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    @Comte Pseudonyme I like your idea of making the alien behavior more distinct. I also think there’s another way to create new aliens while still technically still the same species of aliens, that is having alien ranks being not only a separation of gear and weapons but also genetic implants: For instance, a generic Sebilian is just another combat platform to the Praetors, and as the creatures rise in rank, they will be given different genetic manipulation to make them more and more varied based on different species of reptiles: >lieutenants can spit poison like cobras and have more snake-like, more slender body with head flare and fangs >captains can have shell plates that act like riot shield with a stockier body, with beaked head like a turtle >commanders having an extra melee attack with a jaw like a crocodile and tipped with alien alloy augmented teeth as well as all other abilities of their lower rank counterparts While the Caesans can be manipulated for their role as fodders, pilots and low level psy troopers: > Caesan pilots due to the need of controlling motherships during long space transits have completely degenerated legs with their fingers sub dividing into arms. Being able to wield heavy weapons like rocket launchers on their anti-grav supports >Caesan Hivers have themselves fully made for being thrown into the meat grinder of war. They have their psy ability modified to have multiple bodies sharing the same mind. Which means they’re a hive mind squad that acts like the soldiers in FEAR. >Caesan psyker have their bulbous head crackling with a power field that weaken enemies around them and suck away morale every turn. They’re protected by a layer of power armor. Things like this will show the alien being nothing other than tools for the alien overlords and a grim glimpse of humanity’s fate if we bow down to the praetor. Even a more upgraded Reaper is possible. Where their head and brain is completely replaced by a scouting drone, giving them the ability to wield multiple weapons at the same time, something like Endless Space 2’s Cravers. When the body is too heavily damaged, the scouting drone can detach from the body and attack as the creature’s second phase. More aliens would be really nice, but I think we could top other games in the same genre by having more non-humanoid aliens. Something sorely lacking in these kinds of games. But if Goldhawk is lacking in time this is the next best bet.
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    Sure, clichés are effective and have purpose, you're right. Edit : And I can understand that we consider things differently, what is cliché for me might not be for you. Matter of taste and consumed mediums I suppose.
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    I really feel like the eye thing has been done over and over in other games (hell, even in D&D : it's an old trope), and the game already have flying units. That being said, the idea of a psi-mind-bridge is realy, really nice. In fact, expending on the behavior between aliens and how they work together could be the way to go to make them feel more 'alien' (whatever that means) or distinct at least, without having to make more art. Maybe it's because I do not play the latest builds (or haven't played enough : what I am saying is that I could be mistaken) but the aliens do not feel that different. The andron are cold and stupid "I have to kill machines", without care for cover or friendly fire. Because of that, they are the more distinct I think, not because they affect you in a new way, but because they affect the other aliens. So yeah, sure, compared to the caesans, the sebillians seem to be way more aggressive to the point that they seem crazy at times. The little caesans are sneaky flanking guys. There is the glowing in the dark dudes and the terryfing I eat your face in one go spider. They all have their quirks, but I'm not sure what they do impact what the others are doing that much. It's more a "nice detail thing" as far as tactics are concerned than a game changer. On that subject, killing the officers could have an effect beside ending mind war. As an example, some soldiers would just freak out and run for a bit, or some would just panic where they are. A kind of reverse mind war, if you will. Depending on the settings of each alien, it could give some very weird results. It would be nice to have some aliens freaking out being even worse than the mind war. Imagine an alien that officers have to micromanage, or else it just starts eating everything with way more TU that is reasonable. It would be a terrifying foe and a potential hasard for the aliens, thus, an objective, a tool for you to use, just as the andron or tanks could be both bombs you can use and very dangerous threats. Another idea would be to have the zombie making spider stop on the cadaver of fallen comrades (or Xenonauts) and eat them in order to heal. That way, they are not just brainded screeching creatures, but really predators barely domesticated that the aliens somewhat control in order to maintain order and punish in their ranks, as well as eating your face off. Without officers, sebilians could throw caesans or the weaker sebelians in front. That kind of thing would make the aliens "society" really oppressive and brutal, it could tickle the player curiosity and reading Dr. Arrogant Smart could shed some nice light on this. So yeah, having more cool aliens is nice, but making sure that the aliens have more to them would also be nice. (That being said, having alien tanks, mutating alien things, alien beastmasters of some kind, or hell, even alien eyes of floating brain-plants would be really nice, but in so far as it's not just a new asset with new stats and slightly different behaviour.)
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    If possible we show you pictures from the new Version and the refit / rework as well as other improvements which have been done after Beta 14 is stable as possible.
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    We seriously need a way to roll the grenade when used indoor. That way not only would the the game not needed to caculate throwing arc but it would also prevent hilarious bugs where the grenade just drop on your soldiers feet and explode.
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    This is a really good point. I think the strategic layer of the first game had its faults in that it offered to little options in playing and because of that railroad many players who are not really fond of the dogfights into a dead end. I think their could be some good foundation for fixes already established in X2. For instance the ability to build non base structures. This can offer huge possibilities for players that hates the air combat by simply replcace air coverage with static missile bases that can be upgraded with more advanced weapons and defenses as time go on and relations with the regional faction improves (ie having soviet or Nato troops garrisoning or energy shiels to negate bombardment entirely). The biggest difference will be that the placement of these structures will not change at all and is bought from a friendly region. The air defense with static structures will then force the aliens to concentrate on attacking to missile platforms by landing troops and capture them which in turn will make the game more focused on ground combat. If you dislike such a thing then the structures can serve as debuffing for the alien vessel fighting above their zone of influence while buffing your own aircraft by showing the UFOs stats and health. Even the secret agent mechanics at first teased by early versions of X2 can be further expanded as a gate way for special factional missions (assassination, protection, kidnaping VIPs; foiling alien deals; wiping out gangs smuggling of alien tech; sabotaging Nato/Soviet efforts to gain relations with their opponent or increase your control in the two factions,...). Or something as simple as adding another level of complexity in interogating alien prisoners which always disapointed me in the first game where redundant captured aliens were just unceremoniously put to death rather than used as moles, snitches,... Ah but this is on the context of the setting comes in to play. The aliens pretty much have full space superiority and has used it to wipe out most of the two main super power's military with their orbital bombarments and any further mobilization is still crippled due to power play and paranoia of the cold war. Xenonauts was stuck in the middle of this and only proved their effectiveness at the first stage of the invasion but still looked at with suspicion by the two major benefactors. The aliens clearly don't want complete annihilation of Earth because they would have done so from the start, so maybe they only want to colonize Earth and subjugate the native populance the same way major British corporations started the colonization of India. Which mean the actual funding of Xenonauts is kept secret from the rest of world and the invaders. Which means any actions of the Xenonauts is disavowed by both powers. That's my take on the event anyway.
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    Glad you see it our way. Welcome to the Church of the Holy X-Division, young acolyte!
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    Oh belive us hard working Betatesters. Surprises and many Type of variable Missions you will get enough. Not only like in the predecessor shoot down UFOs and getting Artifacts to research as well as Terror Missions. There will be Missions like save him / her (politican, Soldier and so on), investigate an unkonown location, arrest an interrogate an human Traitor (Mind Controled or Voluntary) and so on to the normal Missions you have (big Terror, light Terror, UFO Crashsites, landed UFO´s, Alien Base and Defend your light to medium build up R&D and Soldier-Bases as well as the fully Main Base). Then you have surprisses in the Ground Missions if you are to slow after doing some special things as well as in the Geoscape (which are announced in an other Dev Diray some time before). Like said your Ressources are very very limited against the Predecessor so you have to decide wisely for what you use them. Build up better Weapons, Armor or the Tank / Airforce first after the Standard Upgrades for existing things are done at the beginning? And more surprises for the R & D-System as well as for your Bases comes too. It´s more then a refit from the Predecessor. Everything the Devs couldn´t bring in in Xenonauts 1 is now in Xenonauts 2 as well as more Ideas and not finished thingkings from competitors. If we can show the Public some Vids with the frist new Impressions then you all know what we hard Working Betatesters and the Devs mean. That means too, the Game need more Time of Development, because many more or less working things have to be reworked / refited and upgraded, like the fully Maps and the Mars / Fighters and UFO´s for example.
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    Hello all, I don't often write on the boards, but I stop by every now and again to check up on progress. I played the original Xcom when it first came out, as i suspect many others have. I played the other versions and incarnates as they showed up over the years. The Firaxis Games versions being the least enjoyable. The OP asked if it was just xenonauts 1 with a new paint job and I feel that so far Goldhawk has done as much as they can to put forth new challenges and implement new capabilities. There are things like the base structure and operations that are reminiscent of xcom 1, xenonauts 1 and so I voted for this style of base building over the a single ant hill style.. like what Firaxis implemented. To me, letting a base assault mission though every now and again to test my troops and defensive capabilities is fun. The first time the orbital Bombardement went off I was impressed and I was started of thinking of ways that Goldhawk was going to have me deal with this new challenge. The new panic geoscape system is another new and exciting aspect of game play. The armor and weapon upgrades so far are i feel like great additions and step fowards in the realm. I don't like to play too much of Beta's and Alphas other than to see how the path is looking at the moment. Right now I'm impressed and glad I was able to help back this game. For me X2 isn't just a X1 with a new paint job it has more meat where it needs it with the same great flavor I've come to know and love.