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    In X1, there was a damage type introduced called internally "incendiary", which did 2.5x more damage to structures. This was used for various high-explosive weapons. I wonder if re-introducing it, alongside a damage type which does less damage to buildings might be an idea.
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    I´d vote for local forces and civilians to be treated like any other alien race. That is that you can freely define their stats and create a new rank="localRussian" under race="locals". The map would pull the local numbers in the exact same way X1 did, locals_localrussian_defensive 5. 5 is the number of these kind of units put on the map and defensive is the ( optional ) scirpt. That wouldnt only liven up the modding scene, it would also make it baby easy for Chris to put in whatever unit on whatever special map he wants. In either case all you have to do is supply the model.