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    XCE IS NOT A MOD. In the same way Xenonauts is not a mod, and Dawn of War is not a mod and plants vs zombies is not a mod. It is its own game, with its own executeable, its own data, and its own rules. Most Community Editions for games change source code, and become a program in its own right. Mods change content. if you change source code you become a different program. Apart from that it is a prerequesite for X-Division as it doesnt run on anything else .
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    None of the other non-cosmetic mods are compatible out of the box. They might break your game right away, or you might realise you are playing a completely broken game after 10 hours. That said, good content is this: Xenophobia. With the additions of AND_Great. I think i have a fixed XNT version lying on my pc. There is the X-Pansion pack, but i wouldnt recommend it. Stability wise. All of aajs´s content. XMC. Axiomatic s content, but its mostly geographical. There is also Armored assault, and the Dreadnaught mod, which might or might not work. Looking through the mod box in Xenonauts is mostly like walking through a broken toy factory. Nothing works, but everything is really interesting in its own right. If you just wanna look install whatever you see and then look what it does with your game, just dont expect a proper game afterwards. X-Division and the XNT version on my pc are propably the only slightly bigger mods that is geared towards the convenience of the player. Given a proper installation everything just works.
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    in any war there are traitors taking the size the enemy.. i'd like missions like "strike pro-alien terrorist group" or "destroy black-market operation", killing mission of quislings etc. Even "Human's terror missions" to try to regain control of country u have lost... or just hit hard those ones who are thinking about it (such killing of persons of influence or destroy strategic targets). it would give a lil more variety
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    X2 have to be 1.000 % better than it´s predecessor. And it looks like now it will be the same like it´s predecossor with some little improvements. ATM it dosen´t make a difference if you play the predecessor or the new version downgrade to the old stile. And this is not a good development. There are the promised improvements needed which get founded on kickstarter. That´s the Minimum we need to get an improvement to the old game. If the downgrade-Development goes onward, Kickstarter will stopp that because they monitor the Development too. And personaly I see that comming.
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    I despise teleportation in 99% of sci-fi. Silly technology with tons and tons of loopholes. A can of worms best never opened. A far simpler explanation is that the aliens are rigging the thing to explode. Sabotaging/scuttling/destroying equipment and things that would be of use. No need for magical teleporters. Get there before they destroy everything worth salvaging.
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    That is a good idea! I always enjoyed gunning down lone sectoids that dropped their weapons in panic.