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Thread: [13.1] ground Combat - tac missions without any living hostiles...

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    [13.1] ground Combat - tac missions without any living hostiles...

    I've been using the same save a lot as a start point for some debug runs... it's got a downed ufo on it, so each time i restart I go and clear the same mission.

    Usually there is one sebillian noncom to kill and move on... on this occasion, the mission loaded and after my turn, it immediately ended. All the aliens were in fact already dead. There was no allied npc turn, so it wasn't them that killed him, the mission ended immediately after hitting end turn.

    not a shot fired.jpg

    not sure if this is by design, but having to load a mission to not do anything feels like a waste of time, even if the mission load time is reduced in the final version

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    I suspect that the aliens are placed in random locations on the map, and this time the alien died immediately. I had a game where for a couple of turns I kept hearing aliens dying - I think they were placed inside of their burning UFO. One of them was outside however and I got to kill him.

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    The game seems to select some of the aliens to be "dead already in the crash" when it spawns the map, others start alive and can get shot by npc allied troops or stand in fire/smoke and be taken out before you can get to them... not ideal, but if the AI improves the "alive to start but dead before you can get to them" should improve too...

    this bug is "all aliens were selected to be dead", there was no hidden movement of any kind once i hit end turn. If the game is going to load a whole tac level it'd be better for the number of possible "dead already" aliens to be "total aliens -1" so there is at least some point to loading the map (finding and killing the one remaining alien).

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    Can you please attach the save game?
    Attach it as a .zip file, or upload it elsewhere and put a link in here
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    I don't think it is possible to attach a savegame because the ground combat savegame was disabled in the last build, so unless goldhawk enable it again. If someone posts something it would be a savegame before chinook arrives at ufo site.

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