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    Closed Beta Build V18 has now been released on Steam and GOG. Note that this build is only available on our Experimental branch so you'll need to switch over to get this update (instructions on how to do that here). This is a major update to the game that contains six weeks of hard work from the team but be prepared to encounter some serious stability / gameplay issues when you first start playing. We'll try to patch any issues out as quickly as possible (please report any issues on our Bug Reporting sub-forums) but there's been some changes to important code that affects large amounts of the game. We've tested a fair bit but we won't have caught everything. I've made a lot of small changes to the balance so this changelog is not exhaustive! Key Highlights: Strategy Rebalance: the air combat has had a significant balance pass and I've started a proper balance pass on the strategy campaign. This isn't finished and doesn't yet include the tactical combat missions, but it's still a big improvement over V17 and there's a number of new mechanics in the air combat and on the strategy as a result. We'll continue to improve the balance throughout the hotfixes in the next week or two. Air Combat Armour: the Armour mechanics in the air combat have changed so that units now have both Armour HP and Hull HP, and weapons do different amounts of damage against each type. Effectively this means different types of UFO capital ship can be a bit more distinct from one another compared to Xenonauts 1. Multiple Raids: alien Raid combat missions now spawn in groups of three and give different strategic rewards. You can only respond to one of these Raid sites if you have a single dropship, but players who run multiple squads would be able to respond to more. UFO Sections: capturing a crashed UFO now awards you various types of UFO components that must be dismantled in the Workshop to recover the Alenium / Alloys within (you also get some pure Alloys / Alenium too). This gives your engineers plenty to do in the early game and puts a natural cap on the amount of resources you can gather by grinding crash sites. This system replaces the Unrefined Alloys / Depleted Alenium items we were using previously. Stores Overcapacity: if you exceed your base storage capacity the game now prevents you from constructing new items in the workshop or transferring items to other bases until you have sold enough items to make space (this prevents you getting any usable items until you have space for them). Keybinding support: the settings screen now has support for rebinding keys. Jetpacks: there's new unit animations for jetpacks and they now appear on the soldier model. The process of using them in-game is now much more fluid too. New Artwork: there's new art for the vehicle weapons, new 3d models for the Electroshock weapons and various new particle effects (fire / explosions) in the game. Usability Improvements: after seeing a lot of people bouncing off the Steam demo, we added a large number of usability improvements to the tactical combat controls. If you're interested there's a full list in the changelog below. Balance Changes Summary - Quick Summary: Everything has been slowed down. There is longer between each UFO wave, and Research and Engineering projects now take much longer to complete. Base buildings in particular take much longer to build than they did before. I've done a balance pass on the air combat so interceptors of the appropriate tech tier can fight on a level footing with UFOs of the appropriate tier. Damage on interceptors takes much longer to heal in X2 than it does in X1, so an interceptor at full health can take on a more powerful UFO and win - it'll just be badly damaged for several weeks afterwards. This makes the game a bit more forgiving when you don't happen to have precisely the right interceptor / equipment to take on a particular type of UFO. The game is now balanced to assume only ONE interceptor per battle, so it'll be very easy if you send more than one interceptor into battle! In future it'll be balanced for 3 aircraft but that requires some code changes we haven't had time to do for now. Raids now spawn in threes, scattered across the world. Each Raid has a different reward (cash / scientists / engineers) and you generally have to choose just one - but if you get multiple dropships set up, you could concievably handle multiple sites. Not sure if it's worth the trouble but it's certainly an option! Scientists / Engineers no longer have any wage / hire costs. You now start with 10 of each, and three of each are now added to the hire pool each month for free, plus any gained from Raids and from constructing Command Centers on the Geoscape. Unrefined Alloys / Depleted Alenium have been replaced with UFO components (UFO Hull Sections / UFO Circuitry) that provide resources when dismantled in your Workshop, or can just be sold for cash. This system is a bit clunky and need some more balancing but so far it seems like an interesting idea. Gameplay Changes - Strategy: Feature: we've added support for keybindings which can be accessed in the Settings menu. Feature: exceeding your storage capacity now halts production of any engineering items. Feature: the soldier attribute bars on the Soldier Equip screen now correctly show the modified value when units have either stat increases or stat reduction from items or injuries, and the tooltip now gives a list of the things affecting this. Feature: wounded soldiers will now try to automatically assign themselves back to their slot in the dropship once they return to full health. If their slot is full, they will remain unassigned (mostly useful for soldiers who are only wounded for 1-2 days). Feature: funds can now go negative as a result of upkeep. You lose the game if you have negative funds after the monthly meeting for two months in a row. Art: New artwork has been added for most of the vehicle weapons. UI - Geoscape: clicking outside a popup no longer closes that popup. UI - Geoscape: recurring popups (e.g. UFO Detected) no longer remember their position if you drag them to a new location before closing them. UI - Geoscape: the text that appears when your base turrets are trying to shoot down an attacking UFO has been updated to make it easier to understand and more informative. UI - Soldier Equip: the Undersuit dropdown now shows the quantity of each undersuit you have. UI - Soldier Equip: the Undersuits now show tooltips. UI - Engineering: projects now show tooltips that show the stats of the item that will be built. Performance: we've improved the performance of the prerequisite system, which drives pretty much everything on the strategy layer. This means improves Geoscape performance but may also have introduced a lot of crashes! Bugfix: fixed a crash when a base was attacked by aliens and you had wounded soldiers stationed at that base Bugfix: fixed UFOs attacking a Xenonaut base not being detected if they spawn within radar range Gameplay Changes - Air Combat: Armour now works differently for Aircraft and UFOs. Both now have Armour HP and Hull / Normal HP and all damage is first assigned to Armour HP until there is none left and the Hull HP begins to take damage. Weapons have seperate damage values against Armour and against Hull, so weapons like cannons are ineffective against heavily armoured UFOs but very effective against lightly armoured UFOs (and if a UFO has a mix of both types of HP, you can always strip the Armour off with missiles or energy weapons and then close in to destroy the Hull using a cannon). There's a variety of new items in the tech tree, but the weapons fall into one of three categories: cannons, missiles and energy lances. There are also armour items and aircraft reactor items that tie into the power system mentioned below. The framework of a power system has been added but the system is not yet active. I'd encourage you to self-enforce the rules, though - basically the system is that aircraft equipment consumes power and you can't equip an item on an aircraft if it doesn't have enough power for it. Gameplay Changes - Tactical Combat: Feature: lots of work has been done on the jetpacks. There's new models and animations for the jetpack, and the process of using jetpacks has been cleaned up so they just work far better than before. Feature: The spawn logic for the Base Defence missions has been coded now. Most aliens will try to spawn into Hangars if they are present, but will select one or two random rooms to spawn into if no Hangars are present. Particularly sneaky types of aliens will ignore Hangars and will always spawn elsewhere in your base. Usability: there is now a Soldier Finished button to the right of the UI. Clicking this will mark the soldier as "finished" and then select the next valid soldier, and if all soldiers are marked as finished it will automatically end the turn. Finished soldiers have the following effects: Finished soldiers can still be manually selected and can still spend TU as normal Finished soldiers are removed from the Tab soldier cycling Finished soldiers have a slightly greyed out mini-portrait at the top of the screen Usability: when pressing End Turn the game will check if the player has any "forgotten" soldiers - soldiers that are not BOTH at full TU and not finished. If any of these soldiers exist, the game will not end the turn and will instead select them so the player can move them. You can ignore this forgotten soldier check by Ctrl+clicking on the End Turn button. Usability: the selection cursor now makes it more obvious what camera level you have selected, as it has a "box" effect below the current level. Usability: the controls for the game are now shown in the bottom leftof the screen (you will be able to disable these in future updates). Usability: turning when taking a shot no longer costs TU. Usability: the game now briefly focuses the camera on newly spotted enemies during combat. Usability: clicking a weapon fire mode button no longer activates force fire mode, it just means that fire mode will be used when you hover over an alien or press Ctrl to enter Free Fire mode. Usability: weapon fire mode buttons now auto-disable themselves when you don't have enough TU to use them. Usability: shot fire path now turns orange when a shot goes beyond weapon range, and turns red when the shot falls to 0% hit chance. Usability: bleeding wound popup is now more informative, and units taking bleeding damage now display damage numbers and play injury sounds. Usability: Primary / Secondary weapons now show tooltips when you hover over them in the UI. Usability: Stun damage is now shown above the head in yellow numbers. If a unit is stunned, there is a popup explaining what happened. Usability: Corpses / stunned unit items now specifically say "corpse" or "stunned" to make them easier to distinguish Art: added 3d models for the Electroshock Pistol and Electroshock Rifle. Art: the Colossus armour now has a unique set of animations so it feels like a big heavy exosuit. Art: the aliens almost all have new death animations where they better stay inside their tile, which should stop their corpses poking through walls so much. Art: new explosion particles for the plasma explosion, fusion explosion and EMP explosion. Art: new teleport effect. Art: updated blood pools for humans and aliens. Art: fixed the appearance of several objects that I accidentally broke during my updates in V16. SFX: new teleport sound. SFX: some new door sounds. UI: general cleanup of the Hidden Movement system so it pops up less often when not required UI: general cleanup of the camera during the alien turn, so it focuses on the action more effectively and aliens should "teleport" around less when moving. Performance: explosions should be much more performant now. Bugfix: fixed an AI bug where the AI would try to attack your units but then stop because it thought it was in the wrong tile. This should make the AI more effective at killing your soldiers. Bugfix: fixed a bug where miss shots could pass through destroyed floor tiles and disappear off-map (particularly problematic with the grenade launcher). Bugfix: units that are healed from a stunned state using a Medikit are no longer permanently reduced to 0 TU. Bugfix: smoke now dissipates correctly. Bugfix: smoke can no longer spawn inside solid objects or through solid roofs / floors. Bugfix: smoke no visually longer clips through the floor so obviously. Bugfix: MARS / Androns etc can no longer open doors, and now instead crushes both the door and the doorframe as it passes through. Bugfix: Damage numbers for civilians no longer show in the shroud. Bugfix: Mentarch no longer clips through the ceiling or plays human injury / death sounds. Bugfix: Gun Drone and Cyberdrone now visually explode and disappear when destroyed. Bugfix: the little armoured cover "walls" that exist inside UFOs and alien bases no longer block movement on either side of them. Bugfix: fixed a number of 2x2 paving tiles in various biomes that did not properly support destructibility. Bugfix: mechanical units can no longer crouch. Bugfix: units should no longer spawn inside solid objects when starting an Alien Base mission. Bugfix: fix MARS obstruction shading itself green when it took damage. As always, please let us know if you encounter any bugs by posting them up on the Bug Reporting subforums, as we'll release a hotfix if necessary.
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    It seems more correct to call the topic the March update rather than the February update.
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    Oi, Chris, big fan of your work. I hope you do not take my criticism the wrong way, but maybe my experience in game design could be of use to your project. I have a different opinion on Orbitral Bombardment and Alien Missions. Let's start with missions. Premise of Terror mission is a punisment for failing to contain big alien transport, since it's the same as fighting that same force in the crash, but they lost no manpower, and I have to babysit civvies. It's not really that differen, it's just harder. If you are just going to punsih me with horrible, slow and dangerous mission like that, with no way to prevent it, what is the point of my airforce? I might as well let the alien land. IMHO, if you want the missions to spawn without the alien ship landing, maybe have us fight the traitors, agents of the aliens, or use the cool idea of drop-pods from above. You could balance it pretty easily, just make the missions that you cannot stop easier, but with higher panic compared to the ship mission of the same size, while the ship missions are a lot harder, but preventable. In the middle, as always, is the alien crash, since, with some of the aliens dead, it's in-between the two in numbers of enemies, but the stakes are lot lower. Or is airforce just there to stop the bombers? But, I can't even stop that, since, point two.. Orbital Bombardment. Where to start with this one? Well, let's just start story-wise. Ok, so the aliens have a massive bombing platform, and are offering everyone who surrenders not to shoot them. So..why are aliens even using regular ships? To give humans something to steal and reverse-engineer? They could just shoot at the Earth for a few months and win that way. Yes, in the end they have to land on Earth, but would China really resist after Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong? Or USSR the loss of Moscow, Warsaw, Kiew, Petrograd and Vladivostok? Especially humans did not win any battles, and if they land small teams, they give the chance for humans to gain morale. Gameplay wise, this is a timer that cannot be stopped, or reversed, or even slowed down. So, instead of letting the players play the game their own pace, aka. let them decide, you take the player agency. If you are familiar with the TTRPG genre, this would be something like group of adventures finding the dragon, and instead of DM giving them a fair fight, the dragon just flies up, and collapses the mountain on top of the players. This is how it feels. I'm not playing Xenonauts 1 to have even more deadlines in my life, I play it to have fun and kick ass with my amazing state-of-the-art airforce and military. I like the feeling that I am in control and I have the upper hand in the conflict as a reward for all the missions I won, and good decisions I made. But it sounds like the X2 wil be another losing until the final victory scenario, which I am personally not fond of.
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    WolfPrrist95, exactly. That´s why all Games limit the Soldiers in Battle in all Games of that Gerne. The Old X-Com Row about 15 Soldiers incl. Vehicles as well as UFO ET are about 15 incl. Vehicle with the biggest Transport too. If I have that correctly in Mind. The UFO-After-Series are limited too, but I can´t remember on what Numbers (6 to 8 Soldiers if I remember there correctly too). That Number of Soldiers have the new XCOM-Row and Phoenix Point too to make the Game playable and not stutterable. You mentiend the slow down of the Game with to many People in the Battle Maps / Strategy Parts. Pery Rohdan is such a Game with to many Things in it as best example. I had a Friend which played it. He could make only 3 Turns per Day on Weekend and 1 Round per Day under the Week. If you don´t get in Limitations then you have very big Problems. Either the Devs get in there hardcoded Limiters (like in UFO ET, old X-Com, UFO After-Series, Command & Conquer-Series and other Games ) or they give you Modding Options where Modders have to limit the useable Numbers of Soldiers, Devisions or whatever (like in Stellaris, Hearts of Iron and other similar Games). You see that Limiters for Soldiers, Vehicles and such are a must have to make an Game playable, esp. on lower Systems. There the Devs are fully correct with the Money, Ressources and Personal- as well as other Limiters.
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    Hello guys, just to say thank you every one for your work or your play testing, because it's the game that i wait most. I come every now and then to see the updates, and i am really happy to finally see i will be able to play the game. What a thing you managed to do with the first game is amazing.. Thanks all.
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    The reason why accurate data in a game is very important is because it's the only reliable way to know how a game works. In real life you don't need 100% accurate data because the world operates according to various scientific laws that you can use to predict the outcome of a battlefield event - e.g. if you fire a rifle and a bullet falls short of a target, you don't need any accurate computer data to know that you need to aim a bit higher with your next shot (or get closer). The laws of physics apply on the battlefield just as they do in real life. That's not the case in video games because you don't know how far the developers have gone to model reality. If the bullet falls short twice in a row, it could be because the developers have accurately modeled weapon range and bullet drop, so the next shot needs to be taken from closer in. It might be because you got unlucky with the RNG, so you should stay where you are and keep shooting. It might be because one of the intervening cover objects is massively reducing your chance-to-hit, so you need to move a few squares laterally to shoot around it. It might be because there's some kind of bug in the game and there's literally no way you'll ever be able to hit that shot. As a player, I definitely want to know which of those it is - particularly if it's an unforgiving strategy game that sets out to punish me for planning badly.