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    This mod rebalances Reapers and their resulting zombies to fit more in line with the capabilities of their alien brethren. Reapers are now designated more as what they're described to be; used for terror missions. Something to quickly wipe out large civilian populations, but no longer something capable of decimating any organized military resistance they come across in the process... unless it's an Alpha. Expect tougher Alpha Reaper encounters, but easier Reaper encounters, and overall more intuitive gameplay. Reapers and Alpha Reapers now respect the rules of armor and damage, and no longer insta-kill. Reapers should reliably one-hit any civilian, but rarely will it one-hit one of your troops, especially if you're wearing armor. Reaper claws now follow the same rules as other melee weapons, and as such, should be able to miss/be dodged. This may result in some civilians pulling off some Neo shit, dodging Reaper swipes while you move in to save him. This is definitely a feature, not a bug. Alpha Reapers are now capable of attacking vehicles. In fact, they're quite dangerous to armored vehicles. Those claws are built like a Mantis Shrimp's claws, spearing straight through steel into vulnerable crew or electronics. All reapers HP increased by 20. That's 100HP for Reapers and 140HP for Alpha Reapers. Since you'll likely face far fewer of them. Reapers and zombies can attack multiple times per turn Reapers can attack twice and have leftover AP for movement, Alpha Reapers can attack three times. Zombies have just enough AP to attack twice if they don't move. Alpha Reapers have Jackal-level kinetic armor. This makes them harder to kill with conventional and MAG weaponry. Consider bringing a few laser weapons where you know you'll face them. All Zombies die when killed. (Imagine that) Note: This might mean zombies are now capture-able if stunned, but I don't know if the game will like that. Try at your own risk. Alpha Zombies will become reapers after 3 turns, but not if killed before then. Normal Zombies do not turn into Reapers anymore, but this is more or less an arbitrary choice. This may be subject to change in a future version. Reaper Changes (X:CE Default -> Reaper Rebalance) Resilience (HP): 80 -> 100 Accuracy: 200 -> 60 Attack accuracy: 1000 -> 80 (Identical to stun baton) Attack AP: 35 -> 25 Attack damage: 9001 -> 35 Attack Mitigation: 500 -> 0 Alpha Reaper Changes Resilience (HP): 120 -> 140 Accuracy: 200 -> 70 Attack accuracy: 1000 -> 80 Attack AP: 35 -> 25 Attack damage: 9001 -> 40 Attack Mitigation: 500 -> 25 Kinetic Armor: 0 -> 20 Added ability: MeleeVehicles Zombie Changes Accuracy: 200 -> 60 Action Points (AP): 36 -> 40 Attack accuracy: 100 -> 60 Attack AP: 35 -> 20 Attack Mitigation: 40 -> 0 Removed ability: SpawnReaper Alpha Zombie Changes Accuracy: 200 -> 60 Action Points (AP): 36 -> 50 Attack accuracy: 100 -> 60 Attack AP: 35 -> 20 Attack Mitigation: 40 -> 0 Tweaked ability: SpawnReaper,3 turns,Permadeath Note: This is my first officially released mod, so there may be mistakes or issues I hadn't foreseen. Not every feature has been tested, so let me know if something doesn't work. I have tried to keep this mod as balanced and non-cheaty as I could, but the reapers were a bit overpowered and ridiculous to begin with. Suggestions and feedback are welcome. X:CE is required, as that is what adds the framework that allows tampering with otherwise hard-coded reapers. Thanks to Charon and Myron on the Steam forums for helping me out with the coding. V1.0 - Original Release V1.1 - Removed redundant or incorrect stat changes, lowered attack AP for zombies, added Alpha Reaper armor, general clean-up Reaper_Rebalance_1.1.zip