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    Xenonauts-2 October Update

    Really excited to see Xenonauts 2 turning into more of its own game. I'll be first in line when you release the next playable build.
  2. First time playing since 0.0.4, and I'm pretty happy with how it feeling. Between the edge scrolling and whatever's been done to the aim reticle, the game feels a lot more responsive and natural. I might suggest that the reticle should be fixed in place over the alien, instead of following them as they go through their idle animations. Also, can confirm Dranaks findings. When using the LMG and the game crashed, both when when I killed an alien and (accidentally, see below) iced a friendly. What is the intended mechanic for firing "over" soldiers? Since there is no manual crouch, am I unable to fire over soldiers not in cover? The block percentage UI did not appear for a standing soldier in the adjacent tile, so I assumed he would be safe, but he ate a few rounds from the LMG and crashed the game. Edit: It appears no-one is safe. From some testing, even crouched soldiers can not be safely fired over. I'm also experiencing some problems with corpses. I am unable to move into the tile occupied by the previous sections test subjects. If I click on the tile, I get the soldier UI for the dead guy, and can even give movement orders. The body doesn't actually move, but provided the dead soldier still had TU's left, it can still spin around, and it's still granting me vision.
  3. meerkatking

    Xenonauts 2 - Feedback & Priorities

    First things first, I'm incredibly glad to see this come out, and having played it a few times, I'm excited to keep up with it. I've played an ungodly amount of X1, so this couldn't come soon enough. On my desktop, I'm running windows 10 with an R9 390, i5 4690k, and 16 gigs of ram. On the highest setting, 1080p, it was averaging between 35-45 fps, with no noticeable drops. Certainly playable, but not what one expects. I did get one freeze during the alien turn. I was able to move the cursor and see the cover icons on terrain, but the game was otherwise locked. I'll test the game out on my laptop as soon as I get the chance. I took notes during my first playthrough, so I'll copy them here, and editorialise a bit more later. -very difficult to see the soldier selection circles through tall grass. Could these be layered on top of the terrain? -We're wearing berets. Berets look cool. Uniforms as a whole look better than previous mechanic jumpsuits -WASD controls for the camera are great. Is there no edge scrolling? That would be appreciated -Difficult to see through trees. Could the trees in the foreground fade out for visibility? -Aliens are difficult to see. they need berets too -misses destroy my own cover A LOT -can't click past my movement range. In x1, you could do this and the soldier would run as far as they could along that path -camera transition between soldiers seems slow/unresponsive -animations running at a lower framerate than the game? -can't chose to fire weapons on any space? not necessary in this map, but was great for taking out walls in X1 -machine gun capacity improved. good - can't change aim type by right clicking. cycling soldiers seems to fix -camera zoom would be great. both further in and out. default position seems reasonable -sometimes difficult to tell where terrain height changes, especially hard to see vertical corners As a whole, I think the game looks great. The gully near CT spawn stuck out as a cool feature that wasn't possible in the previous game. As a whole, I think the art direction is a lot more interesting than the previous game, especially the berets, nothing says '70s paramilitary like aviators, a beret, and an FN FAL. Gameplay seemed reasonably balanced. I finished the game with 4 soldiers left, but all deaths were easily forseeable following poor placement. Each kill, human and alien, took at least two shots to accomplish, which seems like a good baseline. The range on the shotgun was probably too low given how much movement costs. It was very rare to move a shotgun trooper and make a kill in the same turn. In X1, a soldier could fire over half cover in the spaces right next to them, but that doesnt seem to be the case in this build. All too often, my machine gunner would pump 5 rounds into the rock he was hiding behind and destroy his own cover. Aliens weren't immune to this either, they destroyed the fences they were covered behind at least twice. Maybe I'm just stupid, but I didn't notice an option to fire a weapon freely. This was a great feature in X1, since it allowed machine gunners to be used to take down cover, or suppress multiple enemies. Hope this gets added back in. I think the camera controls were pretty snappy, but edge scrolling should probably make a comeback. I found it a little frustrating to try and find units through foliage. Something like making the trees on the bottom third of the screen transparent would probably help with this. When tabbing between units, the automatic camera movement felt pretty sluggish. Speeding it up would make it feel snappier and more responsive. As a wishlist item, I noticed that 'scoped' was an aiming option. I would love to see a basic weapon modding system, such that we could add scopes to assault rifles, perhaps at the cost of weight, or negating the short range accuracy bonus. Hope my rambling was at least a little helpful. Thanks for getting this out to us so early, I find it fascinating to see a game in such an early state.
  4. meerkatking

    Xenonauts 2 Easter Update

    For what it's worth, I really liked the digital paintings in the game. 'More graphics' does not necessarily make something prettier.
  5. meerkatking

    [XCE Only] Kabill's Tactical Armouries

    Another thing, the ammo counts for laser, plasma, and predator weapons are wonky. The laser rifle description says 12 shots, but it contains 9 in practice. The descriptions for the Laser carbine and pistol say 6, but they also contain 9 shots. The plasma Rifle will read 6/6 in the loadout screen, but once you load GC, the weapon has 6/9 rounds, and I can reload it to 9/9. Predator weapons like the chaingun and magstorm have half of the capacity stated in the tooltips. Not sure which values you prefer for the predators, but I do find that 50 rounds in a magstorm is enough to last even a long drawn out terror mission on veteran. Not having the ammo reserves to lay down torrents of fire every turn does add an element of resource management that I'm kind of into. I've found myself equipping both a laser and an automatic weapon in most missions for the flexibilty of dealing two types of damage. And stupid question here, is the mag-grenade launcher thing added by this mod or did that come from X:CE? If that is this mod, I got the message from the scientist explaining what it does, but it's nowhere to be seen in the workshop. I haven't researched fusion explosives yet, don't know if thats actually a pre-req for this weapon.
  6. meerkatking

    [XCE Only] Kabill's Tactical Armouries

    Turns out this is how it works for me too, but I never noticed because of where my save was when i tried restarting. It seems the weapons will have zero ammo immediately after being equipped from inventory. When I took a predator with zero ammo out for a spin, it was empty for the mission, but refilled when I came back to base. Switching the weapon between hands kept the weapon full but removing it completely and re-equipping it gave zero ammo again.
  7. meerkatking

    [XCE Only] Kabill's Tactical Armouries

    Hey Kabill, this is a great mod, but I've had run across a pretty frustrating bug in my play through. When I equip predator armor with any predator weapon other than the default autocannon, the ammo count is zero both in the equip screen and in combat. I am running it with X:CE and the only other mods installed are 'fire in the hole' and 'hold the line'. Thanks
  8. meerkatking

    [XCE Only] Kabill's Tactical Armouries

    Hey Kabill, thanks for taking the time to put this mod together. I really appreciate the work you've done, it really shows in the final product. Just one question, do you know if this mod is compatible with mods such as the german or soviet ballistic wepaons pack?
  9. meerkatking

    Thoughts on XCOM 2

    Just wanted to offer my own unsolicited opinion on turn timers. I really like the idea of kicking the player in the pants and getting them moving. I don't really think that a hard and unchangeable timer is the best choice to motivate though. I liked the final mission in xenonauts, in which we were given a window to act, and after which, the game starts pushing back with ever-increasing enemy reinforcements. This is something that XCOM 2 sort of does, but the enemy reinforcements are usually so trivial that it feels half baked. I think that if the drop ships had just kept coming, and delivered fiercer troops, it would have been a more effective, less 'gamey' timer.
  10. meerkatking

    Debating Xenonauts 2

    I'd love to see a Xenonauts 2, and would gladly pay for it, providing it further developed the gameplay. The same game in 3D probably wouldn't be enough for me. Some things I'd like to see for a sequel are: -Changes to the way weapon tiers works. Instead of each tier of weapons and armour simply being a straightforward +1 improvement, I would prefer that they fill slightly different roles. For example, perhaps lasers are better at long range than plasma but lack the armour penetration of plasma and mag weapons. -A starting fixed wing transport. It would be much faster than the helicopter, and maybe a slightly larger capacity. This could balance because your troops would be parachuting out, so they will be randomly scattered across a small portion of the map and may suffer a first turn TU penalty or something similar. -Off map supports. We have these fighter jets, could we call them in for a strafing run every now and again? A soldier could be equipped as a 'radio operator', and every couple turns they could call in an attack, which would then be executed sometime in the next two turns. Another use for escorting fighters could be a recon sweep. they lift the fog of war on a swath of the map for 2 or 3 turns -A way to direct civilians out of danger. They seem to like to hang out in my dropships, but i'd love to be able to tell them where to go when my soldiers are within a few tiles distance. It's frustrating to see them running around a bathroom for 5 turns in a row. -Local reinforcements. In terror missions, local forces already give you sight over the map after 20 turns. I think it would be interesting if they could also parachute in a half dozen 'local force' soldiers for you to command if you meet certain requirements, set up like secondary objectives. For example, if I make it to 10 turns and and have an aforementioned radio operator still alive, he could highlight a 10x10 area that has been cleared of enemies for a landing zone. other requirements could be saving a certain amount of civilians - A proper spherical globe. The 2D projection is fine, but I am not a fan of the distorted distance of the map closer to the poles. Count me excited to see what happens with this. I really enjoyed Xenonauts and would love for you guys to add some depth. There are some great ideas others have had in this thread. Wish you the best of luck
  11. meerkatking

    Update on Future Projects

    Of all the games, and all the studios, I'm most interested in what you guys come up with in the future. Good luck!
  12. the carbines all act like shotguns from the vanilla game. 3 pellets, short range. any way i can edit how many pellets?
  13. great mod, but i prefer the m16 to the ak47 for the rifle. is it possible for me to change that back?