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  1. But X Division gives you unlimited ammo, and the soldiers seem to be even worse at shooting than the Vanilla game.
  2. But I like how you have to build everything in it, and the tons of weapons and such.
  3. Recently, I got the Xenonauts: Xenophobia mod, and I've noticed that the later tier aliens seem like absolute bullet sponges. Sebillian warriors tanking 4 alenium grenades with barely any damage, wraiths practically ignoring shots from a large bore alenium shotgun, etc. I decided to tinker with the alien's resilience and armor values (along with accuracy for some), but I've found that the game is now too easy. Any recommendations on a good balance between alien's not being bullet sponges while at the same time not being made of glass?
  4. This mod is hardmode. It's just impossible. Sebillian warriors with heavy weapons on the first heavy scout? Insta kill eggs that can shoot multiple people at once?