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    Is it possible to change the settings of friendly units, so that they run closer to the player's soldiers or to the helicopter. It looks very strange when they run straight to the enemy, especially if they are civilians.
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    I was unable to produce a weapon system that could take down the Battleships, so the games seems to have come to an end!!
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    I have been playing 15.3, and I was able to build Plasma weapons, don't know if they work, as I was not able to shoot down any Battleships, to try them out?
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    Yeah, you've just reached a gap in the tech tree there - this build is really about getting the early-to-mid game working properly. Human plasma weapons come later on in the tech tree and they're not unlocked directly by alien plasma weapons - those will probably unlock upgrades for the human laser weapons and potentially also gauss weapons. We'll extend the tech tree a bit more when the V16 builds arrive.
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    Yeah, to be honest you're not really meant to be playing that far into the tech tree. We'll hopefully be replacing the X1 Shrike with an entirely new design for the Pegasus, and I'm still not sure exactly what we'll do with the Valkyrie. You're still right that the Pegasus having 16 soldier carrying capacity is incorrect, though - it should be 12 like you say. I'll change that in the hotfix. Thanks.
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    Hmmm. There's meant to be something set up in the UFO map that stops that from happening, so that's something we'll need to take a look at - hopefully a quick fix though. Thanks for the post and screenshot.
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    I can go trough the abductor ufo walls. Sending you the save file. user_i_can_go_trough_the_walls_of_the_abductor-8.json
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    This is the third hotfix for Beta Build V15 that we released last week - lots of fixes here, plus a rework of the training system so it actually functions properly now. You'll need to be on the Experimental Branch to access the build. We will likely be releasing a fourth hotfix for V15 next week but we're going to slow the pace down a bit now and limit our changes specifically to bugfixes rather than also including gameplay improvements and new content like we have in these three hotfixes. Aside from an issue with planes flying the wrong way near the edge of the map (which will be fixed in the next hotfix), we've fixed all the major bugs in the game that we know about. Things should hopefully be relatively stable and playable now. EDIT - there's actually one specific bug we need help tracking down. Please read the additional details at the bottom of the post to see how you can help! Bugfixes: Fixed an issue where red error text flashes up in the bottom left corner every time the player moved a soldier in the tactical combat. Fixed an issue where teleporters wouldn't work in the tactical combat. Fixed the bug where certain role loadouts would become empty if a soldier with that role died in battle. MARS / ARES is no longer invisible. More heavily armoured versions of the ARES no longer use the placeholder Hyperion asset from X1. Attribute numbers on the Soldier Equip screen now correctly increase as soldiers improve their stats. Strength is now correctly increased by training. The engineering projects that require an Alloy Forge now function correctly when you build one. Shipping containers now correctly block shots entirely (previously they only had a 50% block chance, allowing you to shoot through them). Alenium Reactor now displays the correct image when constructed. Fixed some mis-set text in one of the UFO bombing run geoscape log anomalies. Sebillian Brutes should hopefully now fire their weapons much more often, as they barely fired them at all before. Gameplay Updates: Base Defence missions have been disabled because there's a bunch of issues associated with them we haven't had time to fix, the most notable one being that you'll lose any workshop-constructed weapons or armour that you use on that mission. We'll bring them back in V16 once we have them working better. Soldier stats are now capped at 100. Updated the text on the Region Panic Critical and Region Lost notification pop-ups on the Geoscape. Unit dropshadows should now show inside UFOs. Gun Drones now cast shadows onto the tile they are actually in, rather than an adjacent tile. Fixed a couple of small issues with the floor tiles for the Scout and Destroyer UFOs. Engineering screen now defaults to the first valid project category rather than displaying all of them. The base defence turret upgrade engineering projects now have a clearer name. Desert, UFO interior and alien base ground tiles now correctly display the damage overlays when they take damage. Added a few more aliens to each standard Alien Base mission. Andron plasma cannon projectile now has a plasma explosion graphic rather than a standard explosion. Balance Changes: Training experience is now gained much more slowly, and all attributes are increased via training at an equal rate. Your soldiers won't all be Colonels six weeks into the game any more. The relationship between weapon penetration and armour hardness has been simplified a little, at least for now. This should make aliens like Androns and the Sebillian Brute a bit less resistant to basic Ballistic weapons. The range of grenades has been increased by 3 tiles. The Accelerated Cannon (Aircraft) now consumes Alien Magnets to build like other Accelerated weapons, rather than Alien Alloys. Platesuit (Undersuit) now weighs 4 instead of 10. EDIT BUGFIX: The bug that we're struggling to fix is an issue that happens in the tactical combat where the shroud will not clear when your soldiers look at it. This starts to happen part-way through a mission and players can work around it by saving the game and loading the save, after which the shroud will work normally. The problem for us is that because loading a save game fixes the problem, it's very hard for us to reproduce the bug. If any players encounter this issue then please give us the following things: The save game from the end of the previous turn The save game from the start of current turn The output logs A quick description of which soldier you were using when you first noticed the problem, and what actions you had performed that turn before the bug appeared Hopefully with that information we can reproduce the issue and fix it!
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    That's intentional. If you saw someone in that T pose sliding across the ground towards you as a hovering machinegun was firing at you I think you would be like "nope nope. I am leaving this creepy planet".
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    It would be great. Because now all the civilians are running to the nearest Reaper to increase their army
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    Thanks. Yeah, we don't have a rigged model for the Exosuit armour yet - the male soldier is wearing a placeholder model, which is T-posing because it hasn't been rigged to work with animation yet, and the female soldier just doesn't have a model. We'll get one done before Early Access!
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    This situation has happen before, in older versions, as if the game is loaded, and all the civilians, are near to the aliens, then they will be killed, and you lose the battle, before you start, this should not happen. The civilians should try and run toward your troops, and safety, and not into the jaws of death! The AI of the civilians, needs to be looked into, as the above situation can be very frustrating, Please have a look at this!!
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    Thanks. Yeah, I can reproduce this crash from the save - I guess something is going wrong because there's hangar space at the second base but not at the first space, but the engineers are only at the first base and not the second base. We'll get this fixed for the next hotfix!
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    Thanks. I think this is an issue with the asset bundles with this specific build, because the build I made more recently worked fine even though there were no changes. Not sure what exactly went wrong but I think it'll display normally after the next hotfix.
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    Another quick hotfix for Beta Build V15 that we released recently, fixing a few more of the key bugs. You'll need to be on the Experimental Branch to access the build. There will be another hotfix coming after this one, as there are several bugs we are still trying to fix. The biggest of these is an issue where the shroud stops clearing during combat missions. You can fix this issue by saving and reloading the game - but unfortunately that makes it really difficult to reproduce and fix. If you experience that bug, it'd be good if you could post up the logs and saves in this thread as we've made some changes in this hotfix that should allow us to reproduce it more easily. Bugfixes: Fixed a crash that occurs when a Xenonaut is mind controlled. Fixed an AI hang that could occur during the alien turn. Fixed the Armour dropdown on the Soldier Equip screen. Fixed base structures deducting their construction cost again once building finishes. Fixed the game crashing at the start of a Base Defence mission. Fixed the game crashing if you loaded a save game where a UFO on a Base Defence mission was present. Fixed an AI hang that could occur when an AI unit moved through stun gas and was stunned. Aircraft now regain the ability to perform an Evasive Roll when you remove heavy armour from it. Base Stores screen item list can now be scrolled. You can now demolish the Living Quarters building without getting a pop-up that prevents you interacting with the game. Fixed the Training values on the Base screen being hooked up incorrectly. Fixed several of the upgradeable buildings having the wrong image in their active / deactivated states. Light drone explosion should no longer appear pink (hopefully). Removed a pink error texture from the destroyed MARS. Fixed various placement issues with the Geoscape topbar on 21:9 and 16:10 resolutions. Other Updates: All maps now have a border of impassable black tiles, which means you no longer see things that are "under" the map at the edges of the playable space. Androns now have a better walk animation and a proper death animation, so don't just T-pose in the ground on death any more. There's now a better animation for the stun baton attack swing. Humans and certain aliens (Psyons / Sebillians / Wraiths) now hold pistols out in front of them, which makes it much easier to tell the difference between an unarmed unit and a pistol-armed unit. Added some extra / updated research text. Added new research art for Laser Weapons and Alien Magnetic Weapons. Scout UFO research has been merged with UFO Design Analysis, which is required for the future UFO projects to unlock. Alien Facility is now unlocked via constructing the Quantum Decoder (itself unlocked via Alien Biology), and the Alien Dreadnought has been temporarily disabled. The Alien Facility now has AI waypoints in it, so the aliens will not all immediately rush you at the start of the game (although most of them seem to do it anyway). Alien Facility mission now has more doors in it. Added placeholder art for the Alloy Forge and Alenium Centrifuge. Sebillian Brute textures are a bit less bright than they were before. Temporarily disabled the grass billboards on the Farm biome, because they look terrible in the built game for some reason. Fixed some z-fighting on the portacabin tiles on the Dock raid biome. Updated the double doors on the various Farm biome barns. Arid field ground tiles are now destructible. Various visual issues in the outer borders of UFO interiors have been fixed. Updated the text on the Region panic critical / region lost pop-ups to be more informative.
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    Thanks for the next Hotfix. We will test it asap. I think 15.3 will come in the next Days (if it takes long at the beginning next week). And if my feeling is correct, then Beta 16 get a Christmas Present.
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    Thanks. There's actually two bugs there - the game crashes if you try to load a save with a base attack mission on the map, and it crashes if you try to start a base defence mission. We'll get them both fixed for the hotfix.
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    If wanna Scroll down in the Storage, you can´t reach the bottom. You have to sell all things above to get to the Things which you can´t reach. user_durch_bug_mein_fehlendes_geld_ercheaten-27.json
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    They can hide in houses away from windows, or run closer to soldiers. The main thing is not to run into the clutches of Reapers I once tried to stun them so they wouldn't run and feed the rippers, but the game considers stunned civilians as dead. As a result, the mission failed.