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Thread: Hello from a new born X-com lubber

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    Hello from a new born X-com lubber

    I recently bought X-com from Steam and thought it is one of the best games I've ever played and certainly the best turn based game. I tried Alien Invasion and I have mixed views about it which ultimately ended up me disliking the game entirely. It has some great ideas, such as the layout of the buttons and the interface making it very simple to get the desired affect quickly compared to x-coms clunky hud but the lack of fog of war, lack of music that adds suspense to the battle (instead of this random techno music) and AI that spend their TU's poorly made it a complete mood killer.

    I must say X-com was was and is just about the only game that makes me clutch to the edge of my seat every time a soldier gets put in the line of fire, I remember shouting 'NO' out loud at 1:30am by mistake when Sgt.Toughnuts got shot by a sectoid!

    I suppose the purpose of this post is to first of all say hi and share my gratitude for making the 2nd X-com and one that is going to surpass the original by 100 miles! I shall be purchasing this beauty as soon as I can afford to!

    Thats me done for now,

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    Isn't it astounding how well the original game holds up after all these years? Signs point to Xenonauts being a keeper in its finished state, too.

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