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    Thread: V13.2 hotfix released!

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      Quote Originally Posted by galaad View Post
      I hope you guys find a way to allow standard pre-orders to upgrade to premium ones.
      I also am curious about such a thing!

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      PC Gaming Supremacist Ace's Avatar
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      May 2012
      Manual download V13.2 is up as well.

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      I finally got Desura to update the game (had to delete all MFC files), now everytime i enter a groundcombat Xenonaut crashes.. Has anybody the same problem?

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      WishfullThinker Gorlom's Avatar
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      Dec 2011
      Has been reported yes. I think some of the files in your assets folder are missing.

      Try verifying the game again. If that doesn't work I have no idea how to fix it now that the manual download has been fixed as well. (as you would be able to download an old version that had the assets folder intact)
      Last edited by Gorlom; 08-14-2012 at 15:16.

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      ah yes that would make sense i just found out that the crash just happens if it loads one special map (the one that was there from the beginning) guess some files are corrupt anyway thx

      , and just had a chance to move around in one of the new maps nice work :P new interface is cool too (yeah i didnt updated the game for long time )

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      Quote Originally Posted by Ace View Post
      Manual download V13.2 is up as well.

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      Finally ... Now I will be able to toast some alien with less bugs and a few more options.

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      Sergeant Okim's Avatar
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      Jan 2012
      Moscow, Russian Federation
      So is there any info on the v.14? 26th of August is near you know?

      (p.s. i know that those milestones are just for the global way of things - not the actual dates).
      Okim`s Studios - a library of my mods and other projects.

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      MCF error still happening any body got a fix....???

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      Rookie lordfeff's Avatar
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      Aug 2012
      New York
      Quote Originally Posted by gabyhayes54 View Post
      MCF error still happening any body got a fix....???
      If your talking about Desura being the problem then :

      Quote Originally Posted by Yevgeniy View Post
      Quote Originally Posted by Ace View Post
      Manual download V13.2 is up as well.
      Taken from this very thread. Reading is fundamental.

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