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    Thread: Company of Heroes - 80% off

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      Company of Heroes - 80% off

      at GamersGate.com - if you like WWII strategy games.


      and a lot of other games, in example Civilization V with all expantion set approx 23 Euro (US$ 29), only expantion sets 13 Euro (US$16).

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      Thanks for the heads up! I might pick up extra copies of Civ 5 for some friends for multiplayer.

      I already own Company of Heroes but haven't had a chance to play them. Are they worth checking out?

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      Homicidal Breakfast Food Commissar Pancakes's Avatar
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      Apr 2012
      CoH and the Opposing Fronts expansion are both worth it, in my opinion.
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      Jan 2012
      Quote Originally Posted by Commissar Pancakes View Post
      CoH and the Opposing Fronts expansion are both worth it, in my opinion.

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      Resident Scavenger Swe_Racoon's Avatar
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      May 2012
      They are indeed. Can't speak for Tales of Valor, but CoH and OF feature four factions between them, all who play very differently yet are rather balanced. My favorite is the Wehrmacht, nothing you can't do with a couple of grenadier squads
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      Thanks for the heads up mate Bought the gold bundle (though i think i prefare Men of war over CoH, but CoH is still a great game)

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