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    That's fine as long as you always take a look behind you (using some TUs to do so in the process)!
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    Nah, it says on the wiki (I think) that Wraiths take 100% of their TUs to teleport. They always seem to teleport somewhere right behind your squad where a well-placed shotgun blast can put them down. Frankly, I think it generally hinders them more than anything else.
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    Speaking of Mind War, I can think of 3 different ways to spice it up/make it better, since 1 turn to activate it seems cheap: The soldiers fighting back during the Mind War. 1) The higher his willpower, the higher the penalties on all attributes while the soldier is MC'd. Even if he cannot fully break out of it, he can shoot worse than a star wars stormtrooper 2) The solider under MC gets a semi random TU cost increase for all actions (dependent on willpower) 3) The soldier under MC can at semi-ranom intervals (depending on willpower) simply suddenly stop and loose TU's All of these simulate a soldier fighting back.