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Thread: Official Geoscape Map Corrections and Additions.

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    ha ha yeah, it would be funny if the dates had gone backwards too =p
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    around x 5819, y 1501 - Indochina: Should be DeLHi, not DeHLi.

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    Is this the correct place to mention Islands - or is it just cities?

    I know Chris as said previously that the land-sea mask with the current map was a place holder and he intended to return to it before release once the code for the game was all in place, to include contries like the Philipines. There are a number of other Islands that it would be good to include:

    Mediteranean: Add Cyprus, Malta
    Make Land: Crete
    (all would be useful for placing bases with Europe, Middle East, Russia and North Africa overlaps).
    Last edited by flyingdisc; 08-12-2012 at 16:14. Reason: Edited (removed Scicily (which is already in) and to clarify that Crete (while visiable) is not currently treated as land

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    So few coordinates from my area, I eyeballed it against google maps for "accuracy":

    X Y
    4675 2817 Port Elizabeth, South Africa
    4803 2717 Durban, South Africa
    4705 2613 Johannesburg, South Africa
    4839 2627 Maputo, Mozambique
    4720 2716 Masero, Lesotho
    4792 2650 Mbabne, Swaziland
    4648 2627 Gaborone, Botswana

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    I dunno if this thread is still being watched, but I thought I'd rep my hometown just in case:

    Vancouver, Canada: 1298, 0921

    This is about as exact as I can be until the revised Geoscape is released, as it looks like part of the coast has been swallowed along with Vancouver Island.

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    Here, I'm adding some pics so you can clearly see the map is missing the Spanish islands. Both the Canary and Balearic archipelagos.,n00ZyHz,n00ZyHz#1

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    Is there going to be a geoscape editor, that also lets you define new countries? Would be nice to have Canada seperate from US,(we did fight a war with them afterall, to keep that) and a few major cities in Canada, like Toronto, and Vancouver. Vancouver Island also appears to have sank, which Im sure the 750,000 people who live there would disagree with...

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    I really doubt there will be a Geoscape editor.

    bear in mind that there is a map beyond the dark one.
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    Nice post. However...

    Quote Originally Posted by Antr4cite View Post
    Istambul 4757 1115 Istanbul.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThunderGr View Post
    Nice post. However... Istanbul.
    It's my portuguese messing around with my poor english :P

    -> Fixed
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