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  1. as i stated earlier i have this bug too
  2. I researched and build Schok Stun EMP Pistol, yet i cant equip it as it doesnt show up in equip screen.
  3. Using 0982 with ce 033. I can reload the Nextgen Heavy Machinegun. 54 TU and ammo (Backpack) present. edit: found out, that it takes 55 TU to reload. This should be changed. My poor guy shouldnt be THAT stupid that he isnt able to reload... or THAT slow neither...
  4. Same here, first mission first turn. CE 0.33 with X-Division 0982/4.
  5. I like the Mod but i would like the option that my aircraft isnt recoverable. Unfortunatly most other mods arent compatible with XNT (Realistic Aircraft Mod for example). Any idea how to change the recovarble Aircraft thing?
  6. so basically the topics title is not correct?
  7. that makes me think i am playing an outdated version but i cant find the actual one which is stated in the topics title...
  8. Im a little confused. The topics title says Xenophobia is at v1.09 and CE 0.26HF with XNT 5.21+hotfixes which should be the codename "Firebat". When i launch the game the launcher says its v1.08 with CE 0.25HF and XNT codename "Die Dreadnought". Is there sth i am missing?
  9. Its ok, just was wondering why this information is under "changes" at first post for information of the mod...
  10. Once aircrafts are destroyed, they are gone or am i missing sth?
  11. reproducible crash: loading goes into ground combat, aliens turn. Locks up after few seconds of alien movement. Very sad as it is ironman, so my game is dead now. Aut.sav Aut.sav
  12. How do you want to get Feedback thats not based on peoples thinking and likings? Thats what Feedback is about if we are not talking about bug tracking.
  13. Fachuggers, Aliens, Queen-Aliens... thats not inspired by the Movie? Didnt I read something in the Xenopedia about an Alien inspiring a movie ? You wanted feedbackm, here it is, so please stop complaining about the way you receive Feedback. Theres no Need to justify yourself for your work, ist fine as you do it. But as a lot of People are playing this you will get a lot of different (positive and negative) Feedback. The fact that i dislike the "Alien-Movie" integation for a big part doesnt mean everyone else sees it the same way...
  14. As you want Feedback, heres my opinion (and that ist negative Feedback lies within the nature of Feedback, so: ist a great mod, i wont Play anything else): - the C4 blast radius is way too big - the flashbang is useless - facehugger range is way too big (compare it to Alien Movies!) - i dislike the bigger Aliens completely as ist not an "Alien The Movie" Game - too much Alien cannons - Gargols not receiving reaction fire (edit) - i am totally annoyed by Aliens Shooting through floors and at angles which my soldiers are prohibitted (100% block) What i like: - the challenge - the weapon Research Progression making me feel that in the beginning im totally shredded while new Research gives me a Chance - the incredible hard air fights - the fact that ground verhicles now make a difference
  15. Im a bit confused about Versions and Hotfixes. The Main Thread has a install instruction saying to install the game, patch it and install the XNT core, done. But if i get it right, after that you will have to apply both Hotfixes, correct? And if so, is there a way to check what Version (with or without hotfix) you are playing with? If not, adding this would be a good idea as well as adding the Kind of Version / checksum to the main thread. Many bugs/ questions seem to be related due to outdated Versions with missing hotfix...