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    Thread: Getting to know you ... TV

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      Commander Sathra's Avatar
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      Oct 2011
      Oh yeah, Castle.
      And are we talking BSG or NBSG? NBSG is pretty good.
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      Alien Dance Instructor MickeyC's Avatar
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      Oct 2011
      Melbourne, Aus
      I was talking NBSG, though I do like the original as well. Which makes me also think of Blakes 7, the original V, haven't really given the new one a chance yet

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      Developer Aleksi's Avatar
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      Oct 2011
      Paris, France
      The Shield.

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      Squaddie redunion1940's Avatar
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      Oct 2011
      Missouri,United States of America, Earth, Sol, Milkyway, Universe
      Hmm Favorite TV shows

      CBS: NCIS
      Fox: Family Guy, Bones
      Comedy Central: South Park, Daily Show
      Sy Fy:Star Trek the Next Gen ( Was getting into SG:Universe Until they started to add in the older shows and plots again. Would have worked better as a stand alone)

      Hmm: BBC: Doctor Who, Primeval
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      Babylon 5, Firefly, and (new) Battlestar Galactica are my top three favorite sci-fi shows. I've enjoyed others, from the Star Treks to (new) Doctor Who, but those three stand above the others I've seen.

      Buffy & Angel are good'uns too.

      Never been as big a fan of comedy shows, but Futurama is definitely up there for me. (Gee, sci-fi everywhere with me. )

      I do keep hearing good things about Dexter. It sounds a bit much even for me, but I guess I'll have to watch it one of these days.

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