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  1. Further minor thoughts, from the latest patch Strategic Its a waste of resources to buy the T1 Aircraft weapons (missile, torpedo), its smarter to research the Alenium versions. Its a trap to buy the first version since you can't upgrade them, and are forced to spent your money twice if you want the better version Troops in sickbay keep hogging my good equipment, and I can't get them back. Newest update might have made global terror a bit too hard on Veteran? 55th day and most regions are at 80 to 95 terror, one wrong move and I might lose. I'll report back if this gets worse. Having some small UFOs that are almost impossible to shoot down with Sidewinders means I usually only use Torpedo's and Cannons for my early game interceptors. Or I'm just not good enough. (or I just can't notice the icon diff between small and medium UFOs) Tactical Alien Abduction Missions: Extremely fast paced, maybe too much? I found myself having to perform rush tactics and push hyper aggressively to secure the minimum amount of civilians, difficulty can be enhanced if the map has a lot of places for aliens and civilians to be hiding. I have to wonder if these missions become harder in the later game with stronger aliens? The final turn is too easy to cheese. Since the mission will end the moment you end your turn, and skip the aliens turn, you can afford to take suicidal moves, such as leaving your troops exposed in the open next to an alien, since you know the aliens won't get a chance to react. The nerf to melee weapons feels fair. Stun sticks are still good enough, but you need to be more thoughtful in using them, typically now I have to dedicate more manpower to capture an alien (suppression, slowly moving troops forward, multiple people with stun sticks), instead of prior where I could just rush one guy up and capture someone no issue Shields don't feel good to use, although I still make heavy usage of them since I do know they work. In X1 the shield (if I recall) absorbed all damage from the front before breaking, now it seems to just reduce damage? At times I feel my shields are being ignored when some alien one-taps a shield user from the front. Maybe if there was some stronger visual indicator to tell me the shield is still reducing damage? Civilians are stupid. It'd be nice if I could spend time units to "shove" a civilian out of the way. Had several issues with civs blocking the exits my aircraft on multiple occasions.
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