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Thread: Infested Inc.

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    Infested Inc.

    I think I'm far enough along with my map to make a thread for it. I can't guarantee I won't run into issues (editor-wise or real-life) and drop it at some point, but there's enough here that I have something to show off at least.

    Map premise: A mega-corporation has been taken over by the aliens. The players land their chinook in the front parking lot and must fight, or blow up, their way through the various offices and rooms until they reach the alien ship that has landed/crashed in the back of the complex.

    Album of Images:

    Now, my first order of business is actually to ask for a little help. I've created a small enclosed garden for my office complex, but the specters for the hedges I'm using are a bit weird. Primarily, the HedgeNWCorner for some reason want to appear in FRONT of every other hedge. I was able to fix it in the editor through some trickery with Layers, but this caused some issues in-game:

    I monkeyed around in the Specter for it, but didn't fix it, and I'm not entirely sure what half the variables do. It's probably a really easy fix, I'm just not sure what to change.

    Since I went through the trouble of getting that picture together, let's play a game of Spot The Xenonauts! First person to post the exact number of Xenonauts in that picture gets... well, I'm not quite sure what they get. I'll think of something. Maybe a small personalized corner of the map if this project gets anywhere. The vehicle does not count.
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    7 + a tank?

    Looking interesting.
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    yeah, looking foward to play it!!

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    I think the current build has problems with rendering stairs and hedges, they appear over units in the regular maps as well so it's probably nothing you did.

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    I'm actually not using the "current build" sadly. I'm using the build provided on the Kickstarter page since I won't have the finances to pre-order this game for a while. I still see enough possibility in the game that I want to make at least one map for it, though. Was it broken in that build as well?

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    The problem looks to be that you have used layers higher than 1.
    Soldiers seem to be displayed at layer one so anything higher will always appear in font of them.

    If all walls and hedges etc are placed at layer one sometimes you will get them layering over each other but that is just about the order they are placed in.
    If the hedge at the back shows in front of the one that is supposed to be in front of it then delete both and try placing them in a different order.

    *edit* Added a pic of my version.
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    Might be an idea to load mine up alongside yours and see if there is a difference.
    Create a new folder, probably in the assets/maps/industrial folder and name it Maze.
    Create a new xml file (mine was Maze1.xml) and paste the text below into it.

    Then you can add it to one of your levels to see if it has the same problems as yours does.
    I would try loading them individually and together.
    If it is a spectre issue then they will both have the same problems, if it is a problem with the way they are placed then mine should still work for you.
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    The problem with xenonauts being clipped is the secondary issue. As I said in the first post, albeit maybe not clearly enough, is that HedgeNWCorner tries to overlap all other hedges for some reason. It isn't apparently in your picture because you didn't put any hedges immediately below that tile. I'm sure it's something wrong with HedgeNWCorner's specter.

    I was forced to use levels above 1 in order to make HedgeSW appear in front of HedgeNWCorner in the little 1x1 squares you see in my map.

    I can always just use HedgeNW by itself, but the perfectionist inside me doesn't like the abrupt cutting off of the shadow.

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    I reckon back when I made that one (build or two before that new grass tile was added) I altered the spectres to make it fit and the submap has saved the positions.
    You may need to update yours to make them work properly.
    You can always send the settings to Chris afterwards, it would save someone at his end having to change them later.

    Try adjusting the pivot settings and see if it helps.
    On my maze the NW corner has pivot: (74, 104) same for NW, while NE has (45, 105).
    I didn't use the others on the maze so they are probably all default.
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    Figured it out, but the Pivot wasn't it. While comparing values between all the hedge pieces, I noticed that the variable "SortPoint" for HedgeNW corner was 49 while all the rest were 50. Changed it to 50, and it works now.

    I also noticed that HedgeSE had an Orientation of SW, which explains the minor oddity that those hedges weren't providing me with any cover indicators. It also had a StoppingChance of 30 compared to all the others at 40.

    I've been trying to avoid editing specters before this point because I was afraid it might break compatability of the map with future versions.

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