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  1. Because it's cool and fun.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBP52dLpeno
  2. After our many tries, I experienced that having special slot for a non soldier unit is much better. So you can bring everything without losing anything. We got same ai problem at x1 too. Enemy was ignoring the vehicles. So this makes vehicles op because enemy ai act like they don't existed. So xce made some magic and we handled this ai. So problem is ai. If they attack to those vehicles like soldiers, you can't do those things. Before nerfing the Mars, the ai should be fixed and tests should be done after that.
  3. We will have NVIDIA RTS support at least for x2, so it's enough for me. Hehehhee.. Shhhttt..
  4. drages


    As the devs know hwo important nodding for everyone and they code it with this mind set, I don't have any doubt about it.
  5. The problem about having it like a combat shield, 1. It would be more logical as an armor part you wear rather then something you hold. So you can't use 2 handed weapon and it's not so game friendly for its purpose. Not only for player but for enemies too. For that reason, this mechanic should be taken as something more then combat shield variant. 2. At x1 combat shields got a global defensive angle. Like only front and some sides. But at energy shield, field, aura whatever you call, should protect whole body. As I said it's very nice gimmic for Sci fi atmosphere and it's very nice to hear that we got it at air combat.
  6. Hey Chris. Do you have any plan to add shiny enery shields for ground and air combat? Shields with some abilities like absorbing % of ***** damage type from its health. Like 100 hp shield which absorbs %80 of the laser so 8 dmg to shield and 2 damage to unit. It can be a mod to armor or special item like Xcom apocalypse. Please consider this. It would be very logical for weak aliens like caesans to defend themselves.
  7. drages

    Why do we need vehicles?

    I said i will mod it already as i did my old mod for x-1. Main game does or can't have them already. I am curious about the enemies in the main game anyway.
  8. drages

    Why do we need vehicles?

    I still want to see mechs and robo-animals at androns, xenomorphs for caesans and some big dinos for sebs :)..
  9. It's great idea! To let dead things at our side, can bring much more ideas too.. as modding at least.
  10. drages

    Research mechanics

    As someone who created 1000+ research for X-Division mod, i tried to do it but then i saw that, it's not so wise to force ppl to play more then one just to see everything. The research possibility could be random.. like a commander enemy could give you an important research my bigger chance then a private. BUT the research should be there if you search all that enemies.. so sooner or later.. I like random research.. I like the original x-coms repeatable researches which gives you different thing everytime. It should be in the code for modding at least. It's boring to have what to get at 2. gameplay after you know it from your first experience.. this is a good replayability.. but locking something for entire game is a big no and not fun. This is not a game which you will finish in 1 hour like a rogue like.. As i read PP forums, their research idea is not so loved as you just can't have your own research division and don't have any special tree. So you only can get from other factions or enemies. I think it's week too.. good idea but should not be used alone. As content, yeah if you got not enough numbers, you just go for simple way. But still some special things which won't change the gameplay (as something OP), could be used as i said.. Like one or two special weapon/armor/bullet types per research branch.. a shotgun type laser, a sniper plasma, an EMP bullet.. something you can get from repeatable research lines with a chance. Example: Caesan Engineer interrogation: repeatable: a shotgun type laser %20, a sniper plasma %10, an EMP bullet %5, ufo types and none. After everything researched, stop repeat and do not show again.
  11. This is an original X-Com clone.. a clone should be same at core and got improvements here and there with nice additions. There are people out there who wants to play an original xcom game. So this is it. There are many franchises which failed so bad because they changed their core at next installments. To be honest, if the engine was good, we won't even need this. Because X-1 got everything and beyond for people who wants xcom experience. Yeah, it was weak as core game but mods and XCE project handled that so good even against that broken engine. If the engine was good, Goldhawk would make many improvements and expansions already. So for that reason, we needed a remake of X-1 with all the experience and solid ground. A "working" game got always a chance to improve. Working means here to have bug free core elements, like proper shooting, proper AI, proper cover.. Chris made the right choice here. I am happy with that. I hope he can make a very solid, bug free core game. With the mod support, there is no chance to fail. To be honest, i got huge hopes about Phoenix Point but that game got a long way content, game play and bug wise.. i am so happy that, they started with Epic, so in my mind, the game is still in development and they got time about 1 year before they come to steam.. probably much more polished and with needed expansion/DLC's.. So for short, it's a remake of X-1 which is needed and waited for a loooong time. I will wait more if needed. Chris is our only chance to have a proper modern X-Com.. If a solid ground combat needs time, he can have my years..
  12. drages

    Why do we need vehicles?

    I got the models and i animated by myself, someone else coded to game as that spritesheet. But i was using a different animation program which won't support any game engines. I will see what we can do after the game released. Edit: If the modding support or you as devs can help, i am ready to hire some 3D modeler/animators to create extra enemies to put into game. There are some great examples which the devs supports the modders when they need to pass the modding limits or just need help. Because %95 of modders cares to add stuff to players side, enemy side is always the real deal. I can't imagine a game named Xenonauts without alien/xenomorphs creatures as enemies :).
  13. drages

    Why do we need vehicles?

    Sadly i won't able to put new creatures like x1 as all system goes to 3D from 2D..
  14. drages

    Why do we need vehicles?

    I want bigger units not to have over powered vehicles but to have overpowered fearsome boss style enemies.. I want to fight against andron mechs.. big space dinos at sebilians and alien queen style creatures at caesans. Make them every possible prop (houses, trees, vehicles..) crushable. So the only problem at pathfinding would be terrain. I want to feel the fear.. i felt it at terror from the deep.. i am still waiting a game to feel that. Even a ultra cool 1x1 alien unit would not make you fear if it does not have a cheaty mechanic (reaper like).. so as the enemy gets bigger, the thread lvl rises at players heart.. Even we would not have it at core game, it should be a DLC which is just over bigger units and aliens like xcom 2 special bossy unit dlc.. thx!
  15. Nice to hear to have the real time x1 style. I just want to have different hangar types for possible bigger planes and bigger spaceship types. I would like to fight against ufo battleship with my big ship not just little planes. Modable weapon slots would be great. To be honest, xcom 3 got great and simple plane inventory. It could be used very easily. So energy shields and invisibility would be cool. Tbh game should have power shields for both air and ground like xcom 3 did. Air game should be simple and mostly about stats rather then reflexes. But creating your plane with all the things, armor, weapons, engines, special stuff and having pilots would be nice addition to the strategic theme. Don't simplify that part or at least make it Modable so ppl can have choice.
  16. Hey people! I want to talk about weapon firing types (single, aimed, auto...) and how to make them realistic and more fun.. At X-Com type games, we got standard firing methods.. single, aimed and auto. Some weapons do not have all the options. It was nice for a while but now we got more options which can bring more action to the warzone. I wanted to add this to the open-xcom because X-1 did not allow me to mod so deeper. But i could not finish it at Open_Xcom because the balancing is very hard.Again but Phoenix Point will make it. We need to create more firing types and leave some old ones.. Let me discuss this per weapon type: Pistol: Pistols are ultra weak at every xcom game.. there is always much better option.. Why? At reality, many special forces are still using pistols but at games we could not simulate this.. we always bring bigger guns.. John Wick kills mostly with pistol.. So pistols are very fast weapons which easy to aim at short distances. We give single and aimed shot to the pistols and player should fire many times with very low acc. The result is, no more pistols, give me my rifle.. At gun fights, you mostly never go for single shot if you can't aim well because of being under fire. So single shot for pistol is meaningless. There should be something like autofire for pistols with good suppression at shot range. This shot could have a bad aiming but the reason to use it to create a suppression fire at short distances like inside a room. Aimed shot should have a very very good acc bonus at close range which you should miss very rare. Even if we need to go far, we need to have a "critical hit" mechanic with range included. So aimed pistol shot should have great aim and great critical chance but it should have bigger TU then we use. As TU usage, i say make auto and aimed nearly same TU (aimed could be a bit less as single shot). A player should able to fire 2 auto or 3 aimed pistol shot with full TU. Rifle: Our standard weapon at this genre.. everyone wants a rifle.. you can use at any situation. Short range, mid range.. as the playground is not so huge, it's the best weapon.. but it's not right. We got single shot with rifle.. i don' like that.. if you fire your rifle under fire, you use short bursts. So you use autofire as single shot at RL. For that reason, i don't like to have single shot at rifles. I think we need an auto shot and burst shot for rifles. Auto will fire 3 bullet and burst will go for 7 to 10.. so the auto will have a average aim and burst will have very bad aim with suppression. Aimed shot should not be for every "rifle".. you can make a special rifle type with only auto and aimed as it has a scope and you dont use it for burst. Rifle should have penalty at short ranges.. not so huge but it should be there.. so the player will need to take their pistol when he opened a door and saw an alien next to him. Or he will bring shotguns for those close encounters. Rifleman should be someone for support fire at a short distance.. Big guns: LMG.. so you will ask me about this when you read the rifle and how i give supp to it already. Suppression should be very important point for the battle. For us and for aliens. Alien AI should able to handle supp damage very well. Some of the AI should fire at you just to make supp and others should go for kill.. So LMG should have 2 burst type for sure.. like rifle.. An auto shot with 5-6 bullet and full burst with crazy supp. LMG should be used against armored bigger opponents. They need to destroy walls and covers.. LMG carrier soldier should take aim penalty if he moves that turn. If you are not Arnold, you just can't run and shoot someone with LMG's.. Sniper: One of the coolest weapon we just can't use good enough at standard xcom games because the play ground is so messy to put someone somewhere long range and use it to shoot aliens at close areas. Sniper rifles should have special aimed shots. They need to ignore covers somehow.. So they should able to hit very heavy on an alien under a window. Even a full cover would have some weakness as the alien will try to look. So when they pop their head, sniper will hit it. We need to simulate this. Those ideas need some game mechanics to use. I hope we can have some of it to able to give special tasks to every weapon. Thx!
  17. drages

    V6.3 Balance Thread

    Please do not limit the firing at the game. Let ppl fire more at a turn.. both us and aliens. Nobody will want a weapon which he can fire time to time.. nobody would wait for it.. Nothing will be charged in thin air. Laser weapon will recharge.. where? How? With what?.. I am a navy officer and if they bring a weapon to me which i need to charge at battlefield, i would kick that engineer. I need to fire something as much as i can in a shortest time period. The battle won't take days.. so i will fight for 1-2 hours and i will bring a weapon which needs to wait to fire.. come on guys... The battery system is the most logical one. Don't try to change it to make it something different.. it's the right way.. but the weapon mechanic could change.. like the weapon will be more powerful as you use more charges and time. A laser rifle could be used as sniper rifle with more range and damage if you give "3" charge and half TU.. if you go single fire, just use one charge.. Maybe you want a powerful burst.. then give 10 charge for a full TU 5 fire autoshot... This could be used for all energy type weapons. Very logical.. very fun to use.. so with less weapon type, you can have multi-option guns. A pistol, a rifle and a heavy laser could give you at least 5-6 type of weapon.. it will need different game mechanic and maybe some UI changes too..
  18. The main idea here is which stats do we need to use in this game at all? I think we should not use strength, dexterity, constitution like stats.. we need special soldier stats lie accuracy, throwing, bravery, speed.. And you can train yourself for all those things at a military base. You don't learn to fight at battle ground, you already get trained and use it battle. You can add something creative related to bravery or battle experience. So a soldier with more bravery and battle experience can use their soldier stats much better. I mean you can be a sharp shooter at shooting range but can panic and even cannot pull the trigger at battlefield. Reaction could be trained at battlefield too but there is many training for reaction too because its more important then most things to survive. HP training is useless because HP is useless.. A plasma pistol can melt you anyway even you are Arnold.. so i like the solid HP with solid HP armor and solid HP shields.. so after everything is done, you will probably die or badly wounded against an alien weapon. So having 60 HP and 70 HP should not bother you at planning the game.. As a result: If you ask me, just get battle experience from battle and let it give you some ranks. Rookie, veteran, elite, super, mega vs... and this ranks will give you bravery and let you use % of your other stats.. Example: You got 100 perception, 80 agility, 60 reaction, 30 bravery and you are a rookie, so you will able to use %50 of it, so it will be like 50 perception, 40 agi, 30 reaction and 30 bravery. If you become veteran, you will able to use %80 of your skills and will have +10 bravery. For strength.. just don't use it.. every soldier can carry many things as at least 2 weapons same time.. for big weapons like miniguns, just add some creative limitations rather then muscle stat..
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    Dog's can have good number of updates. They can have armors. They can have senses to detect enemies. Dogs can have special attacks to disarm or stop enemy movements by catching them. There are many reasons that armed forces uses dogs rather then mars shivs.. you can have even have cyborg dogs at late game with same weapons. With the same movement sets, you can have strange dog shaped aliens too. Dog animation sets would be very simple too.. run-attack-death maybe stun and another attack.. so 4-5 animation sets would not break any animator. As we talk about it earlier, modders can create many creative things from them.. And shiv's are not cool.. you probably get a soldier rather then a shiv with gun.. a rookie soldier could be used as a cannon fodder as a shiv but he got a chance to survive and become more skilled one at least.. but shivs are... just shivs.. i would like to have drones with cool abilities like xcom and some bigger one as a manned walking armor, or something more cooler scy-fi thing.. but not a shiv with a normal rifle on it.. adog makes tons of much more sense..
  20. Yep, we need cool xenonauts if we need to stop alien invasion with some guys.. I think if he was an xenonauts, all those enemies would survive at the end anyway :)..
  21. Hi Ppl.. I started for X-Division 0.99. This will be the last version and after this released and bugs/balance handled i will fire it to the mod sites as 1.00.. Please tell me your ideas.. what should we need more? The topics at my mind are: - How to make the terror and base defence missions more exited? What should be their periods? Difficulty? My solution is to giving special units with special gear even with possible new manufacture material for unique techs. The period is in my mind about per 3 week or monthly. Same to base defence but there is problem that it can be happen to any base.. - Less xenonauts weapons but more useful. As i noticed from the feedbacks, i cant make use of some weapon types like heavy pistols. There is reasons because not working game aspects (TU damage which lowers enemy TU at next turn). So i will bring the "update" idea of weapons. You will update your own weapons to their Armour penetration versions. - Planned longer game play X-Division is long but the geosphere progress is not planned by me. Its a slower dynamic ufo spawns from Kabill. I will make this a planned timeline. Rather then having 3 phase of ufo spawning, every ufo will spawn after a period, very ufo will open new things. With this i will control the terror and base defence missions.. they are so rare now as you know. - Totally Replaced Air Fights Missile/Torpedo based fights rather then head to head cannon spawns. Anti-rockets weapons and decoys will be in play. I dont count special huge one shot cannons and independence day style suicide runs.. I dont count all other touches.. here is "i got an idea" place. Tell me ideas, experiences, what should stay, what should change..
  22. Hey.. I read that Chris got some issues about the idea with moduler weapon designs.. I just want to share my ideas about this. People like to create something from parts always.. so i don't think any people would have a problem to design 5-10 weapon for their team at all.. there are many people who gives hours to just changing the look of their soldiers items.. The best modular weapon designs at xcom games are at After***** ones.. I always loved to find better modules for my weapons. So modules and weapon tiers should be different things as their research trees.. For example optics should be something with it's own class.. we need to get better optics in time for different kind of weapons like for snipers, rifles, pistols.. and any optic should be usefull for every weapon tiers.. Other modules could have 2 classes, for kinetics and for energy weapons. So kinetic weapon modules can help for better weapon handling and laser weapon modules can give more power to it.. So the player could choose to go for totally new weapons or try to go for modules to make their weapons better.. or he/she can do it with the order as he wants.. I would like to see that modules can give different effects and abilities to weapons too.. Like autofire with more bullets, adding special damages, adding more AP, adding grenade launchers..
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    Xenonauts-2 September Update!

    New aliens?? I did not expect that one.. i would like to see all concept arts of others!
  24. As I don't remember anymore the exact numbers but a magazine must have exact number of rounds for any shot. I mean there should be not bullets for 2.5 burst shots, it should be 2 or 3. It should be 3 for that weapon probably.
  25. As i read the reviews, it's not well with LOS and bullet passing walls problems.. heh like Xe-1 at first days.. and the combat is very very hard.. you just need to be under cover and as people says, it's not well too..