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Thread: Rain/Storm/Wind/Hail/Flooding? For combat missions?

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    Rain/Storm/Wind/Hail/Flooding? For combat missions?

    So I notice allot of extreme weather events and thought to myself, well wouldn't it be a nice addition to have some of these occur in the game combat now and again depending on area or something?

    For example you can have Light Rain, Heavy Rain, Storm (heavy + wind), and also perhaps snow/hail effects. Perhaps some missions will have some flooding and on raining missions perhaps ponds of water exist.

    But first of all it be nice to see some simple rain in combat now and again to flesh things out.

    Is this possible with the engine? It can come under weather effects.

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    It would depend a lot on the effect that weather would have on the tiles.
    For example snow would mean a whole new tileset of each type with snow on the ground, rain should make the ground wet so all of the tilesets would also need a damp variant.
    The tiles can't be modified on the fly so they would all need to be generated again with those changes.
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    you can overlay a texture on top I guess. Noise so to speak to make it look like weather debris. Ultimately the rain would be easiest as you can have a texture animate with rain drops hitting surface and dissipation, then repeat.

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    Yes, it could be done but I think it'd be a lot of effort to make it work well (coding and animation are both time-intensive) and I'm not sure it'll be worth it with the rewards it would bring.
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