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Thread: Silent Storm Gold Edition Finally Available from GoG

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    Silent Storm Gold Edition Finally Available from GoG

    Last week Silent Storm was released by GoG for ten dollars. If anyone else has always wanted to try the game out but was deterred by the difficulty in acquiring a used, over-priced copy, now is the time to get it.

    This game is unbelievably advanced for something published in 2003. I'd say that this game is the only one I've played so far that has a better destructible environment than X-Com.

    Here's the link to the game: Silent Storm Gold Edition
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    Ah, Silent Storm, how I loved it.

    Mainly shooting out the base of observation towers and watching enemies fall to their deaths.
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    It was a pretty nice game back then. I really should play it again some time since I stupidly set the difficulty settings to the highest level which caused me to not see a lot of the generated events on the map, so I missed out on quite a few missions.
    It did have some weaknesses though, like the sniper class being overpowered, grenades being near useless and the mini-mechs being annoying and imo too steam-punk-y for this kind of game.
    It had it's moments of awesome though. Like once the stairs to the room with an item I had to pick up as a mission objective were destroyed in the fight and I couldn't get to it. So I blasted away with everything I had until basically the whole floor of the room was gone and it dropped down

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    Used to play that game a lot back in the day but I never finished any of the campaigns because of the Panzerkleins or whatever those armored suits were called.

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    If I have limited gaming time these days, should I pick this up or play Jagged Alliance 1.13 to get my tactical fix until Xenonauts comes out?

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    I suppose it depends upon which features are most important to you. The campaign in JA is better organized and presented. In Silent Storm, it seems to be little more than a collection of semi-organized notes that you can collect by finding "clues" and completing objectives during missions.

    Combat in JA is probably more realistic as well.

    My preference is Silent Storm though due to the Havok physics engine and the way it allows a player to really interact with the gameworld. Story elements and NPC interaction are less important to me than a really fun combat system. Heavy machine guns tear right through wooden walls and hit soldiers inside without actually destroying the walls. Extended shooting will eventually create some holes or level the wall. Blasts will throw soldiers around.

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