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    Requested Features

    Hey guys, first of all, great game. You have the core of the game down and it's awesome. As I was playing however, I've thought of a few things that could be neat features to add to the game.

    The first thing I would probably add, is a squad system. What I mean is, when I deploy me Chinook on a mission, I always divide my men into fire-teams of about 3. When 2 fire-teams get near each other, it is difficult to remember who is in what fire-team. The way I see this being accomplished, is by changing the color of the arrow above the soldiers head. For example, fire-team 1 could be white, 2 blue, 3 red, and so on. You should be able to put as many men in a fire-team as you want. So you COULD have everybody in one, but it would also make it easier for people like me to keep people in their groups. If it was up to me, you would set fire-teams on the same screen that is currently used to arrange men in the chopper.

    A second idea that could be kind of interesting, is having soldiers become specialized with a weapon as they use it more and more. So a specialized rifleman would be more accurate, and be able to shoot for less energy points, than a beginning rifleman would. The same would go for snipers, machine gunners...etc accordingly.

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    A workaround untill Chris picks up on your suggestion or if the fireteam idea is not implemented at all, is to rename your soldiers with a callsign as to which team they belong to.

    As for the second idea: It may sound cool, but it will play havoc with balanceing and down the line its just horrible and not really thought through.

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    I like that but at the same time might be a good idea to get the good soldeir for the right kind of job. Afther that, well it's a question of if it survive a mission or not?

    Maybe somthing implemented in the basic training at the base. Great tool btw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cityonhill93 View Post
    The first thing I would probably add, is a squad system. What I mean is, when I deploy me Chinook on a mission, I always divide my men into fire-teams of about 3.
    This is precisely why made a motion that the player be able to reorder soldiers' portaits in Ground Combat.

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    I would totally like a fire team system.
    Something like a little drop down menu on the solider equip screen to put a soldier in a certain color-coded fire team (or none).

    You could show their team color on the arrange screen wit a little marker (please excuse my paint scribbling):

    For example, team red are riflemen, yellow are scouts, white the Heavy, etc.
    No. 7 didn't want to play with the cool kids and did not join a fireteam :P

    On the ground you could put the markers above their heads and align it with the selection courser:

    Sure beats renaming my soldiers to "Mr. Rifle", "Mr. Machinegun" and "Mrs. Kaboom" =)

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    Actually, that's a very good idea there venomxxx.

    Colour coded fire teams also make me reminisce about Rainbow Six in the good old days where half the game was the mission plan.

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    I like the idea. And there is a lot of possibilities to use it. You would use it to mark the weapons. Another one could use it to split his soldiers in different teams that stay together. Perhaps someone would mark his rookies with it. If this is implemented then you should also show the color at the hotkey bar in ground combat.

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    These are not bad ideas. I like the idea of specialization and of having groups as I do something similar with my X-Com game already. It does have the potential to be a little OP, but I think it'll help alleviate the sense that players have when they're trying to decide what role a particular individual should fill.

    Overall, I support this, Cityonhill.

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    The role badges Chris has mentioned might help with what you want to do.
    They were to be added and used to show at a glance what weapon type the soldier is using, or something along those lines.
    He doesn't like the idea of specialising troopers for roles beyond what their equipment already will (light scout armour with improved vision range, heavy armour with access to heavier weapons etc).

    I would still like the ability to set groups in some way though.
    For me they would really need to be adjustable on the ground though rather than in the base.
    I regularly change my groupings on the fly depending on the map type and terrain I encounter.
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    Heh, color-coded fireteams would be another solution to the idea that I brought up last week. I've been doing the whole fireteam thing in the original X-Com and although it really helps me concentrate on the Battlescape, it's been getting tedious renaming people with the squad-fireteam-number designation every time someone gets wounded, killed, or promoted.

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