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    Yeah, grenade scattering is still crap. This is something we've been planning to look into but haven't had time. There's no perfect solution to it though really, if you use a standard shot scattering calculation for the grenades then they end up being extremely powerful because they don't tend to miss by much and therefore almost always catch the target in the blast radius. Once you start forcing them to miss by more than normal you start getting weird behaviour like we're seeing here ... but I'm sure there's improvements to be made. Alloy starvation is definitely a thing; I might have already fixed it up over Christmas but I can't remember. I'll pay attention to it in the next balance pass.
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    Totally agree, with out these resources the game end, if not actually, then the interest in playing it, so ends the third iteration, which could be on the cards, if this games works?????
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    I agree on both points. In real life grenade throwing is not that difficult. Alien alloys should be more plentiful, after all those are big spaceships. I think the alenium (sp?) should be increased somewhat too. Otherwise the game gets boring doing countless missions just to get material to build stuff.