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  1. No, not the video app. I posted a request for some zoom-in to see the action more clearly/add drama in February of 2020. A year later, I posted this & got the response below from Chris: ---------------------------------- "Posted February 28, 2021 One year ago I asked about being able to zoom in a bit closer during ground combat.... Chris replied: "Yeah, it's relatively easy to support this - it's just a camera setting. It'll probably be a day or so of work to set up the different view levels on the camera and the logic that remembers which one you have selected between missions etc,...If you ask me again in a few months we might put it in the game then " ------------------------------ So here I am to add my voice once again to the other requests for a zoom--three years after the first one. Note that Chris estimated a "day or so" of coding to set it up, although that seemed/seems optimistic. At this point, a zoom would probably add the most visual enjoyment to the game for me, and I do see others mentioning it.
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