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    Thanks. Yup, we can reproduce the hang from that save so we'll take a look at it and hopefully we can fix it for the next hotfix!
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    If I recall correctly the way the system works in UFO:AI is that you recover the actual UFO hull back to your hangar and then have to cut it up with your engineers to recover the components and resources. I've always thought it was a bit of a dumb idea but for some reason I suddenly find myself thinking it feels quite smart, as it fixes two gameplay issues - first, that players can grind crashsites to gain too many resources and too much money, and second that your engineers don't have enough to do in the early game. It's probably not a good idea to throw a major new system into the game right now, and there's probably downsides to the system that haven't occurred to me yet, but it is quite an interesting idea nonetheless.