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Thread: How many military types are there on this board?

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    How many military types are there on this board?

    I’ve noticed there are quite a few people who are either active serving members of their military, or who have served in some capacity within the armed forces. I’m curious to know how many people there are on this board who have served. By “armed forces”, while I do mean are part of a “conventional” military force, such as army, navy, air force etc. I also include if you did it as national service, or if you train regularly with a state-recognised militia (such as the Territorial Army here in England). You don’t have to say in what capacity you served (certainly if the laws of your country forbid you from doing so!) although it would be nice.

    Incidentally, I’m a civvie through and through.

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    I grew up in Denmark, where we have mandatory service, so I suppose that counts. Just 9 months as a grunt though. Nothing special or exceptional

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    United States Army Reserve as a Quartermaster. One year long tour in Iraq 2004-2005. Left the service as a Sergeant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quartermaster View Post
    United States Army Reserve as a Quartermaster.
    That makes sense.

    I was a US Navy cryptologist (interpretive). Exited as a Petty Officer 2nd Class (CTI2), also an E5.

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    I'm a Colonel 32 on Battlefield 3. Does that count?

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    I think there's more than a few of us around. USMC 75-81. Wether they get to this part of the board is another question. Today is the first time I've been here i think.

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    Hey all!
    Israel Air Force, Electra-Optical systems technician. Spent 3 years on active duty, and moved to Reserve after that. Reserve duty in Israel entails spending 2 to 5 weeks in the army in every year (in peace time). Oh, and I'm a Staff Sergeant. I work for a living :-)

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    Conscripted to the Deutsche Bundeswehr.

    I could tell you what I was doing but then I'd probably have to kill you.
    Then again, I just noticed that there is no Forum Rules sticky anywhere so maybe that wouldn't be against the rules.

    My current rank is Armchair General.

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    Jumping on the conscript bandwagon. I was an unremarkable ammunition storeman in the SAF.

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    I am a Private First Class in the Florida National Guard, 13B Cannon Crewmember. National Guard is reserve status but there are combat jobs and the Governor can use us in emergencies. I want to fight aliens IRL.

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