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    Thread: [V13.1] Saving - Not getting any autosaves

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      [V13.1] Saving - Not getting any autosaves

      Fresh game, directly after update. I setup my soldiers kit how i liked, setup some new bases, saved manually and then fast forwarded to a couple of interceptions, did some missions etc.

      At no point has an autosave generated.

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      no idea what I've done differently... but I've started getting autosaves today having loaded an existing game.... ... er... ?

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      Thanks for the report.
      Matthew - Xenonauts Testing Lead

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      Also getting this, not sure when auto-saves are actually supposed to happen. I've got one auto-save, but this never gets updated/overwritten. I think I'm running 13.1, just had Desura update, so will observe and report.

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      in previous versions I think you got a save on the "do you want to start this tac mission" on the geoscape within the tac map at the start, on the geoscape after a tac mission was completed... not paid them that much attention though :/

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