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    Simple idea to allow us to configure autosaving, or just autosave more in general. Couple hooks that should trigger an auto_save, and name the save accordingly: before_interception - Before entering air combat after_interception - After air combat before_mission_start - Before combat starts, when you load it, you are exactly as you were just before, including any squad changes after_mission - When combat finishes. mission_turn_X - At the start of every turn of mission This would help greatly with testing, as not only you always have a save to submit from before/after, but also if the game crashes, you didn't really lose progress.
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    I've mentioned this again, but I wish they could do something like Tactics Ogre when it comes to the medals. In KoL, while every class could use any equipment, they got medals that helped them specialize, like Archers getting a bonus to accurscy and dodge after 5 shots in a row, or one that boosted monster damage, but prevented those same units from trusting them for buffs. Examples: Consecutive snipe damage(acc) Surviving a hit at low health (tus) Melee kill (str) Capture an alien (brv and hp) Kill an enemy that failed to kill them (brv) Survive an explosion (hp) Kill while suppressed (TUs and acc) Multiple units with one grenade (acc and tu) 40 tile snipe (acc++, lowers tu) Sebillian/Psyon etc Slayer, 5 of whichever (bonus damage) Etc etc. What are the odds of that?
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    This post is timely because we're shortly planning to do another pass on the autosaves soon - in the next build we're enabling autosaves occurring at the end of every turn in the combat so it's nice and easy to get save games for the bug reports. I've been trying to figure out what the best approach is with the autosaves (because you don't want to have so many autosaves cluttering the load game list that you can't find your manual saves), and I'm thinking we might just create a folder for each campaign and then a sub-folder within each campaign for each of the battles. That way the game can autosave every turn in the ground combat and also save at every relevant point on the strategy layer and we don't have to worry about the autosaves cluttering up the load game list, or about which autosaves would overwrite each other (e.g. you probably don't want the GC autosaves overwriting the strategy ones). Pressing Continue on the main menu screen would still load up the most recent save, and manually loading an autosave just involves clicking through one or two folders.