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    Chris, I appreciate your explanation of the update, but a couple of us see things l like "The September Update" - and I under stand this is not a code release - but it gives a lot of people that impression. My buds sees this and ask me what's new, and all I can say is nothing, I am still on the June build. So let me ask, when will be see a substantive update? From our perspective, it has been 3 months now. Kind Regards, Kef
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    Sorry - not reading through the trhead chain just posting to the title: I hope it is Xenonauts with a new coat of paint and extended/improved mechanics I enjoyed Xenonauts 1 quite bit but it had some rough edges (inconsistent art) and a simplification I didnt like (ammo) so my etalon is still the original XCOM The games that were trying to capitalize on the original all concentrated on MGMT of a small squad instead of MGMT of an actual army on a strategic layer which I could never get behind. Though I enjoyed the Firaxis remakes, they are far too simnplified and streamlines for console for me to have replay value Maybe I am in a minority but I really didnt care abouth reanming and pampering solderis in the original and was usualyl sending 4 fireteams to missions with around 50% accepted casualty rate. This gave the game a much more interesting strategic feel as I was not managing soldiers but an army with resources and equipemnt and funds was more important then who gets shot - no save scumming needed for this which is also a plus When I read abouth Xenonauts 2 and the concepts going in the direction of the Firaxis remakes I lost interest of the project: for me the first game was interesting as it kept the strategic mechanics of the original and extended upon them especially in air combat. When I was thinking of Xenonauts 2 the improvements that could be made seemed obvious: 0. Better coat of paint 1. More mechanics involving countries and/or regions - diplomacy, resource production (oli, metals, rare metals, food, supplies) or even supporting locla forces so they can defend, fight back and assist during missions in their own region 2. More base MGMT options with various types of defenses, base types, building upgrade options and having to repair them after invasion causes damage during bombardment or in the tactical mission 3. Pilots gain EXP, pilot suit upgrades to increase reaction time, precision or simply enable them to survive when plane is shot from under them 4. More beefy research enabling building of drones, droids, weapon/ammo upgrades etc... 5. Damaged UFOs and destructable hull 6. More mission types: defend diplomats, scientists, kill enemy commander (there are some ideas that can be picked and refined from the remakes: see behemoth idea from Poenix Point) Now having stumbled upon the recent pictures posted on Steam I am very much interested in Xenonauts 2 again: both the new armor and airplane model look more consistent and the mars pattern tank concept sounds interesting Despite what some were saying when the Firaxis remakes came out, I dont think they streamlined the original: they created a new game that has totaly different approach to how it is played. Those games are abouth super-heroes killing of hordes of aliens and looking cool doing so. For me the original was a gritty attribtion war agaisnt a superior enemy force and a race against time to reach their level of tech to be able to stop them - I thin that this game was only realyl remade by Xenonauts 1 so far and as of late by Phoenix Project which I will try I as soon as it leaves Epic. But will also be very much interested in Xenonauts 2 if it is realyl "just" a new coat of paint and more in depth mechanics from the first game
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