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    I had another thought when it comes to drop ships investigating crash sites and alien raids ... you know how after, I think, 20 turns or so on an alien city raid, the whole map would be displayed for you along with exactly where all the remaining aliens were / what they were doing? I'm thinking of a smaller scale, less approximate use of such a system of aerial surveillance, the trade-off being that you got results much sooner into the battle itself, but at a reduced value of certainty. Ugh, let me break it down into steps. 1) Drop ship lands in affected area. Cue drop ship some few feet off the ground, stabilizers & landing gear engaged, dust, leaves, sand, grass blowing around the LZ. Cue pilot headset chatter announcing landing, perhaps announcing something along the lines of 'LZ HOT ! or LZ COLD.' depending upon alien presence or lack thereof. 2) Soldiers encounter initial alien response, eventually contain threat, last soldier leaves drop ship or soldiers move a sufficient highlighted distance from drop ship. 3) Start of next turn, drop ship lifts off into the sky, cue pilot headset chatter, 'BIRD BACK IN THE AIR ...' or some such. 4) A turn or 2 later, pilot headset chatter, 'SCOUTING FOR UGLIES !' 5) 5 to 10 turns into mission. Pilot "We May Have Something Here. North Northwestern Grid, Unidentified Heat Signatures in (Forested Area, Open Area, Residential Area)." Or just skip the type of area description and end with 'unidentified heat signatures' and pan camera briefly to a small area unmasked from fog of war, with a red or orange outline of general area aliens may be lurking in. 6) Repeat this process every 5 to 10 turns if helpful / needed.
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    Xenonauts 1 was fantastic from a gameplay perspective, but everyone I've talked to has agreed it's biggest weakness was a lack of style and flair. The in-depth research texts, the world radar screen, and the music are awesome dark mood setters, but there's also areas that lack that personality. And not all of it needs to be grim, having some aspects that are cool or cheesy or lighthearted has been proven in boatloads of books and movies and games to be a great way to amplify the dark stuff by giving it some contrast. So here's just a random sampling of little touches that I think would elevate the game's mood- More voicing. It's basically a staple of strategy games to have low-budget cheesy-but-straightfaced voice acting. If you write up a script and go "nah that line is embarrassingly lame", that line is probably perfect. The "oof" and "ugh" of soldiers dying is kind of let-down. It doesn't have to be professionals, just get everyone in the office to do their most genuine "AAAGGGGGHHHHHHH" or "IT BURNS" or "GAAAAHHHH THE PAIN" Just a quick little "orders?" or "yes?" when you select a soldier. Pilot radio chatter while executing orders. "Ready to sortie" "Moving to intercept" "Boat deleted" "Moving!" "Taking point!" "Firing!" "Eat this!" "Reloading!" "Smoke out!". EVERY action should be accompanied by a variety of lines. Special rare lines for very specific circumstances to surprise the player. Hitting a UFO door with a high explosive: "Knock knock!" Throwing grenades through the window: "Delivery!" Stun baton an alien within their own ship: "Two hour parking limit!". Just some semi-witty silly stuff like that to give soldiers some humanity as compared to the cold aliens. Same with aliens. More hissing, and louder. Lotsa green spray, and green blood decals on more surfaces than is necessary Have civilians scream and freak out. Maybe sometimes assist the Xenonauts by pointing in the general direction of where they saw aliens? And for more stuff on the sound front- have the dropship's engines revved up and have a visual effect kicking up dust around the ship. Makes it more dramatic when it feels like the ship has just touched down moments ago and is ready to leave at any second. And just more ambiance in general. Have shotgun users do a big loud reload pump after every shot. The coolest part about shotguns is the whole "CHK-CHUCK" after firing. More physics force on ragdolls when killed by explosives. More blood. Blood on walls, blood on clothes, blood on hands after performing first aid, green alien blood on soldiers shooting at point blank. More mess. Bullet casings, rubble from bullet impacts, plasma burns, shattered glass, spilled coffee and scattered papers in office buildings, little junk like that. Throw weapons on a random nearby tile after dying. Give a very small chance of misfiring after being dropped, for that extra bit of chaos. Have smoke last longer, but lean over and be pushed away from its initial spot by wind. I'd like to hear what other cute little touches the community thinks would elevate this game
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    Air support is utterly unfair. Utterly unfair, and boring. You get to face it in Phantom Doctrine. An invisible, invincible monster with LOS to all points of the map and weapons which if you stray into their AOE, kill you instantly. It's "balanced" in Phantom Doctrine by giving a timer before it hits the player, and making it unusable inside buldings, which are invulnerable. It adds tension to Phantom Doctrine because the player can't use it. Honestly, the more people ask for air support, the more tempted I am to try and mod a simulation of the kind of air support they think they want, and find out that when they can kill everything across the map with no effort just how boring that is.
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    One thing that would be very helpful for absent-minded players like me is the ability to be able to access the ufopedia during the battlescape (Xenonauts' Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy). Would that be possible? This is why I always loved turn-based strategy games. They give you the time to think about the best course of action, just as a leader (General etc.) gets. I always found it difficult to keep up with my brother in something like command and conquer. Turn-based strategy games also have a much longer shelf life and appeal to more than just the younger generation too (who tend to like living at the speed of light!).
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    Simple idea to allow us to configure autosaving, or just autosave more in general. Couple hooks that should trigger an auto_save, and name the save accordingly: before_interception - Before entering air combat after_interception - After air combat before_mission_start - Before combat starts, when you load it, you are exactly as you were just before, including any squad changes after_mission - When combat finishes. mission_turn_X - At the start of every turn of mission This would help greatly with testing, as not only you always have a save to submit from before/after, but also if the game crashes, you didn't really lose progress.
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    Everyone survived unharmed, courtesy of comical amounts of dakka, but yeah, I can only assume he was trying to land on them, after getting sick of his 0 kill count.
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    Yup. Maybe getting a bit off topic here, but I think Oblivion's horrible VA wasn't so much because the actors were bad (though some were IMO), but rather because there were so few voices. When every Orc in the game has the same voice, it's immersion-breaking. And that leads to the conclusion that quality VA is costly. If I imagine VA in Xenonauts, the idea is fine, but if the game only had 1 male and 1 female soldier voice, it would just detract from the atmosphere. Goldhawk is obviously a small studio, and while I'm sure they could record a few lines, they just couldn't afford VA that's even halfway immersive. Overall I really think X1 had a great amount of character for such a low-budget game. The art had a distinct style, the Chief Scientist was a great snarky character - a major writing achievement since the game's text was almost entirely research reports - and the soundtrack was pretty great. The visual design of aliens is the only major flaw of X1 atmosphere-wise.
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    For the time it would take to figure out the appropriate time to play special barks, I'd rather have a more developed enemy AI. While the world is 3d rendered, it doesn't currently need robust collision. Physics objects and ragdolls bouncing around would reveal just how little there is. And if you're going to give soldiers voices, don't give them all the same voice. Every gender and nationality needs a couple different voices, each with enough lines that it doesn't become repetitive- but at least you can cut down on localization costs by making all the short voice lines in the native language of the soldier in question. That would bring the cost down from $ridiculous to $infeasible.
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    I'm not sure if this is correct, but it seems Mind War = Mind Control all of the time. Went on a terror mission and half my squad were under mind control in one turn, which is a bit ridiculous. I think they should only be able to do MW if there is direct line of sight (even if it is by one of the lower ranks, unlocking it for the MC'ers. And there should be grades of MC; i.e. freeze, panic/beserk, low-grade MC (i.e. they are under MC but under suppression so only have half TUs) and high-grade MC where they get a full turn under MC. These should have appropriate TUs and chances of success. The current system is a bit pants.
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    You can airstrike crash sites already. It's the "I can't be bothered, instant win" button.
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    This advise will change, but currently: 1) You must staff the satellite uplink center with engineers. Each engineer is 1 radar for a base 2) You can only activate radars and buy aircraft strips/aircraft.
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    I think you might need to be careful with the random elements, and with the subjective feeling that players get in the game. It's important for bravery to feel like it matters. A lesson from X1 - it shipped with psionics not working as intended, that is, bravery was mostly meaningless and psionics were resolved with a random roll, only marginally affected by bravery. Many players complained about psionics feeling wrong but that bug went undiscovered for a few years, and resulted in the game just feeling subtly wrong in that regard.
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    Yeah, Mind Shields currently don't provide any bonus against alien psionics - but that'll be fixed in the next few patches. Perhaps the alien psions are too strong at the moment, but it's not true that there's no defence against Mind War - it's a check versus the unit's Bravery vs. the alien Psionic Strength, with a random element added on. And the aliens have to succeed by more than 30 to Mind Control a unit rather than just panic it. Units also get a bonus to their Bravery equal to the % of TU that they have remaining, though, so if a unit has full TU at the end of your turn they have double bravery and have a much better chance of resisting it. And you should be taking low Bravery soldiers into battle against Psyons anyway, really. I appreciate none of that is explained in the game atm though so I can definitely see how Mind War is frustrating to play against; see if you find it any less frustrating now you know that. Potentially there's an argument to make the random element smaller as part of a balancing pass, but that also means low Bravery soldiers will have less chance to resist a psionic attack.
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    Wow, glad to hear you enjoyed Xenonauts 1 so much that you spent 1000 hours on it! Generally the reason why dev teams don't introduce two separate mechanics for the same thing is that it's difficult to balance the game for both mechanics - for example, the personnel capacity of a Living Quarters would probably be different if you were limited to a single base (so could only have a few Living Quarters) compared to if you could build multiple bases (so you could build as many Living Quarters as you like). So you then need to maintain and balance two different versions of the game, which ends up being twice as much work. The other problem is that one mechanic tends to be the "proper" way to play, and the other mechanic ends up being abused or breaks the game - for instance, I understand the realtime combat in X-Com Apocalypse is pretty abusable and makes difficult missions much easier. At that point you may as well just not include realtime and concentrate on making the turn-based mode even better.
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    I'd love to see civilians in cities running around with TV's in their arms...
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    Mind War is way too powerful at the moment. There is basically no way to counter it. I just ran into it for the first time, and it is incredibly frustrating, even if it doesn't really have a massive effect. So far I have had a soldier mind controlled every single turn, and it is frustrating because I cannot do anything. Having a trooper drop their weapon or whatever is dumb and not interesting, because it just delays me. This isn't helped by the only two psyons visible that I haven't killed running away for no apparent reason. I wouldn't be frustrated if I could see whatever psyon is mind controlling my guys and kill it, but I can't. In short, Mind War needs to be limited to line of sight, as otherwise it is just delaying me and being frustrating without adding to gameplay at all.
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    My biggest pain with voice acting is when you get that one soundbyte that keeps cropping up, driving you mad, so you have to sacrifice that soldier for the greater good. On the other hand, I do like the idea of crowd sourcing the voice acting, then selecting the best of what the community has to offer. I'm fairly sure that most of the community is from the Anglosphere but I bet there is a fair amount available from elsewhere. Also, more blood. Always more blood
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    I've mentioned this again, but I wish they could do something like Tactics Ogre when it comes to the medals. In KoL, while every class could use any equipment, they got medals that helped them specialize, like Archers getting a bonus to accurscy and dodge after 5 shots in a row, or one that boosted monster damage, but prevented those same units from trusting them for buffs. Examples: Consecutive snipe damage(acc) Surviving a hit at low health (tus) Melee kill (str) Capture an alien (brv and hp) Kill an enemy that failed to kill them (brv) Survive an explosion (hp) Kill while suppressed (TUs and acc) Multiple units with one grenade (acc and tu) 40 tile snipe (acc++, lowers tu) Sebillian/Psyon etc Slayer, 5 of whichever (bonus damage) Etc etc. What are the odds of that?
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    Agreed. And Oblivion was my favorite of the Elder Scrolls games. As Skyrim proved, however, better voice acting does not equal a better story or atmosphere (especially if all that variety in VA talent only leads to two lines per character). Cheezy VA I feel would take away massively from the game. VA in general, perhaps not. This feels, however, like something that would have be planned much in advance of where the game is now. A voice here and there may be more feasible, or perhaps just for the lead scientist's briefs? Also consider the fact that the voice acting does limit modders later on, if they decide to add elements that normally would have been voice acted. I'm not necessarily arguing against voice acting in general, but it's probably a bit late to implement it on a significant scale. Everyone has their preferences, and while I would certainly laugh at a zany line every now and then, too much of that would turn me off personally. That's one reason I personally do not play the Warhammer games. I like the darker theme of Xenonauts, and the humor was done well in a way that did not detract from that. That last part is purely my opinion, of course. I really like what Wyldfyre said as well regarding individualization/customization of the soldiers and vehicles and what not. The medals added were pretty cool, and it would nice if they gave some sort of bonus, but cosmetic differences (not to the fantastic scale of X-Com, of course; we do not want to lose Xenonauts' unique style) for veteran soldiers or vehicles would highly enhance the experience. Also I feel that would be a lot easier to implement than additional voice acting, and easier for modders to add to later on if that becomes plausible. The original post was spot on in highlighting how one of the areas Xenonauts 1 could have vastly improved was the ambiance (I agree with Coffee Potato about 3D modeled shell casings, but if it's not a hugeproject, maybe sprites or images could be used), especially with regards to the dropship sounds and dust and such things. Of course, these are minor things to be added if Chris is happy with the state of the gameplay.
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    This post is timely because we're shortly planning to do another pass on the autosaves soon - in the next build we're enabling autosaves occurring at the end of every turn in the combat so it's nice and easy to get save games for the bug reports. I've been trying to figure out what the best approach is with the autosaves (because you don't want to have so many autosaves cluttering the load game list that you can't find your manual saves), and I'm thinking we might just create a folder for each campaign and then a sub-folder within each campaign for each of the battles. That way the game can autosave every turn in the ground combat and also save at every relevant point on the strategy layer and we don't have to worry about the autosaves cluttering up the load game list, or about which autosaves would overwrite each other (e.g. you probably don't want the GC autosaves overwriting the strategy ones). Pressing Continue on the main menu screen would still load up the most recent save, and manually loading an autosave just involves clicking through one or two folders.
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    Some other suggestions. 1) A very brief alarm or flash of colors on the Global Overhead when shifting from 'skies clear' to 'alien ships entering airspace', not just the staccato 'ship appearing' sound. 2) A separate alarm noise for when one of your bases is under attack. 3) Brief action track of inspiring music when drop ship is sent out / hones in on downed enemy aircraft or base. 4) Screaming civilians. Also, kudos on the idea suggested above of civilians making pointing signs to the Xenonauts on where they last saw aliens. Semi-believable attempts at crowd control or retaliatory fire by law enforcement or military personnel on city raids. 5) Obscure alien chatter when inside alien ships / bases ... is it their own version of an intercom? Are you hearing them through the walls or vent shafts above or below? Maybe they're right behind you .... 6) The occasional totally collapsing multi-story structure ... a burning barn that started that way on turn 1 comes crashing down by turn 10, etc. 7) More apparent destruction in the area surrounding a crashed ufo, with the larger ufos showing some truly violent destruction of the surrounding environment. 8) Alien A.I. gets a better sense for when you are massing by a door for a blitz attack the following turn and plans accordingly. 9) Soldiers who have survived 10 missions and / or killed 10 aliens randomly do something that adds a bit of personality (i.e., they name their weapon, scrawl graffiti on their helmet / armor, start smoking, get a tattoo, start wearing an alien finger necklace ... ).
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    Ha ha! There was some humour from the lead scientist in X1 ("Clumsy Engineering Oafs" etc...). I always thought it would be nice to have the look of a rookie on new recruits (sweating and wide-eyed etc) and as they become more experienced they look more like Arnold S etc. If General Burt Reynolds isnt back in X2 then I will be very dissapointed . There are a lot of good suggestions above, however. Whether there would be time to implement them is another matter.
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    Lovely ideas,those little extras add a ton of fun!!! Especially the voicing, i was playing Warhammer 40K:Dawn of War again and again just to hear the wonderfully voiced quotes of my units Also there could be some variation on voicing depending on soldier's rank, for example selecting the most highly ranked soldier -> "Squad awaiting orders Commander" When using a scoped weapon, cursor/crosshair magnifies the area below it a little(like in Commandos series of games).
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    Engine sounds would be cool. Voice acting would be detrimental, I feel. Costs, yeah, but I always figured these were people too terrified to say anything, being sent into an unwinnable situation. Plus it always makes a disconnect when they go from panicking to being ultra confident. More nutso physics would be fun, and are partially already there, some things tend to go flying hilariously right now. Please no on the bullet casings, there are already enough moving parts that can break, random physics objects would just be asking for trouble. I remember when someone added this to New Vegas, and the game would just randomly crash when casings got into positions they shouldnt've. Moving smoke would be sweet, but then wouldn't there need to be another system in place? Smoke duration is in the INI, I think.
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    Try Xenonauts_gc_editor.exe and press "U" ingame.