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    I never listen to music in games & this game is silent, it was driving me mad so i delved into the files & searched on google, i ended up doing my own mod. Ambient sounds for Night & Day Arctic, Farm, Desert, Forest & MiddleEast, i have not played a terror map yet. & of course it needs XCE, just drop the folder into your mods folder. If you decide to try dont look at the files, it will spoil first impression. Ambient_Sounds.7z - 31.5 MB Cannot wait for feedback - - - - - - - - - - - http://www40.zippyshare.com/v/azDyOpSv/file.html New version uploaded. Added new sounds & added soviettown & town maps. This mod will be forever a WiP as i keep adding new sounds & changing seperate volumes of the sounds as i play the game. Anyone trying/using this mod let me know if a sound is to quiet or too loud or just should not be in there. If you personally dont like a sound you can easily edit sounds_gc.xml & delete the entry, if you delete the actual sound file the mod will stall. I uploaded to the forum which takes me awhile & i get "Your file of 47.1 MB exceeds the forum's limit of 9.54 MB for this filetype". err... fubar! LOL. 5 attempts at sharemods failed, 5 attempts at zippyshare failed, i was about to give in & scrap this