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    The Fix is in the work. When the launcher asks you about a wrong modorder, click No. About the no click thing:
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    A variant to Dagars proposal: The backer is allowed to name a vehicle, a squadron or something else after him/her or chosen expression. Maybe a callsign like, CH-48 "Thixotrop" or X-37 "Dagar". Backers name to one of the staff characters that occasionally appear in the communications between the commander, the science guy and whoelse, like: "...oh and by the way, as I mentioned the new Plasma Rifle test, engineer Thixotrop has messed up again as he tried to use those Alenium charges on rechargng his mp3-player. As soon as he moans about not having a bed anymore, remind him that he may not have a job anymore very soon too. We still have to try to get all the greenish glowing metal pieces out of the concrete walls of the canteen that is on the OTHER SIDE OF THAT WALL." Don't know if this works for more than a couple of people though. Maybe have to switch some tiers here.