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Thread: Starting a Lets Play

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    Starting a Lets Play

    Just wanted to let you guys know that I am starting a Lets Play feature of Xenonauts. If you actually know what you are doing you might not actually want to watch it, cuz I have a terrible mic voice. The purpose of it is to grant a tutorial to newer players. However, it's my hope that with my addition to the other Lets Plays I can contribute to development by promoting Xenonauts.

    You can definitely tell that its my first uploaded video lol

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    Episode 2 is coming up. This one might interest the veterans more because I am actually fighting some more serious enemies. Thanks

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    Well first of all you should tweak your audio settings, some of the game audio was quite loud compared to you (it's important that you do test videos first and double check before you do the real recording) and it's better that the game is a bit too low then it being a bit too loud, nothing is more obnoxious then having to struggle to hear what you are saying.

    Another thing you should probably point out now and then if you run into bugs/issues is just to mention again that the game is still under development and it's expected that there are going to be bugs etc. (of course we know that but a random person stumbling upon the video might not)

    Your commentary is pretty good for being very new to making LP's and you should keep it up! Something you should consider is doing a bit of editing, sure it adds a bit more work but it will show through as well, for example the long loading screens you can just cut out, there's plenty of free software you can use to do this but it might be some learning for you but this will definitely be useful for the future anyway so if you are going to be at least semi-serious about making videos it's well worth it.

    edit: noticed that the volume in ep2 is much better compared to ep1
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    Hey guys I need your help. I cant continue recording episodes because I have encountered a pretty brutal bug. In my soldiers screen I can only see 4 soldiers inside my Chinook that I can select, Even though it also reads as being full. I cant assign people from my personnel screen and when I check my aircraft->dropship screen I see the 4 inside the ship. But there are a couple of portraits on the bottom. When I click on them it causes a crash. Does anyone have a workaround for this?

    It would stink to stop the lets play after only 3 episodes

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    Figured out a workaround. Sell the dropship

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    Hey Guys- I was hoping for a word of advice. With the new builds coming out should I do a Lets Play for every build? Wait until Beta? Delete my old builds as I go?

    Seems slightly repetitive but when I think about it- my main goal is to attract more ppl to Xenonauts, and I'll be playing each new build anyway. What do you think?

    The only thing I worry about is the number of bugs. Since Chris is focused on features and not fixing it may not be the best time for a lets play, or showing it to new ppl. It was pretty much save game bugs that finished my old Lets play.
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    I'd say use your judgement but every build is probably too much, once there is significant progress enough that it's clearly different and stable enough to play then I'd say go for it.

    That's my thoughts at least

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    Great start!

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    Subbed to this. I love Let's Plays

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    I don't think he's doing it anymore by the looks of his channel.

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