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    .... I've seen this particular discussion way too many times during the development of X1. It never ended well. Rusknight has established that if you want an all female or all male crew, you can do that and shows you how to do it. Please, can the discussion end there.
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    I know it's still in Alpha, and I don't know what will be changed, but I hope the overall quality of the textures and animations on the Battlescape is improved. Things are just much less crisp and defined than Xenonauts 1, which I thought looked excellent. Also, the way the edges of foliage interact with fog of war is very unappealing and results in a lot of jagged edges. I understand the need to switch to a new game engine, but I really liked the 2D look, and I think it's going to take a lot of work to achieve the same level of fidelity in 3D (look at an old 2D game like Desperadoes or Robin Hood: Legend of Sherwood compared to 3D games even years later...). I hope there's still a lot to be done, and that it will look great! It would be a shame if the sequel continued to look inferior to the original. Note: I'm not talking about the obvious placeholder art.
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    I like Option Charon. If XCE already does what Charon describes, then I'd like to see that in X2.
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    Well without gound combat this game quite literally has no real content. The geoscape is just meant to be filler, as it should be.
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    Title, why was it removed? I thought it was a very good interceptor as well as showing what humanity was capable of without using any alien tech. It also showed off some Soviet stuff which never makes a SINGLE appearance anywhere else. I mean, what even is the point of the Cold War if we don't show some Soviet equipment too at least.
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    The Game is in Beta-Status. There are many many Differences to the Original Xenonauts-Game. After it goes in Early Access-State you will see the Differences, Reworks and big Improvements to the Original Game. The Devs deciced to make a new Version of the Game for many reasons. The Predecessor was nice to play for a short time, but then it get more and more boring. There were no variety in the Basemanagement and on Geoscape. Then the old 2D Stile and the same Groundfight-Maps which get no variety too. Both were the big Mistakes the Devs were become aware very fast. This and the other big Problems Xenonauts 1 involved (esp. the Geoscape-Work, no Upgradeposibility etc.) were the Reasons to give up the Work on Xenonauts 1 and programming Xenonauts 2 asap. In one thing your are right: There is a lot of Work left to do (like the special Improvements and Research- / Development Texts). The Game has included many Differences to the Predecessor in the existing Beta-Versions, which look great. And many more will come. The Predecessor is still in my Steam-Bibo as a nice memory of a 2D Game, but not installed anymore.
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    Right, pulling the leg here, but make it a SAAB! Non aligned so everyone can complain!
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    Ironically enough that's exactly the same model as it's always been - if anything the Androns are smaller than they used to be, because that's quite an old screenshot Likely what's different in that screenshot is the sense of scale. In X2 tiles are 3m tall instead of 2.2m like they were in X1, so walls are significantly taller than before and the scale can look off as a result. The walls and props in that screenshot are more like the X1 scale relative to the Andron, so it looks more "normal" height. Unfortunately the Xenonauts themselves look like children because the props are too big. Anyway, it's something we're looking into.
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    This is the second hotfix for Beta Build V12 that fixed . You'll need to be on the Experimental Branch to access the build. Changelog: The game should no longer crash once your interceptors close to interception range of a UFO if there is an alien UFO on an Air Superiority mission anywhere on the Geoscape. Units (particularly the MARS) should no longer die at the end of a mission if they have +HP gear equipped and end the mission on low HP (they were going negative when this bonus was stripped off in the return to strategy and dropping dead as a result). Please let us know if you encounter any further issues with V12. If you do, we'll consider putting out another hotfix before we push it out onto the default branches. Just as a warning - I'm off on paternity leave now so this build has only had very minor testing!
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    I for one don't particually like the cold War aesthetics. As for why the aliens aren't using the heaviest units from the get-go? Could be different reasons. Perhaps they are a scouting force and have limited resources themselves? Perhaps more advanced units need time to bring in from wherever they are coming from? Perhaps those advanced units ARE there from the get go, but deployed in more pressing theaters. Xenonauts certainly wouldn't be a big enough threat early on to warrant such resource expenditure, especially since the alien wouldn't really know who the Xenonauts are or the extent of their abilities. If this is the case, the game should comminicate it trough messages, briefings, news reports, etc.. Make sure to not just mention, but also show in some way the world armies ARE fighting. Something like: "Commander, I'm sure you already read the reports about the crushing defeat of the 5th army corps? The alien invaders are deploying weapons and troops significantly more advanced than what we have encountered so far. Fortunately, they appear to have a limited number of them, and we can consider ourselves lucky our men haven't run into them yet. However, sooner or later it is bound to happen. I urge you to divert funding into weapon development to combat these threats. Trying to capture samples would be of great benefit, but bear in mind the risks involved."
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    Hopefully we will get a hot fix for this, as I can't play on any further, or we will have to wait for V13.
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    Haha that’s essentially my strategy when playing these kinds of games as well. As I usually want to store all equipment in one base for easy management. Keeping the features of mission restriction can integrate with the added mission types that @Ogilvy the Astronomer suggested. Maybe because you keep shooting down their ships. They instead try to change tactics to better fight your own strategy. Instead of building bases, they started doing vip assassinations using shapeshifters (vip protection), preventing tech sharing (convoy protection), throwing caesan psychics down on Earth using drop pods to mind control civilians in large cities or military bases (killing alien VIP), setting up teleportation stations to directly beam down aliens (destroy their teleportation device to stop their infinite spawning), and directly working with factions or regions that have bad relations to starve Xenonauts of funds (alien meeting assault),... In that case how well you play will directly influence the missions that you can partake in. In addition, I can suggest adding to the game a tech tree of non-lethal weapons to take out human enemies and crazy civilians (who keeps running into reapers and get themselves killed). Maybe an expansion of the shock baton/shock grenade/gas grenade research to give you things like stun guns, psychic powers for your troops, to MIB like Neuralyzers that can suppress the aliens and control the civilians,...
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    I'd still like it to be a feature where if you shot down UFOs fast enough they can't do certain missions. I for one needed that because I liked to have a lot of fighter bases scattered throughout the world and 1 single large base for storing soldiers. Those other bases NEEDED to be able to shoot down attacking UFOs or else they would be destroyed by base raids. Im very OK with simply making those other two missions you mentioned not require a UFO to start. As long as base assault always needs a UFO and its always somewhat obvious that a UFO is approaching, I'll be fine.
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    Although I appreciate people's concern, as I said in my original post, the publisher deal is just a marketing deal. I don't have time or expertise to market the game properly and it'd be dumb to release an expensive game without trying to market it properly. The publishers aren't giving us any signficant sums of money (if anything at all) and there's nothing in any of the potential publishing deals that means we lose control over the design of the game, have to change the schedule of the game, be forced onto the Epic store, discontinue Community Edition, etc. We're just going to get a marketing partner to make sure everyone knows that Xenonauts 2 exists and what cool features it has rather than have it immediately fade into obscurity when it launches. Please don't extrapolate too much about what that means for Xenonauts 2 based on your own perceptions of what a publisher is / does, as the reality is that publishers can do very different things depending on what point they get involved in a project and how much money they put in. Generally they have a lot of control over a project but if they come in near the end and aren't putting any money in then they're facing much less risk themselves, and need much less control as a result.