLC/Expansion with it's not much replayablity, X-Division is a big reason as the only development still continued.. So the "question" is... do X-2 devs consider those facts? or will we get something more stable but less then X-1? As the answer for vehicles at tactical layer:
  23. I want to say something about human or human like enemies. I played XCom 2 this last months and i really liked it.. mostly: - Experimental Manufactures - Weapon mods - Soldier skills and classes What i hate and very sad about it: - Humanoid enemies.. really.. even sectoid is human like.. there is nearly no real space aliens.. This is realy sad and a game breaker if the game got other fun parts.. so don't go for it..
  24. Thank you.. We did not force the player to use vehicles, we let them use the vehicles without any penalty. So vehicle is not a choice now, it's something you need to use, like your soldiers. As you said, the vehicles super needed, because the mod is created this way. You are against harder enemies with big vehicles/creatures. At default game, you can easily ignore vehicles to get more soldiers, now it's not something you can ignore. All the maps are edited to be able to use vehicles freely. So we made the vehicles a thing rather then a choice which u would ignore. We erased 1 soldier as i remember from all crafts and added vehicles for 0 soldier place. So think your vehicle as your lovely soldier. And bringing 2 vehicle will be OP..
  25. Hey maera! We care all the ideas and happy to see a girl here too. For air game, I can advise to use easy air game autosolve mode. It comes with Xdivision, just enable it and use autosolve at air fights. Don't forget to bring as much as many planes to the fights, max 3. For map and ufo sizes, there is nothing we can do about this. To create a new ufo you need to have serious pro 3d modelers and ppl who knows how to integrate it to the game. And we don't have map maker at the team. There is smaller maps for small ufos because you can find enemies and ufo faster. It would be hard to find 1 or 2 alien in a huge map per little ufo. Ufopedia explanations is another problem because we don't have any one left to write about 1000 entries. For the difficult, you should watch some videos about tactics. The mod is hard. You can play at easy, which is hard too so don't worry.
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