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    - Human (thrown) grenades: Has anyone checked the percentage of self-damaging throws? I think this issue came up before, but unless a soldier is wounded or impaired in some other way or facing high obstacles, I think the percentage of throws that land close enough to kill or injure the person throwing should be about 5%, max. For soldiers to throw a grenade right down in front of themselves, we're talking either dropping it when it is thrown, or being seriously depressed and wanting to end it all. If they're that depressed, it's probably because they were stuck in the wheel of the drop ship the previous turn... - Alien Alloy Starvation This has also been discussed somewhat, but for the 3rd or 4th time in a row, my game will be ending due to being unable to make more advanced anything because I don't have alien materials and can't make better aircraft or weapons or much of anything else. Perhaps the humans might be able to pick up some working weapons and ammo on the battlefield sometimes?
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    On that note, I'd like to have either a menu, or pop-up, or something that lets you see armor condition and resistances. Would be nice to see the XD thing of a separate armor mitigation stat on weapons. Loved having Axes as an armor piercing melee attack, get those awesome moments of running out of shots, and seeing your international party suddenly all become Danish for a minute. Always wanted a shield push. More medals. I want to be able to do a run where a unit can't be promoted to top rank until they capture one of every unit or something. Or have someone recognized for shotgunning 3 reapers in one round. There's just so much more that can be done with that. Air game has what I always wanted now.
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    Totally agree, with out these resources the game end, if not actually, then the interest in playing it, so ends the third iteration, which could be on the cards, if this games works?????
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    I agree on both points. In real life grenade throwing is not that difficult. Alien alloys should be more plentiful, after all those are big spaceships. I think the alenium (sp?) should be increased somewhat too. Otherwise the game gets boring doing countless missions just to get material to build stuff.
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    Yeah, the grenade thing is a tad iffy. I think it's supposed to count for flubbing a throw and having it bounce, but it really comes across as your recruits having suffered brain damage sometimes. Instructions inclear, shoved portable nuke into shoe. Like I think the odds of a grenade backfiring in Silent Storm was even higher, but it was usually your fault, because you aimed for a window, it missed the window, hit a pipe, and rolled back down. Or those moments when it flew, hit a guy, and rolled back. Either way, XD's fix to this was just to give them a really nice accuracy bonus. Somehow they still couldn't aim past smoke worth a crap, but not sure how they pulled that off. Just would be nice to have backfires be rare, rather than the norm for sure. I'd imagine the balance will be nicer, they are working on a crap load of other stuff for now, nothing's going to be balanced.
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    Because it's cool and fun.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBP52dLpeno
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    Considering Xenonauts is one of my favourite games of all time (even surpassing UFO: Enemy Unknown), I'm eager to see Gold hawk's finished product. Remember that things can be added by the mod community. It would be, perhaps, nice to see some alien weirdness (such as floating eyes) thrown in though...
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    Your UI mockup looks very interesting - health bars near to the units and equipment displayed. If it really is too late in the development cycle to revamp now, your work might qualify as a cool Mod. I really like it.
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    I personally don't like having super-accurate data. I'd rather have rough visual cues (bleeding, enemy damage model/decals or posture/animation change) or as Jagged Alliance 2 did it, general description (Healthy, Injured, Near Death, etc..)
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    I guess it's time for me to spend 100 hours on a playthrough of X-Division then