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    I'd like to see a community edition. Which may be more difficult this time because of the commercial Unity plugins involved. That should be moddable, if the game supports modding (or at least not obfuscate its binaries). Like giving rocket launchers a safety radius of 5 tiles - it goes dud if it fails to fly that far.
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    Thanks. The projectiles are being spawned from the craft like they were in X1, I suspect they're just being hidden by the needlessly huge aircraft pathing indicators (which will be fixed in the next build).
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    Thanks for this. For point 1) I think the sensible thing to do would be to add a little image on the left of the element that shows the armour (like the Role box on the right has a little icon). I think that gives you the best of both worlds as it's clear then where the armour is changed, and it gives us the neater loadout with space below the dropdown for the modular armour buttons that we'll be needing once that system gets implemented. We need to make the tabs in 2) more graphical too, at least for the dropship. It'll be tough fitting something in a space that small but that's always been the plan so hopefully it works out! The wall hiding is intentional but the way it's behaving at the moment is not. It's meant to cut away the walls between your soldier / cursor and the camera, but right now it's hitting way more stuff than it should. I'll add this to my list of small polishing changes, hopefully we'll have time to give it a test before the game releases. Alright, I'll use that as a starting point in my balancing. Can always tweak it later if you're wrong