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Thread: X-Com Meets Oblivion and a Dash of Stronghold [ Or Why Are Indie Devs Named Chris?]

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    X-Com Meets Oblivion and a Dash of Stronghold [ Or Why Are Indie Devs Named Chris?]

    Here's a game that was linked in the comments of the RPS Kickstarter article. There's an Indiegogo in progress for that one.

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    Wish they could of used kickstarter.

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    downloading demo now. thanks.

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    This is looking pretty nice, actually. Will have a go at it, thank good devs for demos!

    EDIT: Having toyed around in the demo for a few hours I think it's somewhat fun. There's not a whole lot to do right now though, you can fight, and loot and trade. That's about it. Think they released buildings today, as well. Also there's no sound yet, and the world is only populated by traders, guards, bandits and hired swords. Still, not bad for a one-man show, and I've played less interesting games from AAA developers.

    Just my two teef on the matter though.
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    Those guys have alpha fund on Desura, they also have game on gamers gate.

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    " I'm not for sale and neither is Kenshi, I will never allow it to be controlled or rushed out the door to meet a deadline.

    I spend my life playing games, and anyone my age can relate to the feeling that "games just aren't what they used to be". You no longer get games made with the same love and ambition as you used to, as the industry has grown heavy-duty publishers have taken over and its all become about making money. Game design decisions are manipulated and controlled by investors, not by designers. Why risk all that money on a unique idea or a hardcore niche market when we can just make another sequel to a plain old shooter and make millions? Innovation is discouraged in favour of crowd-pleasing graphics and casual shooters with quicktime events. If we're lucky and get a sequel to an old classic, it'll probably get remade into a 1st person shooter."

    That alone is enough to get me to throw this guy $100.

    I love this trend in crowd sourcing and what it can do for small developers. Even if just a few of them actually turn out something that can be a commercial success, it shows that a game doesn't have to be worth millions to be worth the effort of making.

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    You guys are a bit behind schedule

    But yeah its a nice game.

    Oh and speaking of kickstarter, while its not kickstarter its pretty similar

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