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    On the armoury screen on the bottom left hand section, you have a list of soldiers. There's a tab for soldiers in the skyhawk and a tab for all other soldiers. Try clicking between the tabs to get a feel for it.
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    Thank God! I just reinstalled X1 for the fun of it and ..... let us just say my men are more of a danger to themselves than the aliens are to them! I tend to play on Ironman to "live with my mistakes", so when something screws up, I try to roll with it but I've found that in every mission, someone will flub a grenade throw. It's fine if it's smoke, can be painful if flashbang, and utterly stupid if it's an explosive. Let us be honest, even the most raw recruit does not drop grenades at his own feet, in a million man army, I only heard of it happening ONCE and that was in the 90s. Falling short, yes. Bouncing back closer to you, yes, but not right at your own feet. And you can't even get a guy standing next to the incompetent to grab the flubbed toss and throw it somewhere else. In real life, someone like this would have been canned from the service or even jailed for negligent homicide after the mates of the guy he killed had a "discussion" with him about his incompetence much less be selected for a special ops team. Good to know that this is being fixed, it really was a mood breaker to see such incompetence in a soldier.
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    Excellent - this means it's less likely to recruit Taliban RPG men into your squad then .
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    Heh heh. Not sure if Chris is old enough to remember UFO and Space 1999, but he may have caught the re-runs. I, like you probably are, am a child of the 70's & 80's. Maybe Xen3 could be set in the Terror From the Deep world. I never really got a chance to play that when it first came out because I was an Amiga nut and didn't have a PC. It probably did come out on the Amiga, but I may have been too busy studying or something. Still, there are some interesting concepts explored in those series. Remember the UFO with the very expensive telescope... which was useless because it got damaged and they couldn't tell the scale of the UFO homeworld because of it? Science-fiction has, as we know, given us plenty of science-fact.
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    On V11.3 (and all the other builds): I have gotten really tired of having to open everyone's backpack during a battle because I forgot who has the explosive or the Alien Taser. Maybe I'm missing something obvious, but if not, would it be possible to be able to cycle through all the backpacks? Currently, using TAB leaves only the first backpack opened, visible on the screen, while the player cycles through the troops.
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    Actually this was the one part that I hope would change with Xenonauts 2. The dynamic of the Cold War was something woefully underused in the first game and I hope would be more emphasized. The whole MIB aspect could lend to a multitude of ways to deal with civilians on a map like just non lethally taking them down so that they wouldn’t run around like headless chickens and get turned into zombies by the Reapers or standing in the middle of a firefight blocking your shots. Not to mention the tech sharing possibilities. Maybe each bloc of the Cold War can offer different pros and cons for you to choose a side to tech share so that the war against the aliens will not only change the fate of humanity but the course of the Cold War as well. For instance gaining the favor of the Soviet Union by ruining a coup perpetrated by the US with some help of the aliens in exchange for a missile scientist. Or stealing cargo from a GDR convoy for the FDR to gain a some funds and a communications scientist. This will force the player to either play a game of tight rope balancing the power of two sides to avoid nuclear Armageddon or go all out to support one faction to eventually create a united world against the aliens. At the end there could be three different outcome. 1. You help the capitalist side win and collapse the Warsaw Pact 2. You help the communist win and establish a world government 3. You prolong the Cold War further into space