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    Welcome to the forums. We regularly get requests about making pilots into chracters in their own right, and there's lots of ways they could be implemented - from a detailed system like you're talking about to something simpler that just gives a plane a bonus if it shoots down enough UFOs. I guess for me the biggest potential problem with any pilot system is that I don't want to add any extra clicks when a player launches their aircraft, so any pilot system would need to consider this. At the moment you click on a UFO and then pick the planes you want to try and intercept it, and they launch from the base and start chasing it. If you were forced to choose the pilot for each of your planes every time you launched them then I think the player would quickly find the pilot system a chore, because you launch your planes a LOT. That means I've naturally got a preference for the less complex pilot systems, one where you could for example glance at a plane and see that your pilot was Rank 3 and decide to launch that plane instead of the plane that has a Rank 1 pilot. Having to look up the stats of your individual pilots to see which is better each time you think about launching a plane seems like it would be a lot of hassle, so I think I'd prefer something that clearly marks which pilots are "better".
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    This is honestly the first time I've ever written a topic on this forum so forgive me for any inconvenience I might do. Idea: In the first Xenonauts game your interaction with your squadrons was merely maintenace and logistical services (such as re-arming or exchanging armament, decommissioning aircraft and obviously purchasing and researching new types of aircraft). What if you were able to interact with the pilots of the interceptors themselves, just like a regular soldier, each pilot belonging to the Xenonauts project would have their own feed and info such as names, nationalities, past military services and so on, but pilots could have their own set of skills and capabilities for the commander to take in consideration, some of these could be awareness, vitality (or endurance), survival and cunning. So, would pilots come as more of a challenge or benefit to the player? Well it would be a mix of both, having unique pilots with different pasts and personalities would challenge your capability of management and taking advantage of those same personalities during interceptions, a commander that is capable of selecting the correct individual for the specific task has an advantage over any other aircraft in the air, but it is this same individuality and instability that might pose as an obstacle for less "seasoned" commanders who were used to similar aircraft with exactly the same statistics. What would be the assessments and dangers of having fully interactive, individual pilots? Well to start off, there can be as many skilled pilots as there can be incapable individuals, it is up to the commander to see which skills are more important for his/hers fighting style, pilots would also occupy space in the barracks just as any other regular soldier; there would also be the "unfortunate" instance of brilliant pilots dying due to a streak of bad luck or just a mission that wasn't well planned, but sometimes pilots could survive a crash landing and this could bring a good opportunity for a new type of ground mission, search and rescue. To finish this off, I'd just like to thank all who took their precious time to read my suggestion and I'm sorry if I committed any mistakes regarding the template of the topic or the fact that I might've accidentally mentioned something that someone else already said. Addenum 1: Skills? Awareness: Situational awareness is actually a skill that should be practiced by the player him/herself, but again... Pilots would be required to be extremely perceptive of the environment surronding them and dictate the future of the decisions and options they might take while conducting a mission, pilots with high awareness would be able to dodge and take evasive maneuvers faster than other pilots. Vitality (or endurance): Pilots should take intensive training regularly, individuals unfit to the task wouldn't be able to resist as much shock and G force as trained pilots would. This skill dictates the pilot's chance of survival in case his aircraft is shot down. Survival: Survival training will guarantee the pilot's capability of self management and tending to personal needs in an hostile environment, not to mention that the pilot will most likely be hunted down by search parties conducted by the enemy, thus revealing a catastrophic scenario of capture or even death. A pilot's survival skill would determine the time he would be able to survive alone in an hostile environment until he is rescued. Cunning (optional): At last, a pilot should be an example of ingenuity and wisdom, either from tunning with his own aircraft to meet his needs and extend the efficiency of it's systems to the capability of saving fuel during flight. Addenum 2: Downed pilots? Yes, there would be a chance of survival of your pilot if his/her interceptor was shot down by alien craft, this would be determined by the vitality skill or just a random chance. After the pilot was downed, the player would have the option of risking his men to conduct a rescue operation on the pilot's known crash site, just like a regular mission the player's squad would spawn in a corner of the map and scout the crash site looking for the downed pilot, depending on how fast the player managed to conduct this operation would determine how many enemies are present on the map, the player's objective would be looking for the remainders of the downed aircraft expecting the pilot to be nearby, if the player managed to find the pilot there could be two situations: situation 1, the pilot would be in a good health condition and able to return back to the helicopter by himself or controlled by the player, the pilot would have a pistol for self defense and his/her skills in combat would be randomly generated (so pray for good AP). situation 2, the pilot would be in a critical state requiring the player to carry him/her back to the helicopter.
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    This already happened the second time, after having noticed in in V1.1 before already shortly before update came out. I think there is a pattern. I was playing with the line-of-sight indicator on since round 2 of the ground engagement. The following sequence of events happened: the alien was standing where the purple blood is visible in the screenshot I shot him with the soldier visible in the middle. The shotgun soldier in the upper right corner shot another alien before going into cover behind the rock in the same turn, so he could see the alien at the end of my turn. I moved the soldier in the middle behind the trees. so he was facing away from the alien and had cover from the alien at the end of my turn Then during the alien turn, the alien did move to where it is standing now in the screenshot That means: the alien started his move within the line-of-sight of sight the place where the alien ended the move was in line-of-sight during my turn, but not during alien turn Therefore, I should not have been able to see where the alien ended his turn, but I was. I checked, too that I could still see the alien after disabling the line-of-sight-indicator. The reason why I checked this was that in another ground combat mission, it was working correctly (alien moving out of line-of-sight disappeared from screen), but I had not enabled the line-of-sight incidator at that time. After enabling it, I saw the reason the alien disappeared and the alien stayed disappeared after enabling it. So it might be that it only happens if the indicator is activated at the time but the result stays, no matter if it is activated/deactivated after. But on the other hand, it might be a coincidence and the reason why it worked correctly was that not all the above conditions were true. There might be something helpful in the same logs I posted in the Medkit Game Crash thead: logs.zip as this was the same ground combat round that then ended with the crash. Screenshots:
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    I started a new game (V2.0) and saved it. After quitting the game and coming back later, I’ve tried to load this save file just in the main menu, but when the load screen reaches 99% (once 100% after I tried to load from a ingame ground battle), nothing happens and the game get stocks The music still is planning and I can move my mouse, but that’s it.
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    Another Game Crash while firing, probably again hard to reproduce During a mission I did pick up an alien rifle While storming the UFO I made sure I had enough TU left for burst fire after running into the room with aliens Shot the bigger one with burst fire Game Crashed right before impact of first projectile, probably when the second projectile should be fired Logfile shows that it is a completely different part of in code where it crashed than the first crash while firing I reported (and that was fixed): 2018-12-15 10:18:56,448 [INFO] (D:\Jenkins\workspace\X2 (Build)\hotfix-v0.34.1\Assets\Code\Libraries\Artitas\Artitas.Core\Code\World.cs:594) Queued global::Xenonauts.GroundCombat.Events.ProjectileShotEvent: Projectile Event (ProjectileShotEvent - Projectile TrajectoryHit (rolled 22% (<= is success) against 16.1%) on 4993 from (32.9, 0.8, 11.8) to (60.0, 0.0, 37.2) ([F:0, I:120, J:74] / [X:60, Y:0, Z:37], ID:9962 Type:Corner), impacted at: [F:0, I:76, J:34] / [X:38, Y:0, Z:17], ID:4598 Type:Corner) 2018-12-15 10:18:56,451 [INFO] (D:\Jenkins\workspace\X2 (Build)\hotfix-v0.34.1\Assets\Code\Libraries\Artitas\Artitas.Core\Code\World.cs:594) Queued global::Xenonauts.GroundCombat.Events.ProjectileShotEvent: Projectile Event (ProjectileShotEvent - Projectile TrajectoryHit (rolled 80% (<= is success) against 16.1%) on 4993 from (32.9, 0.8, 11.8) to (66.5, 3.7, 43.6) ([F:1, I:132, J:87] / [X:66, Y:1, Z:43], ID:26732 Type:Edge), impacted at: [F:0, I:76, J:34] / [X:38, Y:0, Z:17], ID:4598 Type:Corner) 2018-12-15 10:18:56,550 [INFO] (D:\Jenkins\workspace\X2 (Build)\hotfix-v0.34.1\Assets\Code\Libraries\Artitas\Artitas.Core\Code\World.cs:594) Queued global::Xenonauts.GroundCombat.Events.ShakeCameraCommand: Camera: GlobalEntity 1188 2018-12-15 10:18:56,556 [FATAL] (D:\Jenkins\workspace\X2 (Build)\hotfix-v0.34.1\Assets\Code\Screens\XenonautsMain.cs:441) A fatal error occurred during Update() - System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at Xenonauts.GroundCombat.Abilities.FirearmAbility.FireProjectile (Common.RPG.AbilityState state) [0x00055] in D:\Jenkins\workspace\X2 (Build)\hotfix-v0.34.1\Assets\Code\Screens\GroundCombat\Factories\Abilities\FirearmAbility.cs:712 at Xenonauts.GroundCombat.Abilities.FirearmAbility+<AnimateShotsTimeline>c__Iterator0.<>m__1 (Common.RPG.AbilityState state, IEventEffect`1 effect, Artitas.Events.DeltaTimeEvent arg3) [0x00001] in D:\Jenkins\workspace\X2 (Build)\hotfix-v0.34.1\Assets\Code\Screens\GroundCombat\Factories\Abilities\FirearmAbility.cs:659 at Common.RPG.DelegateSingleEventEffect`2[Common.RPG.AbilityState,Artitas.Events.DeltaTimeEvent].Apply (Common.RPG.AbilityState state, IEvent event) [0x0000f] in D:\Jenkins\workspace\X2 (Build)\hotfix-v0.34.1\Assets\Code\Libraries\Common\Code\RPG\Ability\Effects\EventEffects.cs:119 at Common.RPG.SequenceEffect`1[Common.RPG.AbilityState].Apply (Common.RPG.AbilityState state, IEvent event) [0x0004e] in D:\Jenkins\workspace\X2 (Build)\hotfix-v0.34.1\Assets\Code\Libraries\Common\Code\RPG\Ability\Effects\CompositeEffect.cs:154 at Common.RPG.LoopEffect`1[Common.RPG.AbilityState].Apply (Common.RPG.AbilityState state, IEvent event) [0x00004] in D:\Jenkins\workspace\X2 (Build)\hotfix-v0.34.1\Assets\Code\Libraries\Common\Code\RPG\Ability\Effects\CompositeEffect.cs:191 at Common.RPG.SequenceEffect`1[Common.RPG.AbilityState].Apply (Common.RPG.AbilityState state, IEvent event) [0x0004e] in D:\Jenkins\workspace\X2 (Build)\hotfix-v0.34.1\Assets\Code\Libraries\Common\Code\RPG\Ability\Effects\CompositeEffect.cs:154 at Common.RPG.SequenceEffect`1[Common.RPG.AbilityState].Apply (Common.RPG.AbilityState state, IEvent event) [0x0004e] in D:\Jenkins\workspace\X2 (Build)\hotfix-v0.34.1\Assets\Code\Libraries\Common\Code\RPG\Ability\Effects\CompositeEffect.cs:154 Attached output.log - it looks liek there was somehow written no .rec file. The last one was from 7.12., so maybe this was changed in 1.3?
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    Today we're releasing an update to the Closed Beta builds that launched at the end of last year. V2 includes a number of new features and rather a lot of bugfixes, but is still primarily intended for testing purposes. If all goes well we'll start thinking about gameplay and game balance in the next major release, the V3 builds. Please note the closed beta is only open to Kickstarter backers who have backed the game at the £25+ tiers. If you're not one of those backers, you'll have to wait until the game launches into Early Access - currently planned for March. If you'd like notification about the game when it launches, you can do one of the following: Wishlist the game on Steam! Wishlist the game on GOG! Join our mailing list! Finally, please don't stream this build - the game is not yet ready to be shown to the public, and even if your viewers were impressed by what they see they couldn't buy the game. You'll be able to stream without any restrictions once we reach Early Access! We've been working on a lot of things over the past four weeks, so I'll give a high-level overview of the key changes first and then include the full changes below! Save Game Incompatibility: It's no longer possible to load save games from older versions of Xenonauts-2, as this tends to cause bugs. Gameplay Time Extension: this build allows you to play for 20 days before it expires, whereas the previous build only allowed 7 days. Dockyard "Raid" Mission: the first Geoscape activity in the game is now a ground mission called a Raid, which is a little like a small Terror Site. These currently all take place in our new Dockyard sub-biome, which is a much denser and industrial environment than the crash site maps. The aliens on these missions are relatively lightly equipped and use a new weapon called the Alien Magnetic Rifle, which inflicts Kinetic damage. Radar Capacity & Uplink: there's a new base structure called the Radar Uplink which grants you 1 Radar Capacity for each Engineer assigned (you start with one in your base). The radars in your Geoscape Airbases are now toggles that you can freely flick on and off, but each Radar requires one Radar Capacity to activate. Note that not all UFOs require radar to detect - e.g. the new early-game Mimic UFOs does not. DEFCON Counter: the early stages of the game now revolve around the DEFCON counter, and if it ever falls to zero the player loses the game. The Raids and the Mimic UFOs (see below) inflict DEFCON damage rather than damaging the Relations of the region; as the game progresses the aliens will move towards more open warfare with humanity and the DEFCON counter will be discarded. Research Tree: the framework of the early game research tree has been added, with quick notes for what each project is intended to communicate (the text and art isn't ready yet). Armory Loadouts & Improvements: the Armory was lacking a number of features relative to the equivalent screen in the first Xenonauts, and we spent quite some time adding them back in this cycle. The loadout system is now functional, the relevant ammo is now displayed next to weapons in the stores, you can use right-click to fast-equip items, the drag-to-reload functionality has been added, etc. Just makes the screen much easier to interact with. Aircraft Weapons & Upgrades: this system is just a prelude to our planned overhaul of air combat in the next build, but you can now swap out the weapons on your aircraft. There is also an "upgrade" slot that allows you to equip a single item that specialises your interceptor in some regard - longer range, increased HP, greater speed. This stuff is largely placeholder but please still give it a quick test. New Music / Sound Effects: we've added the first draft of some new music and weapon sounds to the game, hope you like them! I'm pretty pleased with our recent progress and there's a lot of new stuff in the build, but this build is a stepping stone towards Build V3 where we start to emphasize the gameplay - so we've added a bunch of new content but not really worried too much about balancing it. I'd certainly recommend playing one of the new Dockyard missions; they're quite large maps with limited vision so I find them good fun! CHANGELOG: General: Save games are now incompatible with different versions of the game. This prevents people from loading up saves in the wrong version and experiencing bugs that can't be fixed and don't affect anyone else. The first draft of the new music has been added. Geoscape: The concept of Radar Capacity now exists and is generated by assigning Engineers to the Radar Uplink building in your base. Radars on your Geoscape airbases can be toggled on and off by clicking on them, but each active Radar consumes 1 Radar Capacity. A new Mimic UFO spawns in the early game. It flies around inflicting DEFCON damage, but it does not require Radar coverage to detect and never generates a crash site. UFO pathing has been updated so UFOs can now leave their spawn region, which prevents them bouncing around quite so much as they did before. Resource generation (research, workshop, building construction, etc) now progresses every 1 hour instead of every 8 hours as previous. The skeleton of a research tree has been added, with notes that explain what each research project is intended to communicate. Combat Armour is now a researched item rather than a starting item. Pressing Spacebar on the Geoscape a second time now returns the flow of time to its original speed. UFOs that do not create crash sites now grant their "cargo" items (e.g. datacores) when shot down If a UFO is "deterred" (badly damaged but not destroyed), it now correctly disappears from the Geoscape without generating a crash site. Regional Relations and Infiltration is now a value out of 100 instead of 10, which allows more fine balancing. UFOs should now correctly interrupt time when they spawn, even on the fastest speed settings. Bugfix - fixed a crash where you would get two "initiate combat" pop-ups when your interceptors attacked a UFO Bugfix - the Geoscape no longer wraps vertically. Bugfix - the move path on the Geoscape now wraps correctly over the edge of the map. Bugfix - when placing a Geoscape base, preview circles now wrap around the edge of the map Bugfix - aircraft will no longer attempt to fly the long way to a target rather than fly across the edge of the map. Armory: The role / loadout system is available. This allows you to save and quickly equip troops with present equipment loadouts. Weapons now display their ammo next to their tile in the Armory, rather than in the "Belt" tab Right clicking on an item in the Armory panel will now "fast-equip" it, placing it in the best available position. Switching a soldier to a new Primary weapon will delete all the ammo for the old weapon and replace it with the default ammo for the new weapon (if possible) Multi-tile objects no longer snap to the wrong cursor position when you click and drag them Dragging a clip anywhere on a weapon tile will now load that clip into the weapon - previously you needed to drag the ammo onto a specific part of the tile, but we've got rid of this now (this also works in the GC to allow you to manually reload your guns). Secondary items can now offer bonuses to soldier Resistances, allowings items like a Rebreather or a Mind Shield that protect against specific types of damage. Female soldiers no longer have male bodies and now have slightly different body art. Bugfix - unlimited items in the Armory no longer lose their infinity symbol when you move one Air Combat: The "retreat zone" is now functional. Aircraft are removed from combat if they end their turn in the retreat zone. You can update the weapon loadout of your aircraft in the new Aircraft screen. All interceptors now possess an Upgrade slot that allows you to choose a single item to specialise your aircraft (currently fuel tank, afterburner, or additional armour). Ground Combat: The Raid ground combat mission is now available, currently only using the new Dockyard biome. The "show Fog of War" mode is now on by default, but you can toggle it off by clicking the eye icon in the ground combat UI. If a unit takes damage during the enemy turn, it will now rotate towards the shooter (this does not cost TU). This is a mechanic from the old X-Com, so if you shoot an alien in the back and don't kill it, your soldier may face reaction fire in response! Civilians should now be appearing at crash sites and on Raids, although they are not yet biome-specific in terms of appearance. In the ground combat, if a unit does not have enough TU to complete the full rotation you have ordered it to perform, it will turn as far as it can instead of just not turning at all. The game will prevent you from attempting to heal a soldier that is at full HP / stun HP with a Medikit, preventing you wasting TU. A notification now appears if you order a unit to perform a task that it does not have enough TU to perform Grenades now support being set to explode at the end of the turn, although we've not yet updated the frag grenades to do so. The roof auto-hide mechanics should now work better, specifically on UFOs - the roof should not hide unless you have revealed at least one of the interior tiles within the building / UFO. Some new weapon fire sounds for the advanced / alien weapons have been added. Bugfix - UFO take-and-hold mechanics should now function correctly, winning you the mission after 5 turns. Bugfix - stunning an alien no longer creates two stunned body items. Bugfix - smoke is no longer hidden by the camera system if any smoke exists on a camera level not currently being viewed
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    I finally found a way to reliably reproduce the issue the existence of which I hinted in: start the game from desktop start new game place initial base go to "Main Base" tab hire 2 scientists - this results in having 16/16 personnel capacity add the 2 scientists to laboratory by left clicking it (Total of 5 in there now - 5 slots from left used) press F5 go to "Soldiers" tab fire 1 soldier go to "Main Base" tab - the personnel capacity is now 15/16 hire 1 engineer - the personnel capacity is now 16/16 add the engineer to the workshop by left-clicking it (Total of 4 in there now - 4 slots from the left used) press F5 - resulting save attached: quick_save.json press F9 Result: The personnel slot button marked in screenshot is broken it is no longer possible to remove the engineer by right clicking the slot button but the 3 buttons left of it are still working right clicking workshop immediately brings up the window that asks if you want to demolish the workshop (which normally only happens after removing the last person in it) it is still possible to add more engineers to the workshop with left click and remove them with right click - the demolition question always appears if right click should remove the engineer off the broken slot the personnel capacity is now incorrectly 15/16 - it is possible to hire one more person the result is permanent in the safe file (you should see it in quick_save) and future save files Notes: I had this symptom before in my savegames but without firing soldiers, so death during ground combat can have same effect If the game is started from desktop, I was not able to reproduce it without step 7. But after trying a lot of stuff and always using "quit to main menu", this was possible At one point in my many tries, the game somehow returned back to a quicksave state I already had overwritten - even if directly loading the quick_save from load menu, only after going to desktop and starting the game again, it was possible to load the correct quicksave - there really seems to be some incorrect RAM caching of savefiles so it would not load from file system. So I would see something I described in Might be cause of some "just happened somehow but can't reproduce" issues if there was saving/loading while it happened originally but not while trying to reproduce them lik Screenshot:
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    Greetings all, A little preface here on relative skill level: The issues I want to talk about get more obvious and more of an issue the better a player is, hence this preface. This is sort of an inverse of "Get gud". However, it may appear I am asking to make the game easier in general, that is not the case. I would like the game to be harder if anything, but at the end where it makes sense for it to be hard and not at the beginning where it doesn't. More on that later... A note on my own skill level: I've completed pretty much every decent strategy game on the hardest possible difficulty, that includes games like: XCOM (The originals, terror from the deep excepted as I never got into it), XCOM (The Remakes), Jagged Alliance (even the awful reloaded one), Panzer General, Peoples General, etc. Also, some hard realtime stuff like EUIV (One-tagged the world), Shogun II total war (Impossible Ironmanned it), etc. I also have a youtube where I do hardest possible turn based Ironman campaigns, though that is mostly battletech. If your interested in that or simply want to verify, you can find it at www.youtube.com/TheEdmon and I hope you enjoy it :). My two key issues with XCOM type games are thus: 1) In the early game no-one seems to know there is a war on and it determines everything. 2) Win-More, Lose-More gameplay. The early game: Most of these turns based games are won in the first 6-10 hours and the rest of the game is just a walk to the victory screen, provided you don't make some critical mistake. But if you are winning hard enough, early enough, the odds of a critical mistake drops: 1) You win early missions with no losses and get more stuff. 2) So you have more money to expand, upgrade and research faster, with no losses to replace. 3) You are powering faster than the difficulty curve due to the above and can afford more coverage (when applicible). 4) You win more easily, due to your powering, which leads to less/no future losses and more money. 5) The cycle repeats, with your A-Team carrying you to the victory screen often without any losses at all. Dont you know there is a war on? The early XCOM game has this weird tone, situational as well as gameplay issue. You start off weak, barely any better or the same as a standard military of the time period. Then the game pretends like other militaries don't exist or are unable to mount even the slightest defence. So, where you are and what coverage you can get early is all that matters. This means that (often randomly), the game is determined by how much of the early hostiles appear near you (so you can deal with them) and is a race for you to power up as quickly as possible so you can protect the earth. The game balance revolves around this, making it so that you can get more ahead very quickly because you are 100% of the force being exerted against the aliens. That 100% can be vastly different between a good player and an excellent one, let alone a weaker casual player. You are totally and 100% critical in the early game, so balancing that early game becomes very difficult. I have always thought a good way to solve this problem would be to have the player be more like 10% of the force in the early game. NPC Military, coverage, airforces, etc. So what if we do this instead: 1) NPC's have military bases, airforces, coverage just like you do. 2) There is a lot more alien activity in the early game, but NPC militaries can barely handle it. The scramble interceptors, shoot down hostiles, airstrike, etc. 3) You can place your base to try and protect a country with a weak military, like africa, or place it where activity is high to protect a stronger NPC so they are useful for longer... The early game then consists of a world at war against the aliens and actually holding it's ground. You are there, to shoot down what appears in your general area, steal technology, go on missions, etc as usual. But you are not 100% of the fight, more like 10% of it. Of course, as the game goes on, your technology improves and so does the aliens. But your human allies do not. So in the mid game, they start to lose and some very badly: 1) You can see NPC bases and interceptons getting crushed. 2) Gaps appear in earths defence, relations sour. 3) It becomes clear that you must fill in the gaps, protect your allies, etc. You can afford to make the general alien presence that much more, when there is a lot of NPC defence around to handle it. Taking the pressure off the early game. In the late game: 1) NPC presence is all but gone, now it's all down to you. 2) Difficulty can be much higher 3) You've had time to put coverage in place, but the pressure you are under can also be higher than in a normal XCOM like difficulty curve. In conclusion: The early game matters too much, player skill level cannot effectively be balanced for, due to the snowballing effect that is caused by the player being 100% of the force against the aliens. The tone is also odd, where is everyone else, don't they know there is a war going on? My thought is to try and shift this to the mid game, while also fixing the weird lore and tonal issues. What do you guys think?
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    Only the main UFO ever is in the map, the escort is not present then. Yeah, it is known that there are consistency problems with going on multiple missions in a row. That should be a vanilla thing though, not X-Division specific, and near impossible to fix for the mod team. And also it occurs pretty rarely anyway, so it sounds like more work than it's worth.
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    There are various issues with going directly from one mission to the next one. Another issue is rocket launcher loadouts which are reset between missions (which means you'll always have to start every mission with replacing the default rocket with a useful one for all crew members carrying rockets). Neither of these issues seem to be trivial to change, though. The lore explanation for recovery of equipment after a mission is that this is handled by separate recovery crews (who also pick up downed alien fighters and recover the ones you've lost), but these crews are managed in the background (like e.g. purchase of food and cleaning/laundry for the bases, etc). While recovery taking time would make it more realistic, it will also mess with your own logistics, as you'd then have to remember that gear will be recovered to this base at this time (and what the significant parts of the equipment are, so you can then issue the proper orders), and that happens in several days real time, because this was the first downed craft in a wave, and you've got 5 more to go... I'd say it's a case where realism would get in the way of playability (although I order new production as the previous one is done, so I still have that headache of trying to remember what has to be done where...).
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    Indeed. One thing that I find is somewhat lost when you're theorycrafting a design is the enjoyment of the actual physical interaction the player gets to do - this is something that's actually caused me to change some of my ideas that seemed really great on paper but just weren't as fun as they should be in the game. Being able to manually place your base is an example of this; it makes the game feel far more freeform and exciting than choosing from a number of pre-set locations. Similarly the current Main Base screen is less enjoyable than it should be because you're just clicking a room slot and selecting what building you want to put in there from a list like in XCOM; I think the interaction in Xenonauts 1 where you pick a building and then move it around on a grid and choose where to place it is fundamentally more satisfying even though the gameplay effect is essentially the same (we're most likely going to move to a grid-based system for that reason). As Max says I think you can get the effect of the "starting base" choice whilst keeping the more enjoyable interaction just by giving you your bonuses based on the region you place that base in.
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    As I said, countermeasures are NOT manufactured: they're made available for mounting on aircraft as soon as they've been researched. However, they're mounted on missile and torpedo slots, but NOT on cannon slots. This means they're effectively useless until you have a craft with at least one mount beside a missile or torpedo one. Sure, you can mount countermeasures on Foxtrots, but then you can't mount any weapons... Pure fighters can't mount countermeasures as they've got cannon mounts only. Thus, you need to wait with actually using countermeasures until you've got some capable craft to mount them on (but you can check your Foxtrots to see that you could actually mount them on those). Until then, you'll just have to gnash your teeth and take the rare opportunities to raid untouchable craft when they land (and terror ships land only as part of base assaults and terror missions, and you don't get any craft cores from those). I believe some people have taken down terror ships by sacrificing a significant number of aircraft on suicide missions (and the aircraft are recovered, but they won't be available for the next wave). Hacking researches is very risky, as far as I understand, and can lead to permanently blocking you from getting techs.
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    I wonder if you could also make rotational play more interesting. Maybe you get X% EXP in combat and then you get a similar X% bonus when training back at base. I guess the idea here being that you learn lessons in battle and then when you return to training, you train the things which you think will best improve your ability to win fights against aliens. This would make battle - rest - battle more powerful / optimal without the stick that is the stress system... Just some more thoughts :).
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    Hm, I've encountered an odd desert base(?) map. On the first turn, the first I see as I look outside the Valkyrie drop zone is two dead soldiers. There's no indication I've missed a turn by mistake (no sound of gun fire, etc.). A couple of turns later I look into a nearby building and find two additional dead soldiers, with the exits blocked by a live soldier and a live civilian, respectively, with no enemies inside (although it's a Caesan mission, so in theory a Wraith could be responsible). Edit: Hm, the corpses must be "decoration", as the number of surviving local forces were 2/5, and there were at least 6 soldier corpses spread over the map (not counting those I know were killed during the mission).
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    Wizardry 1-3 are before UO by about fifteen years; Ultima V predates it by nine years. Temple of Elemental Evil is actually the only example I listed that's newer than UO. Rogue was far from the only popular roguelike; I just went with the earliest example. If it makes you feel better, replace with ADOM or Angband, both of which will almost never throw unwinnable games at you. JA2 was able to get away with "start of combat" ironman because its start of combat save was before the start locations of every soldier were finalized, because the maps were fixed and revealed at the start of the fight, and because enemy AI was a lot less predictable. Also, JA2 used pre-seeded rolls, so saving and loading wouldn't help you get around the RNG. Xenonauts puts its combat autosave after the locations of enemies are all decided. Also, unlike JA2, in Xenonauts, you're not supposed to know the map layout when you land; figuring out where the UFO is is a part of the challenge (and knowing where the UFO is means you know where the enemy force is concentrated...); and the AI in Xenonauts is very predictable compared to JA2. I'm not speaking in theoreticals here -- on my first game of Xenonauts, I wasn't going Ironman but was limiting myself to autosaves, and found that whenever I reloaded that auto-save after a mission went south, it was completely trivial because I already knew where every single enemy would be and thus could rampage across the map with total impunity; once I realized this, I just stopped that game because it wasn't fun to play like that, and started my second game, in Ironman. On top of all of this, JA2's strategic layer barely existed and was just enough to act as the glue to hold things together; Xenonauts's strategic layer is a real part of the game. Finally, JA2 is really, really tough about soldier death; you can't lose more than about 2 or 3 dudes over a campaign without it being winnable. Xenonauts lets you win with casualties in the hundreds. There's a major difference in how forgiving the two games are, which makes a full-game ironman in JA2 somewhat inappropriate compared to Xenonauts; compounded by JA2's RPG elements meaning it throws fewer novel situations at you than Xenonauts and plays more the same between campaigns. In other words, different games have different modes that are appropriate. As for the discussion of "consistency vs. skill", consistency is skill. The end. Read the "An Aside on Skill" subheading here: https://kayin.moe/?p=936
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    Nope, time was, RPGs would automatically delete all of your old saves and create a new save whenever certain bad events happened. Blackthorn killing party members in the torture chamber in Ultima V; Wizardry 1-3 blasting your old saves when characters died; Rogue and its successors; etc. More recently, Troika's Temple of Elemental Evil had an Ironman mode, back in 2003, long before "gaming as a service" was a thing. "Convenience saving" was a mid-to-late '90s PC gaming thing that was dropped when the XBox forced western and Japanese developers (the latter had never really given in to "save anywhere" schemes) to interact, thus causing western developers to see how bad of an idea it was. As for whether Ironman makes a game harder... imagine if I save at the start of every turn. I walk around a corner carelessly, get owned by a Reaper, and load the save; now, I know where the Reaper is, and can position myself accordingly. Saves are cheating, and no different than using god mode in an FPS.
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    Everybody has their own job, even during invasion.
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    I think being able to hire experienced soldiers is a bit of lorebreaking and casual - Xenonauts are the only force actively going on against the aliens. Thats why your recruits are inexperenced despite being best of the best in "normal" military - they were trained to fight other humans not the aliens. But I agree that there should be some way to get recruits who are not privates. What if surviving local forces encountered on terror sites and other missions will have a chance to be be inducted into your ranks? They would volunteer to join your force to be able to avenge their fallen comrades, sent to you to maintain secrecy(might be the case regarding police officers and security guards) or as reward by local government. That will also give player more incentive to actually go on and fight aliens instead of letting local forces to soak damage from the invaders. And that will also make sense lorewise - as these people had actually fought aliens and survived they will be more accustomed fighting them then fresh rookies.
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    I already posted that in another thread - it is unfortunately not abvious to find that it was already reported because the other thread title only describes the symptom, not what causes it. I found that it is possible to avoid these symptoms by making sure that really the empty slot is selected (click the empty slot twice, so it gets yellow and and the other slot white) - however even then the relocate would not work properly and the aircraft stay in airborne state forever.
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    I randomly noticed how this plays out it the line-of-sight indicator is off: The alien would stay visible during whole alien turn but would vanish from screen after alien turn is finished. If the indicator is on, it stays on screen. Actually both behaviours are not correct: Alien should become invisible for player as soon as it steps on first Tile that is not currently within any Xenonaut line-of-sight, even during alien turn.
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    May not have made it as a stretch goal but devs have said modding will be supported as far as I recall.
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    @Aldodrem So points #2 and #3 are technical things that should definitely be supported by the final game. Point #1 is an interesting one I’d not considered before, but I don’t really see any reason why we couldn’t make the Xenopedia accessible from the ground combat (Esc) menu too.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This mod adds in crash damage to crashed UFOs in ground combat, including fire, smoke and damaged components. DO NOT USE THIS MOD WITH FIRE IN THE HOLE AS THIS MOD IS INCLUDED ALREADY Link to full thread
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    I'm glad you thought of this thread, it was something I was thinking of starting myself, but I've been spamming the forum a bit too much already. One of my favourite Xe1 mods is Tactical Armouries as it did a great job of using asymmetric weapon upgrades to give each tier its own strengths, which is something discussed on this forum that would be good in Xe2, e.g. lasers more accurate and high damage but lacking auto (hence best at long range), ballistic retain flexible fire options, mags have better burst fire and armor penetration (and the mod also gave the aliens advancements in armor as the game progressed), plasma had very high damage but low ammo and less fire options. Kabill also tweaked the way suppression works so armored sollies/aliens can actually be suppressed, and encouraged pistol use by making inventory swaps and grenade use while using two-handed weapons cost more TU, and they only took up 2x1 inventory space rather than the entire belt. All of this, with solly carrying capacity also being reduced, really made you think about what each one is carrying (overall a great middle ground towards some of the potential changes discussed for Xe2 while still using the basic mechanics of Xe1). X:CE - simple things like mousewheel support and sort by column in base, faster alien turns and improved Lore+ was great. Any amount of extra effort put into the story and feel of the game rather than just the engine and game balance help with a more immersive feel, and give you more ability to create something noticeably unique right from the get go. Enhanced Crash Sites - you have already mentioned elsewhere you want to make UFOs destructible (which Fire in the Hole! did for Xe1) so we don't need to talk about that, but I liked it how with this mod there could be a big fire already on the map, which actually affected which route my sollies had to take on approach to the craft, which helped make up for lack of map diversity until I started using some of the other maps, and even gave some smoke cover to one or both sides, making it more replayable. It also made the whole thing more realistic and immersive. I'd love to see using chunks of a UFO that has broken up on impact as cover. Anything that makes assaults on the same UFOs different on each mission is good. 120 degrees view angle , as it was annoying having keep right clicking to look around a corner here and there, and repeat this every few steps, rather than just incorporate a mechanic for sollies' peripheral vision, their constant "heads on swivel" so to speak. They still had to turn to shoot of course. Hold the Line - made ranked officers more important for defense against psionics since it reworked the morale system. Projectile Overhaul - made the game look a lot better, with projectile look and movement that matched the weapon type. Laser bolts were a bit buggy though.