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    @mohosillo Its totally fine if you write such exploits on the forum. WE WANT TO KNOW ! Marandor is right in the prospect that you shouldnt advocate this kind of playstyle, but nobody is going to dig through 84 forum pages just to discover exploits for the game, so the forum is definitely the right place to talk about it. @Marandor1 Its right that you want to tell players not to use exploits for a regular playthrough. Thank you for that. However, the forum is definitely the place to talk about everything X-Division related, including exploits, as it does not see such a visibility as a playthrough.
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    You are right, I wanted you to know, nothing more, my apologies.
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    You really should not do such things. The developers work very hard to make a balanced and challenging game/mod. Play better or use a lower difficulty level - both are much better ideas than abusing such bugs.
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    If it be useful to anyone, I tweaked building.xml from this mod. I think, in this version mod is more balanced. buildings.xml
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