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  1. gimli

    Xenonauts-2 April Update

    Really sorry about your loss. Thanks for the update despite that.
  2. gimli

    Xenonauts-2 UI/UX Feedback Thread

    Hi. I am quite an experienced Xcom player but probably silly of me.. I found it really hard to understand where is the action points and hit points.. So my eyes tells me it's on right bottom but I mixed the action points and hit points quite a lot! I also found it hard to reserve action points for a reaction shot.. Again might be silly of me but it's double clicking on shot type right? Since game is 3D now, I thought I could rotate the view in any degree, was a bit surprised to see I can rotate only 90 degree angles.. Sometimes the things that are happening right in front my soldiers i.e. some alien popping up and getting shot at was not shown, oddly it was hidden movement.. Some aliens who are on watch, kept staring at same direction whether my soldiers are attacking from flanks, creeping to point blank range in their rear... They did not hear it... But other than above, a great update from X1 , I immediately found it refreshing and it felt good. The UI is clean and modern looking.
  3. Hi, immediately downloaded the demo. I am long time fan from X1 and from 90's Xcom games. Also I am not a beta tester don't know why. So it was fun for me to have a test of X2, will definitely buy the game whenever ready. It crashed for me at the last alien or so don't know why. I will report the bug but so far in line with my expectations. Thanks for the effort so far!
  4. I am definitely attached to my squad. I too name them after my friends and family. Sometimes I just name cannon fodders after the people I despise and I sent them to their death in dangerous missions :) But yes, I am definitely more into role playing part of the game. I would like to see my crew growing with every battle. Getting battle scars, getting for example anxiety of aliens if they are surrounded by them in a mission. Or get a tough soldier trait like 'lone survivor' if only they made it to the end. This RPG part of the game would make me immensely happy.
  5. gimli

    Xenonauts 2: Game Setting

    I am definitely enthralled by the storyline! A long forgotten force who only has a pilot-less plane but risen the only hope of humanity! Ah, can't wait to have you Xenonauts2 ! As a sci-fi fan I can say very good piece of work Chris!
  6. gimli

    Maximum resolution?

    Thanks for the reply. The problem was starting from the launch menu every text was minuscule. It was unreadable and this includes base screen, city names on the map. The screen tabs on on the top was very small as well. I mean one might argue why do I want to play a strategy game on a TV but this I really like. For example Crusader Kings II had this problem too but later they fixed it, apart from the launch menu in game graphic-text was perfectly well.
  7. Hi all, Chris. Big fan of the game but I need to ask a question. When I started to use my Samsung 7 series TV 43" as my primary monitor I had a hard time running Xenonauts 1. It did not work properly on 3840x2460 resolution. That is why I want to confirm that Xenonauts will be playable at this high resolution. Thanks for your answer in advance.
  8. Hi. Huge fan of Xenonauts 1 , and in that essence Air Combat too. God, I watched almost 4 hours of Youtube videos just to master at it and obviously find it as mandatory part of the fun & strategy & what this game is all about. And I am offended when you define those beautiful moments 'mini - game' though , it is 'the' game. I would like to build my air coverage strategy according to the fleet I have. I would like to train my pilots according to this strategy, watch them improve themselves from the battles they fought or find their place in hall of fame as fallen heroes just like a Xenonaut ; they are important part of this force against the aliens. Actually the first to face Alien Terror out in the sky when we are most vulnerable , when we thought Elon Musk and earth made Starships would skyrocket not those damned aliens who are polluting our skies with their own god-knows-how poisonous jet fuel! :-) So I would lay out my opinions to support this important piece of game and pray for the Chris and others members of this community to hear me out Hiring, improving pilots and having them stats like soldiers are a great idea. I would propose the same as the guy up there with 2 pilots per aircraft. One pilot and one shooter. Obviously if the pilot dies second pilot can take over but can not shoot. And yes in case of a plane shot down we should be able to save them if they parachuted out. The pilots who survived can be playable in the ground mission too with pistols of course , mostly trying to run or hide from enemy. Piloting : Main skill, increases with flight hours, must have for maneuver incoming shots from enemy Shooting : The guy with a hand on the gun controls, increases over using the red button and jumps up with fallen enemies Stamina : Determines the cool down period between flights , increases over time spend in the base Building and maintaining aircraft is always nice. Like Silent Hunter 5, where you ship can have a limit on stat but tweaks with your top skilled pilots. Even your guns and engine can benefit from those top guns increasing chance of hit or afterburner . Pilots can have traits like 'night flier' who is skilled in night missions, 'cloud master' who gets bonus on maneuver stat in the clouds Chris mentioned and shooter and get bonus while shooting from clouds, 'sea gull' who gets bonus over the ocean flights or 'bomber' who gets bonus for firing heavy torpedoes. They are got over experience in missions of course. We can buy or produce stuff for pilots that increases their efficiency in missions. For example 'night goggles' for night mission efficiency or 'enhanced war computer' for more accurate shots or 'flight computers' for better maneuverability . I was in love with those mod I can not recall now but we had AWACS for radar coverage over area that we do not have a base. We can send our pilots to those missions and they gain stamina! We can send bombers to alien bases to reduce efficiency and pilots gain shooting experience. Later armed drones comes into play and the need for pilots reduces , they can take out small alien ships. For engagements I am pretty OK with Xenonauts 1 real time play, but can be improved by Chris's idea to enlarge or dynamic battle field according to the behavior of enemy ship. If it turns and runs away we can burn afterburners and chase and shoot it till they face annihilation! If they face us we allow our planes to split and someone tries to tail him while the other changes direction etc. You know the drill! It's totally ok to pause and redraw lines and unpause by me. We can have this button here to 'parachute out' the pilots to save them from inevitable incoming missile. The other options like 'tail them until over land' or pre battle layout like 'split before facing them' I think are always nice for a group of fighters. I even would put 'escort' chopper option and troops until crash site to protect them from incoming enemy ships. I strongly suggest putting tanker planes to assist our small range initial fighters to catch the enemy on the other side of the continent. As you might have noticed I am in love with that air side of the game and beg you please wait a couple of months before making it worth 'cos I can surely wait and pay more with these options Thank you for taking the time to read if you have done already! Best
  9. Hi all. I would really love to see 3 random characteristics of 'sensible / disoriented / gutty' in NPC's. Sensible : Always go and hide in the small rooms (like in the movies where janitors keep their stuff and see passing aliens from the door gaps) . Whenever they see Xcom agents they go near chopper and wait there Disoriented : Turned frenzy from ongoing shots and view of aliens running like crazy , running like headless chickens Gutty : Went on alien hunt with shotguns or small arms The military personel might be gutty kind until they are overwhelmed .
  10. gimli

    xcom music for xenonauts

    Well it really felt comfortable instead of "Shining" vanilla game music! Thank you!
  11. Hello, thank you for this spectacular mode. Can you please upload it somewhere else that people have no access to nexus can download? Thank you.