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    UniCamo v. 1.0 - unified camo for human aircrafts v. 1.0 Inspired by SoloA Author bergamon --- Overview --- Inspired by SoloA I decided to learn how to create my own aircraft models and give them a unified look - after all, they are meant for the one and only military organization. All early aircrafts are redesigned and have unified camo. First human aircrafts are weak and have less than 10000 range - in my opinion it makes the game more realistic, because F-17 parameters in vanilla ver. are too exaggerated for the 70's. Both F-4 and F-5 have big external fuel tanks at their images. --- Features --- - Player can buy F-5 "Tiger" at very beginnig of the game and manufactrure F-4 "Phantom" after "Alien Invasion" research. They are more vulnerable and have less ranges than fictional "Condor" in vanilla ver. - MiG-32 "Foxtrot" is invented together with F-12 "Blackbird". - After "Alenium Fighter" research player can produce two versions of "Corsair" and "Condor". - "Corsair" still looks like F-14 "Tomcat" with double auto-gun but has its version armed with two light missiles. - "Condor" is based on MiG-23 design and is cheaper alternative for "Corsair" - Prepared new Xenopedia images regarding F-4, F-5, F-12, Mig-32, "Corsair", "CorsairR" and MiG-23. The rest of later human aircrafts are not changed. --- Tips --- - F-5 "Tiger" is too weak to attack even smallest UFOs one-to-one, need some support. - F-4 "Phantom" has one heavy hardpoint, so it is possible to shoot down medium UFO (witin short distance from base) before heavy interceptor is ready to fight. - F-12 "Blackbird" has no ability to make evade maneuvers, but its significant acceleration enables rapid escape. - "Corsair" with two auto-guns is more agile but "CorsairR" armed with two light missiles has better detection chance and longer radar range. --- Known Issues --- Let me know if any UniCamo.zip
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    I forgot to point out that the order of mods in the screenshot reflects what I used in most of my game, not the mid-playthrough attempt I made to get the Blackbird to appear by bringing the mod to the top. My bad!